Living Waters

Pull me a little closer
Take me a little deeper
I want to know your heart
I want to know your heart
— Bethel Music

Jesus has been showing me His living water lately. It is a recurring theme, which I cannot shake. How do I describe this 'living water'? Here are a few words I can think of active, rejuvenating, and peaceful.  

 A deeper depth in my relationship with Jesus has been challenging, and lately the world has robed me of my time. I miss the sweet reunion of having endless time to fully submerse myself in the presence of Jesus. Yes life gets busy, things happen but I can involve Jesus in everything. He is the breath inside my lungs and sometimes I just need to b r e a t h e him in. 

I love how Heidi Baker puts it "The spiritual water we need comes from immersing ourselves in the Word of God and His presence. This water is as essential- as vital to our survival-as natural water is to the physical life. We must drink of it daily." 

Everyday is a blank canvas, and we choose the colors we draw with. Do we paint with vibrant colors, deep with saturated contrast? Letting light fill our canvas. Or do we paint with dark cold colors, bringing another side of life? Here's my advise give God all area's of your life, let Him turn your pain into j o y. Let the shedding of His blood wash you clean. 

Brandon + Brittani Francis



Brandon + Brittani, what a beautiful couple you both are inside and out. I am so honored to have captured your special day; I feel my photographs capture and tell an untold love story between you two. I love how brightly you both s h i n e for the kingdom of God, and my prayer is for your light to burn brighter over time. I love you both dearly! And a special shout out to my talented cousin Tj Orton who helped captured this wedding celebration.   

Love never gives up.
Love cares more for others than for self.
Love doesn’t want what it doesn’t have.
Love doesn’t strut,
Doesn’t have a swelled head,
Doesn’t force itself on others,
Isn’t always “me first,”
Doesn’t fly off the handle,
Doesn’t keep score of the sins of others,
Doesn’t revel when others grovel,
Takes pleasure in the flowering of truth,
Puts up with anything,
Trusts God always,
Always looks for the best,
Never looks back,
But keeps going to the end.
— 1 Corinthians 13

Photo Credit: Tj Orton 

Photo Credit: Tj Orton

Photo Credit: Tj Orton

Photo Credit: Tj Orton

Photo Credit: Tj Orton

Photo Credit: Tj Orton

Photo Credit: Tj Orton

Photo Credit: Tj Orton

Photo Credit: Tj Orton

Photo Credit: Tj Orton

Photo Credit: Tj Orton

Happy ever after Mr. & Mrs. Francis! 

Makeup + Hair: Brooklin Keeton
Flowers: La Mera Gardens
Catering: NoHo's Hawaiian Cafe
Second Shooter: Tj Orton
Location: Red Lily 

The three I's

Jesus said, “Everyone who drinks this water will get thirsty again and again. Anyone who drinks the water I give will never thirst—not ever. The water I give will be an artesian spring within, gushing fountains of endless life.
— John 4: 13-14

God is calling us (the body of Christ) to go deeper, draw closer, and to chase after His heart. This is something I've personally felt God speak to me during this season of life. About three weeks ago during a looong car ride home from Southern California, I was getting wreck by God. I was listening to some worship and I felt a sensation in my throat, I tried drinking water but nothing.. my thirst wasn't quenched. I simply asked the Lord what He was saying I heard "I'm your living water, nothing else will satisfy you like I do." wow my hungry and thirst for him was manifested in the physical. 

Reppin' my State of Jefferson hat! Thank you Isaac for your patience and for the shot! 

Time after time when I focus on the future or what I think is best for my life, I miss the point. My life isn't to just follow God, but to do life with Him. Often I'm reminded of my time back in the amazon. My prayer to God was to focus on the now, to live in the moment and to love who is in front of me. As of lately God bring's this memory this prayer back into my life.

A couple weekend's ago 14 of us headed up north to Portland, Oregon. What a memorable trip filled with laughter, loud train noises, and sweet fellowship. The theme I got from God was Where the spirit of the Lord is.. There is freedom. That night at Bethel's Night of Worship freedom was released in the room. I felt a activation afterwards and a few divine appointment's happened. During the concert the Lord laid on my heart to pray for man named Jeff wearing a hat. The crazy thing is I met Jeff later that evening. A homeless man approached Isaac, Olivia, and I asking for a few dollars. After giving him some money we chatted and found out his name was Jeff and he was from Medford, Oregon. We prayed for him and spoke love into his life. After the prayer we saw a difference in his countenance from shame to joy. I know for a fact I was interceding for his salvation during the concert.. oh and by the way he had a hat on! It's one thing to watch in films, and read in books but having/seeing a God encounter is something else!  

A good friend of mine shared what he's learn from anthem a supernatural ministry school. He shared about the three I's: intimacy, identity, and inheritance in that order. Here's my revelation of what a child of God looks like.

Intimacy: Spending time with God, Co-creating with Jesus, living and breathing his Word. Partnering with the Holy Spirit, and learning his language.  

Identity: When you know God you know you are a daughter/son of the most high (a saint before God) and the fear of man doesn't have a hold anymore.

Inheritance: From this we know our eternal reward heaven, we awaken and live out the call to be beacons of light, and to become the salt of the earth. All to be a example of Christ.

Overlooking Castle Lake - a wonderful hike up to heart lake in Northern California. A great way to end my birthday weekend! 

The other night God revealed this to me " I want to give you a reward, a reward that is eternal." I can't wait to be in the wedding feast with Jesus, the feast of the perfect lamb the one that was slain for me. 


Being back in Kona always w a r m s my heart. This place is full of excitement, passion, and adventures waiting to be revealed, like the Father's heart. I finally have time to relax, and process what has been happening since I've been back home. Thank you Lord for this time here in paradise, and for the Holy Spirit giving me the words to write this. Its your words not mine! 



The past few months have been some of the best months of my life. Being settled back in Medford hasn't been as bad as I thought, It may be the same town, same people, and the same old thing for most, But I came back with a different mind set. Prayer has been my number one game changer, my heart cried out for like minded friends and a community solid in Christ. 

Back in January I had to make a tough decision, either to go back and staff at University of the Nations or stay home and be a missionary in my hometown. Torn between the two, I felt God was blessing me either way.. I prayed, fasted, and prayed harder.. yet nothing. Now of course I see the outcome, but at the time It was the hardest decision I've made. I recently listened to a sermon by Brian Johnson and he was preaching about God 'on mute' when we make major decisions. When we are offered multiple offers we automatically think there's a wrong choice. There isn't a wrong decision, God is quiet because he wants us to make the decision, know he already knows the outcome. A relationship is built on trust, thank you father for trusting me.

I've seen many answers to prayers, from new friends, ministry, freelance jobs, and falling in love! To sums this all up.. HE is good, and HE satisfies my hunger daily for more. 

I can cry, laugh, and smile all at once .. because my everyday life with Jesus is refreshing & spontaneous! All because I'm slowly convinced of his love for me. Once you get a taste of the presence of God nothing else comes close. This is what a relationship with God looks like. This favor and harvest is for the everyday Christian. Let's awaken our walk with Jesus, it all starts with a pure heart, obeying when God speaks, and doing! 

So excited to adventure + chase waterfalls with my handsome! (Salt Creek falls, Oakridge Oregon)

So excited to adventure + chase waterfalls with my handsome! (Salt Creek falls, Oakridge Oregon)

Every Nation a new album from Lindy Conant & the Circuit Riders has been my go to tunes. What I've been talking about is summed up in this album click here and give it a listen! It amazes me that God's message and things on his heart are popping up all over the globe. Revival, love, injustice, and a movement so much greater than we can even imagine. Our God is on the move for every heart, soul, and nation. 

There’s a “yes” in our hearts
And it carries through eternity
Simple obedience, it changes history

We believe that You can do anything
I know that simple obedience, it changes history

Take courage, the harvest is ripe
Lift up your voice, cause Jesus is alive
— Take Courage | Lindy Conant

So to tie everything together. No matter where God takes me either in my hometown or into the nations.. He is my home. 


After 7 months I was reunited with some of my gals from DTS (Disciple training school). You know your friends for life when you can pick up right where you left off. 

Thank you ladies for a fun adventure and a time to rest in the presence of God together! 

Finally back together after almost 7 months apart #PhotogenXDTS15 (far left Jill, Haliey, Ali, and myself on the end)

Spent the evening looking, photographing, and taking in the sunset. 

How can I write down so many amazing memories with using only words... Now photos capture and speak when words cannot. As I'm sitting here and typing I'm having revelation. Is it super necessary to write down everything in words or can I let my photographs 'speak' for themselves. So here we go... 

Let my photographs tell y o u a story. 

Our little fury friends showed up whenever we had food. 

Brewed it up s t r o n g.

Some of best conversations always involve some of the best food.


A trip full of laughter, smore's, and endless conversations are the best kind of trips. 

Do you see the double rainbow? (Vernal Falls) 



PhotogenX world travelers 

Until next time Yosemite! 

Route 66

Here's some fun photos from my trip back from Southern California. We decided to take the scenic-desert route rather than the basic I-5. Good thing we had a map, because our smart phones didn't recognize route 66. Enjoy! 

Jobs fill your pocket, adventures fill your soul.
— Jaime Lyn Beatty

Bottle Tree Ranch, Oro Grande, California. 

Woke up before the sun did, grabbed coffee and headed out onto the open road.

Homemade breakfast at Molly Brown's Cafe. A must stop! 

Are we there yet?

A little piece of American History. 

Route 66 is now checked off my bucket list! 

Back to Medford, Oregon! 

Made new

Exactly one year ago my journey with exploring God's heart began. Saying my goodbyes and stepping onto the United flight to Kona, Hawaii has been the best decision, I've ever made. Honestly a huge thank you to my girl Morgan Wright for saying yes to God, the countability of our friendship, and for making the journey with me.

It’s always like springtime with you, making all things new
— Matt Stinton

Reflecting on the person I was a year ago... is a night and day difference. 

God fully restored my old 'dead' life into a new creation, a new me. I had to up-wrap the insecurities I put on myself. I put up walls between Jesus and I. From hurt's and wrong I didn't even know affected me, and affected my walk. Breaking walls down and letting God heal my hurts gave me f r e e d o m. "I'm no longer a slave to fear, I am a child of God". This song became my anthem during DTS. 

YWAM Kona was my next stop to complete a discipleship training school (DTS). "To know God, and to make Him known". From my experience saying yes to God has been so rewarding. Laying down 6 months of my life to ministry has changed the course and direction of my life.

Knowing about God is one thing...but drawing close to His heart is another. I can write for years about my experience and how God was in work for the past 6 months and now! I filled out a brand new journal front + back of all the promises of God. I'm now on a new journal symbolizing all the new things God has done and is doing here in my hometown. #comeon

To you dreamers don't give up. Pursue the calling on your life. For me stepping out of my comfort of home has been the best decision. When God opens doors its a direct access of the Father, and his will for your life. "His will, His bill". I encourage you to say yes to him. It may change the way you look at life, people, and so much more and maybe just maybe you could be a planet shaker, nation wrecker for Jesus. It all starts by saying yes. 

Kenzie's beach day

I got to capture some beautiful images of my niece Mackenzie Maree Vargas, while visiting family in San Diego. She's a gerber look alike, and has stolen my heart! Enjoy the images.

City of San Clemente, California

Spring is h e r e! For inquires for photo session's please contact me!

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Portland, Oregon: A population of 600,000, this city has one of the lowest rates of religious affiliations; therefore making the Pacific Northwest one of the hardest mission fields to minster to. Portland, home of the Original hipster, is a city to freely express who you are (one big melting pot). Walking around the streets I noticed how many young adults were hurting, homeless, and broken hearted. I could just see the physical, mental and spiritual hurt that they carried around. 

Something is lacking in our society.

We face decisions all the time of "I'm not good enough until ____." Or "Once I receive ____ then I will be happy." We are human! We have fleshly wants and desires. The filler we need is LOVE and only true unconditional love comes from Christ. He's the v o i d we've been filling. Oh Lord you make old things new. You take my sin as far as the east is from the west. Do I deserve it? HECK to the NO. I was bought with a price. My whole life is and should be committed to God..FOREVER. But Jesus you give us an abundance of grace and you are so worthy of praise. So incredibly worthy! Amen to that day we get to see you face to face. 

As living beings we are called and made for greater. I mean we were created in the image of God (*insert* mind blown). Looks, personality, talents, and so much more! Man WAS and IS His greatest masterpiece! He created us all for one purpose: to HAVE in a relationship with God. To share His love and beauty with someone, and that someone is us! The more I seek His presence, the more this world fades away.

Best friend dates always end with a photo session. So urban right? 

When I read the psalm from King David "O taste and see that the Lord is good". Man, the taste of the Lord is something else; because it is unexplainable! When we get to that place with the spirit with Jesus. It's like a AHH-HA moment! Time seems to stand s t i l l and I could stay in that state forever. THIS is why I was created. To fellowship in the presence of God. To seek the kingdom first, to love my father first vertically before I venture out horizontally to others.

Wow. Hands down, best view of the city. Thank you Em for a rad evening and for showing me this spot! 

"God open my eyes to see the hurting, let my heart be fixated on things of only you. Portland is on my heart lately 600,000 to be exact.. a city so d e a d on the inside. Help me to pray for revival, pray for the light of Christ to be ignited! I pray that our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ will stand united to share the LOVE of Jesus."

Our culture needs the missionaries, and you and I can be a missionary wherever we go; for we carry Christ inside of us. 

We always carry around in our body the death of Jesus, so that life of Jesus may also be revealed in our body
— 2 Corinthian 4:10


1: A feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering.  2: A feeling of wanting to help someone who is sick, hungry, or in trouble. 

Compassion is the word the Lord has given me for 2016. Is it crazy that I can already see the effect this word has for me. As many of you know I currently nanny for 2 wonderful families. Now as of last month (December) I picked up another family to care for, let me tell you God's timing for this was perfect. During the last week of November I was looking for more work, acting upon it I updated my profile. Within only 48 hours I received a message from Jaime seeking part time help! 

Yes we serve a amazing and f a i t h f u l God. Taking care of his kiddos like a good father.

Jaime + Aaron have 4 children. Zeke (five and a half) Quinn (Three) Zoey (One and a half) and Arie the newest addition. Each family is special to me, all with different mannerisms and personalities. Now to tie in the word compassion, both Aaron + Jaime have Lymes disease, its an illness that causes severe fatigue and most days the parents are lacking in energy and sleep. On top of the Lymes, Aaron also has a rare blood disease where his blood is filled with metal. My heart aches for this family and I truly see where I'm needed, to love on the children, care for them, and build relationships. Also to be a big help to the parents yet make a spiritual impact while serving them all. Join me to pray for this family, for God's love to break any physical + spiritual attacks against this family.  

 Disciple: Encourage and let God be the center of all things through the good, bad, and ugly. I constantly find myself interceding for this family. Praying for a miracle and healing to happen. My compassion is towards them, and towards showing them God's heart through me.

My passion is to feel the Father's heart. What's on God's heart? You and I of course! His love for each living soul is abundant. When I spend less time on me, and more time on others I feel Jesus, and I get a small glimpse of heaven and am reminded why I'm here on earth. I am to be a part of the great commission and for God's love to spread to the very ends of the earth. 

And surely I am with you always; to the very end of the age.
— Matthew 28:20

First time

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations
— Jeremiah 1:5

My brother in law Jake has been away from home for a  s e v e n month deployment. During his time away his daughter was born.  So on December 22nd he met his daughter (my niece) Mackenzie Maree Vargas for the first time! After almost 5 months he got to hold his little girl for the first time. This sweet precious moment was captured by me!! 

The Mrs. eagerly waiting for the return of her love! 

Family and friends greeting Jake.

Oh the sweet reunion between my sister and her husband. To see the Vargas family complete makes my heart happy. There's nothing like having a loved one home for Christmas. Jake's homecoming is a Christmas miracle.

God loves to see his children happy

Jake meeting his daughter for the first time. 

The love Rick has for his son. This photo gives me chills from all the emotions behind it. 

It's the little things in life that bring much joy. Happiness comes and goes like the seasons, but to find joy and to live it out makes the days easier. In order to fully understand we must look to the Father for guidance. To surrendered each day and say "This is the day the Lord has made; I will rejoice and be glad". 

Mackenzie is a courageous lover. A lover of people and of life. Kenzie is a extrovert and is comfortable in large groups. Wherever she goes, whatever she does, Mackenzie will make each person feel special!  A true gift from God!  Mackenzie, be prepared to lead your generation into a boldness of Christ, like the missionaries. The world needs more missionaries to be the hands and feet of Christ!  

Big blue eyes, smooth flawless skin, and kissable chubby cheeks. Can you tell I love my niece?! 

First photo together as a family. 

My prayer to the Vargas family. I pray for God's protection, I pray for strength, and an abundance of energy.  Most of all God, I pray that when the trials get hard and going gets tough, that faith and love becomes the foundation for this family. Amen. 

Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love
— 1 John 4:8




Oh holy spirit come like a fire, all consuming, consume me
— Hillsong

Coming back to America, coming back to home has been h a r d. The hardest transition in my life. I see there's more to life then just the next best trend or the hottest juiciest gossip.I know the meaning of life and have seen it first hand. I'm called to love, to take up my cross. To minister to help the sick and befriend the needy. To be a better person than who I was yesterday. This challenge is something I must take up. I must take up my cross every day.  

I may be cursed at, looked down upon, and hated by many. 

But at the end of the day.. I know my maker. I hear his voice when he calls. Other times I search for him. I cry out for him and long to be near him. When I most know God is when I'm most in love with Him. When I drop everything to involve him.

It is times that I cannot hear him is when I grow. In trusting that He will provide for me and that he has a g l o r i o u s plan for my life. That plan started  23 years ago. I don't believe in a plan A, B, C. I believe God will always have plan A for my life. I'm the one that may take the looong way and from my mistakes God redirects me back on track. This journey I have embarked on just started. God has been using me in way I wouldn't of done before I left. Here's how.


Give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever
— Psalm 136

Can you believe that the Holiday's are here.. again! Thanksgiving a time with family and yes loads of food. This year is a new year filled with new traditions. On the 20th we celebrated Thanksgiving with my moms side of the family. My aunt Debbie does a wonderful job hosting. Each of the kiddos were asked to prepare something festive. I was given the topic of the Holy Spirit. Now the fun starts.

Homemade pumpkin pie. Made by yours truly. 

Back in lecture phase when I was at the University of the Nations. This first week was on the topic of "Hearing God's Voice" (look back from my blogs in April). I was taught a 'game' I guess you'd call it. You confess any sin you haven't dealt with, slience the enemy, and trust God will speak to you. Because He does

About an hour before the party. Planning and praying about the how the night would go. I felt a heavy pain in my chest and a feeling of d o u b t came to mind. "This will be stupid, what if God doesn't speak, your family won't be interested". Complete lies from the enemy. I prayed and the pain left me. Let me tell you there is so much power in the name of J E S U S. Satan had other plans for the night because he knew something good was to come. 

After dinner we gathered for a time of fellowship. After reading a few verses about the Holy Spirit I taught the game to my family. After passing out pens and paper, I lead them into a time of prayer and allowed God to speak. I took my cousins hat and placed all the pieces of paper in the hat and had each person draw. That night God spoke to each person in the room. Break through happened and walls that were up c r u m b l e d down. AS a family we prayed over one another. We were real with one another. Raw moments. All because I obeyed God.

Photos on top of photos.

I have a purpose back home even if its to impact one person. Hands down the best Thanksgiving I've had. From this act of obedience it changed the atmosphere. "We create a reality around us, according to the reality within us". The stuff I learned in lecture phase is applying to my life.. YES!

From this outcome changed my own immediate family and we had a wonderful turkey day. Spent down at the lake house. Are you willing to listen and obey the Lord when He speaks and calls? Let me tell you its so rewarding. When I step out of my comfort zone is where Jesus meets me.

F a c e | to | F a c e

Free day | 8-10-15|

Expect nothing.. receive everything
— Joy Martin

Mondays are free day’s for the whole base. A day everyone takes off! Breakfast is the only meal provided for the day. Lunch + Dinner you are on your own. Hearing about the local beach, we decided to give it a try! With low expectations Igor, Joy, Tash, and myself headed down the dirt road. Waited for the bus to pick us up, and waited even more to see what this ‘beach’ was going to be. 

After a loooong bus ride, with many stops we made it. Honestly I though it would be a small muddy swimming hole. Once again God came through and blessed me. Not only a sandy beach but a super cute resort on the beach. With a walk up bar, and restaurant. 

This restaurant/atmosphere totally reminded me of Cabo, Mexico. 

The river even looked and sounded like the ocean. In amaze we step up camp. Ordered food, went swimming, and hung up my hammock. God knew I was missing home and hawaii. Being in the jungle and the sun being so hot! I was dying to relax lay in a lounge chair and soak up some ray’s. Now on base when you go for a swim you have to wear a shirt and shorts over my 'one piece’ swim suit. Not my idea of fun. So today has b e y o n d blessed me. 

Igor testing the hammock for me. Let's just say I was almost hitting the bottom haha! It may not be a beach in hawai’i but I’ll take it! 

Just because it’s a f r e e day doesn’t mean we take a 'day off’ from sharing the gospel. I have learned on my outreach that being a missionary is a life style. We can share the gospel wherever we are. A employee was raking the sand cleaning the place up and overheard Igor speaking english. So curious who he was, and how we knew english. Igor explained how, and who we are. This mans name is Lendreo. Lendreo was interested in us and how we’ve come all this way to share the good news!


Talking about the bible Lendreo has never owned one. A bible was to expensive. Joy happened to bring a portuguese/english bible. So that Lendreo would read God’s word and learn english. Feeling so grateful yet embarrassed Lendreo accepted the gift. He wanted to blessed us with beans, and rice from his house we told him no! This is a gift with no stings attached. Now at this exact moment, my water was all gone and I was s o thirty. Thirsty for some cold water. ICE water. The Holy Spirit worked through Lendreo. He got up took our water bottles and asked in english Ice?! 

Lendreo receiving his new bible. I'm so excited to see how God uses him! I pray he gets the gift of speaking english! Amen.

I was in shock. He took all our water bottles and came back with c o l d water with lots of I C E. God catered to my little need through someone else. We needed up writing in his bible, took photos, and prayed for Lendreo. Life is all about blessing each other. God uses us in order to bless other people. Like what you just read. How did he know? Lendreo didn't but God did. I like to call stories like this 'God winks'.

Today in my eyes was a miracle. 

Desires of my heart |8-8-15|

Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.
— Psalm 37:4

Lord your timing is SO perfect! wow. Today worked out so perfectly!! I got to see the birth of my niece without having WiFi all day and with the time difference it all worked out. With God there is no time difference His timing is… PERFECT! Today was the 35th anniversary for the Jocum (YWAM) base in Belem. We spent most of the day celebrating and attending classes. After that we drove to a church in Belem where Joy will speak tonight. Throughout the day I had to put my trust in God and let Him take control. I tried WiFi at the base.. but no luck. After arriving at the church, Igor happened to ask if they had WiFi and yes they did.. Not only WiFi but FAST internet. Calling at 7:10pm (3:10pm medford time) the baby was about to be DELIVERED, wow I’m so blessed by God, only 2 4 minutes later baby Mackenzie Marie Vargas was born. 


He made everything come together for me, for my desires to make me happy. It goes to show you every moment in life has been planned. Down to the second you take a gasps of air, God is behind every step I take. God has planned my w h o l e  entire life (insert mind blown). From knowing this I can put my trust, hope, and faith in HIM and only Him.

Mackenzie Marie Vargas- A c o r u a g e o u s  lover. This is the Lord’s baby, and I saw Jesus wrapping His whole body around her protecting her from the world. Wow what a precious sight.

Now that auntie is back in Southern Oregon, I get to have fun with Kenzie. Which means photographing and kisses these sweet cheeks all day long. 

Back on Base |July 27-August 6th|

Let the gospel change society
— Igor Milhomens

10 or more days we have been on base. We have no idea what or which village we will attend next. Our time here we’ve been working on a overload of media we have to edit and sort through. Last weekend was ‘Kings Kids’ a program dedicated for kids. To learn more about God and to share what they’ve learned to there parents. My team and I got to capture the event, and more importantly hang out with the kids #bondingtime. 

This is the school bus we took each day with the kiddos. Filled with laughter and smiles at the end of each day. Oh I miss these moments. 

This is the school bus we took each day with the kiddos. Filled with laughter and smiles at the end of each day. Oh I miss these moments. 

At first it was a struggle trying to be creative with our photos in the dying heat. But in the end of the day. I pushed myself and got some awesome photos. Our times we’ve had as a team has been a treasure. Each day one of us teaches a devotion to one another out on the dock. It’s times like this I’ll remember forever, learning together and endless conversations about the bible, personal struggles, and life in general. Being away from home has hit me.. I miss my family and friends and with being away from my soon to be niece is difficult. I knew in doing this I would miss out on major events back at home. Would I change anything? NO way being in God’s will and supervision is calming and peaceful. 

This is Edinam. A boy who fund raised to attend kings-kids camp. Fun spirited and what a joyful boy he is. God is doing amazing things in Edinam's life. What an artist he is!  

God has been teaching me things. Teaching me to trust Him to be brave with the Word. I know what I’m doing now is going to make an impact for the rest of my l i f e. In how I love people, how to react in difficult situations in life, and what it looks like to fully trust God. I wish I could take you all to Brasil.. the jungle once again is amazing. The sounds, view, and the ultra vibrant colors. wow.. It’s worth the dying heat to experience God’s country. 

This is the view from our dock. Many meetings, hammock sessions, and of course swimming off this dock. The tree's you see here are Acai trees. Or Acai palm trees I like to call! 

Moju Morin (July 24th- 27th)

“Put on the full armor of God” -Ephesians 6:11

The white VW passenger bus pulls up and the adventure continues. Loaded both cars and off we went on a two hour drive to the village of Moju Mirin. This short trip was a challenge for all. We stayed in the communities local school which was all closed in (bathroom, kitchen, and shower). After talking to a few locals to figure out the dynamics of the village. We discovered that we (my team and I) were the first white foreigners in that village.

The VW wagons are a popular car in Brazil. Just last year (2014) the company stopped making the vans. 

Before arriving my school leaders (Philip and Lily Lin) flew into to see us. To have a one on one with each of us. The morning before arriving in the village we gather and prayed before heading out. The Lord highlighted some words, and visions. Each one with a different purpose and meaning, H O L Y|S P I R I T    The color orange, a word ‘rider’, turkeys, vision of a young man, and for me a vision of me telling the gospel to a house full of people! 

Day 1: A team of dental hygienist came and cleaned teeth at no charge. This gave wonderful opportunities for us. To build relationships and share the gospel. While the adults went first for the teeth cleaning the kids needed to be entertained. BB tash, Joy, and myself taught games and bible stories to the kiddos. While playing sheep, sheep, Shepard (duck, duck, goose) half the group of kids ran down to the swimming hole stripped down and jumped in! Following after joy and myself lived in the moment and joined. Fully clothed. Splashing around a girl by the name of Carol  l o v e d  me. How I miss the joys of being a kid..with no worries. Carol and I shared something special this little girl captured my heart from sharing laughs and giggles, to embracing each with many hugs, to exchanged a few words in Portuguese. Thank you Carol for reminding me to have a child like mind set when loving others. 

Day 2: Home visits. From house to house we would share the gospel and would offer prayer to people. Each household we visited loved to talk and visit with us, coffee was offered along with greetings of hugs and kisses. We ended the night with a giant christian dance party ‘giant meaning Tash, Eline, and I’. If only we knew 3 hours later half the team got the flu virus. From the stories I heard violently sick. (Praise God I slept through it) 

Day 3: Just like that h a l f of team brazil was sick and ended up leaving the next morning to return back to base. Plans changed all the time in brazil. At first Eline wanted everyone to return home, but God had other plans. Now the Holy Spirit came into this village. Breaking into smaller groups for house visiting I was the only green-go (white person) along with 3 other Brazilians. Now the fun stuff. My vision came true. Each house we attend I shared the gospel. The last home I attend hit the ‘home run’. Walking up to this house I felt something different a good different. As we entered the home we started to chat. The father of the household knew Jesus, but was thirsty for more. In this moment I shared my testimony and a man whom was handicapped started to cry. I asked if anyone wanted pray and this man looked me in the eyes and nodded. He wanted prayer to press on, to be strengthen so he could impact and strengthen others. After ending the prayer I felt the presence of God and the room felt lighter and brighter. 

Here's the photo of the family I had a vision of! How exciting to talk things of the Lord, and agreeing and releasing of prayer. The Kid in the Kiss shirt later came to talk to us on how to get involved in YWAM. 

Thinking to this is what life is about. No mater what age, color, status, or language. At the end of the day we have the same wants/needs. To be loved, and that love come from Jesus. We as Christians carry his love, and carry that love to others. That my friends is called revival.  Walking home before 6 o clock (that’s when the snakes would come out) I had a HUGE smile on my face.The next morning we packed our things and heading back into the VW bus and returned back to base. I did it, I conquered the challenge and God showed up in a radical way. When you commit and say “Jesus here I am, send me” He does. It’s a dangerous prayer but that’s when heaven kisses earth. Amen?!

Arapapucinho (July 13-July 20th)

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all of your heart!
— Jeremiah 29:13

We spent seven days in a small remote village by the name of ‘Arapapucinho’. A total of 70 families live here. From car to bus, from bus to boat we made it. About the community you can only come in and from the village by boat, and only when the tide is ‘in’. That’s why the people have stayed hidden years ago. Run way slaves from Africa passed down from generation to generation. We (Igor, Hailey, Ryan, Natasha, Joy, and myself) lead by the community development school leader Wellington and his team. Elline, Bianca, Raissa, Thiaco, and Cassico. Each night we slept in hammocks with mosquito netting to protect from all the creators and bugs. In the day time we SWEAT like crazy. Being right on top of the equator the sun is HOT and humid. 

All the jungle- rain forest books I listen to as a child.. has come to life! On the last night being in the village of Arapapucinho as I swung in my hammock before bed the stars popped. Right before my eyes was the big dipper. So crisp and clear no city lights to distract. The moments before my eyes.. its a dream.. something I’ve wished for.. for so long. I have asked the Lord for a crazy life.. and here’s just a taste of whats to come. If I continue to pursue and dream big with Jesus. 

The relationships we’ve built with the people have been life changing. Communicating by a smile and laugh has opened and captured my heart. As a team we came here to love… to build relationships and to become like the culture. Slowly we are learning the language. 

The river is S O peaceful and not scary. Like i thought it would be. I swear my imagination makes things 10 times worse. Every time I ride on the small boat’s my heart races with such excitement. Words cannot describe this place. It is magical. 

Our fellow captain to take us back to base. The vibrance in the jungle is so bright and g r e e n! 

What my life for the next 6 months will look like this. We spend 1/3 of the time at the amazon reach base. The other 2/3’s we will be going into other villages. Establishing relationships and pouring blessing with each step we take. We pack up our backpacks and head out by boat. Each community we attend is a mystery. Let the Holy Spirit games begin! My heart is SO happy here. I see the beauty all around me and I reminds me of how beautiful and creative our Father in heaven is. So honored to be chosen to see and expericence Jesus in such radical way. 

Into the wild (July 11th)

I can smell the fresh r a i n we will experience in the amazon. I’m almost shaking I’m SO excited. Tomorrow we head out of Brasilia (the capital of brazil) and take a four hour flight to Belém. We all have no idea what lays ahead of us or what to expect. The U N K N O W N. Outreach starts once we hop on the plane. This city has captured my heart in the best way possible. 

Amazon reach get ready for us. #TeamBrazil 

The amount of blessing we’ve received is c r a z y. I want to thank each and every person I’ve met in Brasilia. I love the way the people love here. Each ‘stranger’ you meet greets you with a hug and kiss on each cheek. No matter where we go.. whoever we meet.. we are welcomed. It’s hard to explain but I feel wherever I go.. I feel at home. This feeling I have is so s e c u r e and safe. Over the past 3 months we have prayed for God’s protection over our team. Now in being in brazil I can feel His protection. I can feel Him, and I have seen God behind the scene. With each meal, hug, prayer, words of encouragement, and hospitality. 

I see her hiding, yet so curious. As us green-go's pull our camera's out the kids go wild. Most loved the attention. Finally after making her mind up. This little girl runs out in front of me. Pose, pose, click, click. After her few glamorous poses, she runs back into her house. Talk about the right moment, at the right time!  

We have planted seeds in many parts of Brasilia. From feed the homeless downtown, teaching photography workshops (in the most dangerous neighborhood in the WORLD), and talking and building relationships with prostitutes. I apologize for the long delay for this post! We hardly have Internet. I have 3 more blog posts to post.. So bare with me! Love you all!

Embraced with love

My first week in Brasilia has been incrível (amazing). I didn’t know what to expect from this culture. I’m in  l o v e  with the people. Arriving from the airport Igor’s family greeted us with a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. His mother Celica is wonderful, she may not speak much english. But she feels like another mother to me. His dad Jay is a wise, genuine, and funny. Carol his sister is beautiful inside and out. The very moment we met she offered her room to us, and even offered her bed. Carol has show us around her city, and has taken the time to teach us about the culture. His family has embraced us with such hospitality and FOOD.

Beans, rice, farofa, and MEAT. The few main staples for the Brazilian diet. 

Now in being in brazil for one week. I’ve learned many things. But the love language for the Brazilian’s is food. All sorts of new and different food and traditions. Almost everything is f r e s h. Every meal that is served has some sort of cheese and bread. Queijo minas (Minas cheese), cream cheese, and Requeijão (cheese spread). Now a mix of both worlds. Cheese bread is HUGE. The cheese is baked in the inside of the bread. Even McDonald’s serves and sell this delicious and tasty treat! Meat is another staple. From all sorts beef, chicken, and pork. All seasoned so well with many different favors from rosemary to garlic. Last but not least rice and beans is another tradition sprinkled onto with farofa. The Coffee or café is strong you only need half of a cup to drink. Compared to the coffee at the YWAM base we are completely spoiled.. haha.. When they make the coffee here, they don’t use a ‘coffee maker’. It is all hand made from boiling the water to straining the coffee grounds. 

Fresh STRONG cafe, a sweet treat prepared for us daily. Brazilian coffee is by far the best tasting coffee I've ever tasted. 

This week has been JAM packed with some many activities, gatherings, ministry, and evangelizing. I have SO much more to blog but have such limited time. So cherish every post.. ! I love and miss you all! Keep the prayers coming our way. Next Saturday we will be in Belém aka the A M A Z O N. A long 56 days it will be… but I’m SO excited!