Inter-Personal - Week 11

 Hot climate culture - Cold climate cultures.

How do you communicate with others that are different from you? How are we able to keep communicate well with others. This week, Duane and Muriel Elmer fixed our attention on the awareness of interpersonal relationship skills and how we need to ask more questions rather than give answers. The key? is to listen.

God is much bigger than your culture, and traditions.

This week was a different style of teaching, this week was very interactive and with real-life stories - on cross-cultural differences. Now serving as a missionary/student for 3 years I’ve experienced culture shock and how to deal with cultural adjustments, I’ve learned this week to listen and become educated on how to deal with frustration, indirectness, and isolation. With every opportunity, we are faced with a choice we can either listen and understand the individual or rationalize and withdraw from others and become isolated. I was struck with a quote from this week “Listening is so close to loving - that you can’t tell the difference.” To honor people is to listen, and by listening we are able to create a safe environment.

India - South Korea - USA - Canada - Switzerland - USA : We are the University of the Nations.

India - South Korea - USA - Canada - Switzerland - USA : We are the University of the Nations.

My mind has shifted learning majority of the world deals with an indirect style of communication, in order to save the shame of the other person. I’ve come across with being more direct with others and I like the same style of communication to be addressed back to me. Knowing this I’m going to be aware of how I communicate, and not to offend others to feel shame or for feelings to be hurt. My heart motive is first, to slow down and to listen to the one in front of me. Inter-personal communicate is huge, I know later in life the older me will thank the younger me for taking this class. I want to change my perspective before letting my emotions get ahold of me, to get educated and allow room for differences. One person's difference is another persons ’normal’.

Book Ends - Week 10

"Behold, I am making all things new." 
“Behold, I am making all new things.”

Amy Sherman started the teaching with a solid statement: What is God’s mission in the world? As the class interacted many answers filled the whiteboard from His purpose is for relationship/intimacy to other answers such as restoring the earth and all of humanity. Amy then adds how most theology and belief of the world starts with Genesis 3; the fall of mankind and ends with Revelation 20; judgment upon the earth. This is the wrong type of theology there's a reason why the Bible starts with Genesis 1 and ends with Revelation 22.

The book ends in life- Our world starts with Genesis 1; creation and ends in Revelation 22; consummation. If we don’t understand the books ends we won’t understand our vocational callings. In our Christian context what is needed to be understood is that the bible breaks into 4 main themes.

  1. Creation

    1. the creation story tells us all is a gift.

    2. in the garden, man was made to work.

  2. The Fall

    1. the breaking of God’s shalom.

    2. the human body is no longer immortal

    3. work is now toil, not a delight.

  3. Redemption

    1. the kingdom of God is NOW!

    2. we are now called to a holistic work.

  4. Consummation - Restoration

    1. to look forward to the resurrection of the dead and the life of the world to come.

    2. behold, I am making all things new.

The 4 main topics of the bible are so important, we are to delight in the gift of the world - creation, yes man has fallen short to the glory of God but yet Jesus made the way to reconcile us to the Father. From this Jesus gave his life for the sake of humanity and rose again - "We look forward to the resurrection of the dead and the life of the world to come.” - Nicene Creed

Amy shed a lot of light into my vocational calling, with one example. The pink spoon theory from Baskin and Robbins. When you arrive at the ice cream store they give you a pink spoon to TRY the different flavors, our vocation in life starts with trying different things - different careers paths to see which is best fitted. Mankind was created for greatness - how will be testing to greatness potential unless we step out in faith? Last week I my head was spinning and I started lamenting towards God out loud - God are you real? the resurrection story seems too good to be true.. question after question. I suddenly hear God; go outside and look underneath the starts as I do I start to let go - and just be in that moment of silence, beauty, and wonder. As I start to look up I beautiful moment of surrender and repentance - in a moment I see the galaxies swallow me up and just like that the dots connect. The divine dance was meant for me in the questioning of my vocation “wherever you go in the world just look up - I will connect the dots in the sky for you wherever you go.

Safe - Week 9

Danger ⟶ Fear ⟶ Control

This week has been transformative, I got an image of boxes being removed in order for the slate to be cleared. The first three days of the week, Skye Jethani a well-known author and the speaker came and broke-down theological views for human flourishing. The week started off with the question; why are so many people abandoning religion?

“The God of the universe doesn’t need us, He wants us.”

“The God of the universe doesn’t need us, He wants us.”

Religion has promised fulfillment and religion has promised the key to life. Skye brings the point up how the world and religion aren’t much different and how the cycle is the same. When it comes to humanity, humans face the same problems and questions. Who am I? What’s my purpose? and why? Our innocents and shalom was lost in the fall and now we fall under the cycle of danger, fear, and control. “Religion is an attempt to control the world - to control one's self, community, and family,” Skye added onto the cycle of three different relationship/views we have within the church: Life under God, Life for God, and Life with God. All revolving around breaking the idea of religion over Christianity and adding shalom back into our relationship with God. Which leads to why are we here?

We are created to be in a relationship with God, to be in commune with Him, and secondly, we are here to work. Which leads into vocation/callings for life. This topic in the week revealed so much truth into my life because I should see myself identifying with my specific calling as more of a priority.

  1. Our highest calling is God.

  2. We have a common calling - scripture.

  3. Then our own specific calling - lead by the Holy Spirit.

I have seen myself jump to my specific calling, and start to lean on my Identity in what I do, not who I am. At the end of the day God doesn’t need us, He wants us. The question then is left what do I want? and if I can’t see Jesus clearly, then what needs to be taken away? and what needs to be added. Life is a broken place where we find suffering and pain, Jesus never promised a perfect world - He promised himself - He promised the Kingdom of Heaven is here. The solution is we have a safe place, our safe place starts with the surrender of control. When we surrender we are free and where freedom is faith is restored. My safe place starts in the surrender and embraces the love of the Father knowing his love for me can never be separated.

Grateful - Week 8

This week in the lecture was a short but impactful week. We had our very own staff Recky from Papua new guinea speak on Microbiology. Learning about how bacteria is everywhere and from bacteria, we can produce, grow, and convert bacteria into energy. Using mud, manure, and dirt with coffee grounds we were able to produce energy to power a little light bulb, this experiment reminded me of my science classes in grade school - when science was fun!


Later on, in the week, we covered AI technology - and the way the future is becoming ‘smart’, from using or smartphones to power our smart houses. We’ve moved from fingerprint Identify to face recognization, we are living in a world of location pins turned on and can track your every move via your smartphone. On Tuesday morning we watched a video about how Japan has made a human feature robot, who can respond with human interaction. Super crazy to think we are living in a day and age like today. How far will man go? and how far is too far? My opinion about the whole AI technology is a little over my head because I’m guilty using fingerprint technology and location notification on. My take is to no fear about the further, for tomorrow has enough worries as Jesus promises us.

On Wednesday we headed to Waimea for a class field trip to help herd sheep. The wide open green field reminded me of my childhood in Oregon, every summer for 3 years I would go to my uncle farm and would ride horses, swim in the duck pond, mine fools gold, and be a child with a giant imagination. Before herding the sheep we held the baby lambs, what a tender moment. I can see why Jesus referees to us, and himself like sheep. My heart this week has been so grateful for the life I’m living, and the people the Lord has placed in my life. This week was one of shalom and resting - childlessness and having time to celebrate life. Just like the precious little lamb a beautiful example of tenderness, mercy, and grace.

Please no- Geopolitical event

Dear God, what has happened to America...

With the craze and crave of the Democrats taking the house, power is rising to take the whole house and over through Trump. Please no, Hillary Clinton just announced her return for running for presidential nominee for 2020. Dear America, we are all doomed…

“in the Wall Street Journal titled "Hillary Will Run Again," by Mark Penn, Clinton's former longtime pollster (1).”

Mark Penn Hillary’s pollster stated that “2016 wasn't about a Trump victory, but a Clinton loss (1).” A defeat that hurt her pride, but now she is wanting revenge she is wanting a ‘comeback’. We are to be noted that Mark Penn is not Clinton’s spokesman, and neither is Andy Stein. The report of CNN writes how they don’t want Hillary to run for office again, and saying how this tactic of revenge will only make things worst. “If Clinton runs, many Americans will only see her candidacy as a personal vendetta or quest for redemption, not a move with the best interests of Democrats at heart. So please, Hillary, don't do it. (1).”


Praise God some of the liberals see Hillary running for office is a bad idea, very bad. I’m left reading this article shaking my head when will enough be enough. This example reminds me of a heartbroken ex who keeps trying to win you back, to the point where you need a restraining order. Or like the losing sports team that keeps replaying the offensives and blames the referee. On the flip side, I have heard a prophet prophecy how Hillary Clinton will become a believer in Christ Jesus, I sure hope this prophecy comes true. The political party is one giant mess, pointing fingers are one another - victims. My heart in all of this is respecting my president, I have no idea what its like to have some many opinions and people judging and watching your back 24/7. The wild thing is why does the world care so much about America? Why does the world seem to watch our every step?


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Life - Week 7

What does it mean to be human?
 What does it mean to live?
 What does it mean to die?

Many questions came up this week, as Dr. Clem spoken on bioethics and the theme danced around life and death. Discussion about conception when life starts and euthanasia when life ends, and all the topics between abortion, pornography, suicide, etc. The topics we addressed are controversial in today's society. Dr. Clem explains bioethics as the wrong and rights of the healthcare field.

Here are some facts:

  • Should we? (ethics)

  • May we? (law)

  • Can we? (biotechnology)

  • “A Embryo has recorded dignity.”

  • God is Pro-Life.

  • Porn: the worldwide plague.

  • Pain is not the ultimate enemy.


A flood of emotions in a moment rushed to my attention, in class as we read an update out-loud of our dear friend, Jesse. Jesse is currently fighting for his life and has been in ICU for about 3 months fighting off malaria. An update was from his mother stating: “The surgeon told me that we probably need to stop performing surgeries and just give him comfort measures because he is not going to make it and he would suffer greatly if his abdomen had to stay open another two days. So, in other words, allow him to die in comfort and without more suffering. We do not need to make the decision tonight, but we may need to make it very soon. Thank you all for your love and prayers. Louise” As class ended I felt the urge to pray and fast lunch, my prayer was to declare the spirit of death to leave over Jesse, and throughout the rest of the day my mind was on Jesse. During our corporate gathering we received an update on Jesse, saying how the surgeon hasn’t given up and will continue an operation which may save his life the next morning.

In a moment your life can completely change, in a flash. The concept of death is something we all have in common. Our days are numbered as soon as life starts. People fear death because people fear the unknown. If I think too much about the subject I can become anxious and even start to give into the fear of the unknown, death. Jesus has made himself very tangible to me this week, and even showed/ gave me a prophetic word: In this vision I saw Jesus painting a picture, I heard instrumental music that brought out the emotion’s of sorrow, I asked Jesus to show me the painting he was working on and as I looked I saw how the painting included many colors and the colors represented painful moments in life. The painting of life is filled with not only the joyful moments (bright colors) but is also filled with the suffering we have to endure (dark colors). This week I’m left feeling so grateful to be alive and to have the opportunity to make a difference in this world one person at a time. My days are numbered and this brings great conviction because I want to make the most of every moment, I want to make Jesus known as best as I can.

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Euthanasia - Me before you movie


Overview: A young and bright girl of the name Louisa lands a job as a caregiver to help her family make ends meet. Her job is to assist Will a wealthy young man who was left paralyzed after a motorcycle crash and to bring comfort to him. Lousia ends up finding out her job is to babysit or better so cheer him up from choosing to commit suicide (euthanasia). During her time spent with Will she exhorts her energy to cheer him up and over time Will opens up. Over this time Louisa ends up falling in love and expresses how she can be his whole world, Will decisions is still to end his life, and the movie ends with him committing euthanasia.

Impact: My first initial reaction of the movie was how selfish Will is for wanting to kill himself. After processing for a while and currently I still am, how would I feel if I was in his place? So often I find myself easily casting the blame, judgment, and throwing the first stone. What is needed is to take a step back, and ponder both sides. Another point that stood out to me was how Louisa wanted to be his savor, and again selfishly wanted to fix his problem by trying to be his all in all.

Conclusion: This movie draws you in with sweet romance and ends with tragedy. Ends with hopeless and meaningless. Euthanasia and assist euthanasia are topics that will break a person inside and out. The cause of assist suicide will always be a touchy subject and ends with hopelessness. The world is such a broken place without an absolute truth, the world is void without God. The world will continue to stay meaningless if we don’t choose life - and life starts and ends with Jesus Christ. Life is a precious gift and I want to continue to see the wonder of life, of people, and of Gods creation. Each one of us has a great responsibility in the world we live in, our response is to affirm who love is, who life is.

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Plan B - Current Event

It’s one of the reasons around 250,000 graduates have left Greece to seek work in other countries over the past eight years.

Young Greek millennials are faced with a tough financial burden. The unemployment rate is 40% for the youth in the developing world, making Greece be one of the toughest job markets. Leaving many of the youth to be living in poverty. Greece has faced a long extreme decade of financial crisis and what helped ‘saved’ Greece is when the country went to the EU (and is now the currency of Euro’s). Many millennials are deciding to choose trade school rather than college, due to finding a specific career is a ‘risky’. Many of the college graduates have a hard time finding a job that is well paid, secure, and/or is matched to their skill (profession).

“The minimum monthly salary – which most graduates earn – has dropped from 800 euros ($920) to 600 euros ($690) since the start of the crisis, and one in four young people are classed as living in poverty.” (1)

View of the Acropolis.jpg

This summer I spent a week in Greece and was able to talk to a few locals and the economy of the county was a topic that kept occurring. We had a server in Santorini saying how the minority of people in Greece weren’t able to apply for credit credits, due to debt. Our waiter told us the main income the country relies on, is tourism.

I love the country of Greece, and I’m sure the people love the country as well, the sad fact is many of the youth (the next generation) is fleeing to find work. If the number of yearly income keeps declining the county will continue to be in deep deep crisis. Mentioned in the article are inputs from a few young greek millennials saying how they want to lead their country out of debt. The choice needs to be made for the young millennials either to flee the country or stay and find a plan B.

Source: 1.

Absolute - Week 6

"There is no pure worldview." 

Week 6 and my worldview has been expanding. Derek Kirbow our teacher from this week a fellow ywamer, who has a Masters degree in International Relations and Comparative Politics and then his Ph.D. in International Development where he majored in Food and Water Security and minored in Community Development. Two words to narrow down his studies and focus: Social Science. Derek started the week with listing 4 questions of a worldview: ontology, axiology, epistemology, and teleology. Which later helped to understand the big WHY aspect each human being asks.

↓ B R E A K  D O W N ↓


Ontology: Questions asked about the nature of reality, existence, and being.

Axiology: The study of value, ethics, beauty, and essentially our understanding of right and wrong.

Epistemology: Questions of the ‘why’ knowledge and aspects of how we know a certain thing to be true. Compassing belief, whether we can truly ever ‘know’ things to be true and whether truth in and of itself exists.

Teleology: Asking the purpose and meaning. Concerned with actions pertaining to necessary and sufficient conditions.

The 4 basic worldview question help to understand the scientific worldview impact on our world: Naturalism, Pantheism, Postmodernism, Polytheism, and Theism. Anything ending in ism = humanistic views, humans as the center of each point. Here are a few points from this week.

  • There is a difference between understanding and agreeing.
  • “Don’t let your feelings trump truth.”
  • Live a life of the extraordinary - not the ordinary.
  • If we are truly seeking something, we need to ask questions. 
  • Community Development 
    • FEWS: food, energy, water/sanitation, shelter. 
    • SWOT: strength, weaknesses, opportunities, threats. 

As you can see this week was drinking from a fire hose, sorta kidding. I have so much to process and break down. The aha - moment for me this week was learning about an ‘absolute’, the deciding factor of right and wrong. For me, my absolute is a person, Jesus Christ. In this day and age of postmodernism we as the people have formed our absolute into what we feel. My generation z is the generation of ‘If I feel like it,’ rather than the previous generation x which was a movement of ‘I think’. I’m so grateful to be taking this class, it helps me to understand my view of the world differently, and how to better understand one another. This week I practiced hospitality and went out of my way to comfort a friends spiritual and physical needs, not only did she thank me for this time but my heart thanked me as well. Stoping for the one and taking time to listen are two big elements that help me to be, who I am. It’s moments like this I cherish.

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Selfishness - Geopolitical Event

Exchange of life for $1.4 million Australian dollars. 

Legal history has been made for the country of Australia, as a man told his wife to commit suicide in order for him to inherit $1.4 million Australian dollars from her life insurance. Graham Morant has been sentenced to 10 years after the evidence came to the light. Jennifer Morant was reported with suffering from chronic pain, anxiety, and depression resulting in her having three life insurance policies worth around $1 million US Dollars. According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, “Graham Robert Morant of Queensland persuaded his 56-year-old wife, Jennifer Morant, to kill herself in her car on Nov. 30, 2014. He reportedly drove her to a hardware store to buy the supplies she needed to do so.” (1)

“You took advantage of her vulnerability as a sick and depressed woman,” Judge Peter Davis said during the sentencing. “You counseled your wife to kill herself because you wanted to get your hands on the $1.4 million.”

Later mentioned in the article Graham is mentioned to have shown no remorse for the death, he helped caused over his wife. I can see the scene played out in my head, as Graham manipulated the death of his own wife in order to help him financially. This sickness my heart to see how a person can devalue one's life, for wealth. This event is a big overall picture of how sick the human heart can be, one word selfish. Selfishness leads to such destruction and wreaks havoc in the mind, body, soul, heart, and mind. The question I ask is what is absolute in this person's life? What went so wrong for this thought and action to occur. Where is one's value, where and what is the heart set on? I see the worldview of postmodernism in this case, anything goes blurred lines. When we have this type of outlook on life, the rule of law gets blurred on many subjects due to no absolute truth. The world will continue to be chaos if we discount the truth if we continue to take God out of our nation, culture, and communities. He is the absolute truth.


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The target - Geopolitical Event

Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing. 

"They were harvesting fruit when a row broke out about a bucket of water. The women said that because she had used a cup, they could no longer touch it, as her faith had made it unclean." (1) In the middle east, this message is going viral, in the country of Pakistan a woman of the name Asia Noreen has been persecuted and convicted of blasphemy for her Christian faith in a country that is 98% Muslim. This argument is called the ‘Asia Bibi’. Islamist parties are protesting over her act of blasphemy and offensive toward the Prophet Muhammad. “In June 2009, whilst working on a field picking berries she went to get a drink that would dramatically change her life. Whilst getting water from the well, some Muslim women tried to chase her away, claiming that she would make the water ‘unclean’ if she used it.” (2.) in other words, because Asia Noreen was a Christian her Muslim friends were considered ‘unclean’. After this offensive happened Asia Noreen was later beaten at home and later was arrested.

Asia says, “Every time my cell door opens my heart beats faster. My life is in God’s hands and I don’t know what’s going to happen to me… I’m starting to wonder whether being a Christian in Pakistan today is not just a failing or a mark against you, but actually a crime.” (2.)

Egypt - Mosque_.jpg

As of now, Asia Noreen (Asia Bibi) is barred from leaving Pakistan, until further notice. The protesters will have to make a case and appeal to the Supreme Court for the decision to release her, Asia Bibi case has been in the verdict for a decade it is about time for justice to be served. Islamic groups are rallying over the sentencing of death over Asia, over the offense she has caused. What comes to my mind is one of the last sentences Jesus said while dying on the cross: Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing. This woman is being persecuted for her faith true persecution because she believes in a different faith rather than the Muslim faith. My heart is so troubled for her life. Asia says, “Every time my cell door opens my heart beats faster. My life is in God’s hands and I don’t know what’s going to happen to me… I’m starting to wonder whether being a Christian in Pakistan today is not just a failing or a mark against you, but actually a crime.” (2) This crime is a hate crime, where people would rather kill one another over beliefs all to prove what? I am beyond honored to see Asia stand for her faith, and I believe God (the Father) hears every prayer and captures every tear over this offense.




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Wonder - Week 5

“We have a designer in the big + small.”

Ah, the topic of science/technology and faith a very controversial subject. This week in lecture we had the pleasure of Derek Chignell speak, Derek has helped developed the UofN since 1984 and has been a full time since 2002. Derek is a biochemist and has taught at Wheaton College, Illinois for 25 years before becoming a full-time staff with the UofN. Derek oversees the faculty of Science and Technology and has also been directing the Water for Life Institute. Derek started the week by stating how science has had an impact on society, and how science points towards God’s existence.

Desert Sky Blog Size.jpg

He broke down 3 points: Revelation through creation and nature - Incarnation the inner look at the human being (scientists) and Application how we live and how technology can apply within human life. My own experience of science in school wasn’t one I was thrilled about, why? because fear was the underlining theme, instead of being opened minded and coming for a place of understanding of asking why. This week opened my eyes to see the amazing things science has discovered and is continuing to discovery. My theory is everything points back to God, the smaller we see the bigger results, the further we see (space) the bigger we think. This earth is so vast and full of beauty - in the big picture and in the details. Here are a few statements that caught my attention.

  • Observation Magnifies 
    • Telescope = think big.
    • Microscope = think small.
  • Placebo effect: our own self-healing, self-medicine 
  • Natural endorphins = our natural morphine within.
  • Theology: motivates and gives meaning to science 
  • Science: clarifies and sharpens theology. 
  • Our natural T.H.C is “anandamide”
    • Chocolate has anandamide - gives the feeling of pleasure. 
  • Science brings discovery

This lecture on Science has redeemed my outlook on science, replacing my fear with faith. I now can see science with such potential for discovery for unlocking a greater revelation for human flourishing. We watched a video about the vast expansion of our universe and how we have world’s within our world, every time I look up I see a work of art. I am amazed by the wonders of the universe and words don’t come close to how I feel. I see the father in another light when I look up - a never-ending space, a never-ending piece of art. The stars are a powerful form of art, and communicate so much - I always walk away feeling inspired.

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Statue of Unity - Current Event

A world record has been broken for the worlds highest monument in India. The ‘Statue of Unity’ is 4x bigger than the Statue of Liberty, the statue of unity is 597 ft tall almost 600 ft, and did I mention the piece is valued at 408 million dollars. The statue is modeled after Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, who was a fighter for the nation of India for the unity of the nation in the 1940’s as he served as India’s first home minister. The statue base is made out of scrap metal from all over the streets of India, and about 4,000 workers worked around the clock to finish the piece.

Patel is known as the ‘Iron Man’ of India for the unity and changes he has made a for the country. The location of the statue is located: in the western state of Gujarat, this location in the past was known for tension between Hindus and Muslims. Making this the iron man of India to be a reminder of the people for unity and peace within each other.

Photo by Ajit Solanki/AP/Illustration by William Neff/The Washington Post)

Photo by Ajit Solanki/AP/Illustration by William Neff/The Washington Post)

he $408 million gold-colored colossus also spills over into ­present-day politics. It is considered a trifecta for Prime Minister Narendra Modi: a nod to his Hindu political base, a landmark site in his home state, and a showcase of the nation’s growing prosperity and status as a rising global power. 

“This memorial to Sardar is going to become a worldwide tourist attraction,” Modi boasted in a promotional video in Hindi about the statue. “See our height, measure this nation’s height. This is what we want.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India, has boasted about the Statue of Unity and has even quoted for India to be the rise of global power. My takes on this? For one India has been a country to struggle with poverty for years, a Statue this size must have costed a fortune the value of this piece is 408 million - my viewpoint is I see this money as a waste, I see this Statue as a boast of ego, statics, and pride. Yes, the income might come back due to tourism - but I believe this was a risky thing for the nation of India. My heart goes out against 3rd world countries - this event reminds me of the summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil I watched a film on how the government spent a total of 13 billion dollars, and most of the money went to clean up the city, relocated families and building walls to hid the slums in Rio. The residents in Rio were outraged especially the ones who were forced to leave there home. I’m sure the local people of India have mixed feelings about the icon and the end result will stay the same peace, and unity will never happen when ‘Truth’ is taken out of the picture.


Eye to Eye - Something the Lord Made Movie

“Where you see risks - I see opportunity.”

Overview: The true story film “Something the Lord Made” tells of a relationship between Alfred Blalock a white educated doctor, and his surgical technician African American colleague Vivien Thomas. This film shows the breaking of racial rules of society by working together for the sake of lives to be saved. Blalock and Vivien work together to create a solution for the blue babies case which changed the corse of science history.


Impact: Something the Lord made, touches on the racial movement in American during the 1940’s. During this day and age, whites and colored were separated and would hardly be in the same room together yet alone work together. This true story has shaped history, all for the sake of agreeing on life. Dr. Blalock and Vivien his helper wouldn’t be friends outside of work, what brought the men together was the sake of working hard to make a difference, responding to the gap. These men made history because of the risk to advance one's life. Life is a huge theme throughout this movie, even in the racial struggles both men agreed the work they are doing is for a much greater cause. The view I see in this film is powerful and beautiful and I believe is rooting in something spiritual - in order for human flourishing to grow. In this day and age we need to see the overall picture work together for each other not the opposite, people are the solution not the problem.

Conclusion: I’m taken away with a question in my heart - Am I willing to sacrifice certain statues for the sake of serving others - Am I willing to stand up for the voice of others to be heard and not only my own. This movie has challenged me to pursue what I’ve been talented in, and for the sake of my talent to not let offense and pride consume, to value each person and honor one another whether colored, white. educated and not educated. To find the value, hope, and faith of each human being in harmony of working/serving side by side.

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Unearthing yourself - Week 4

How can we take care of someone, if we can’t take care of ourself. 

With a ring of a Tibetan bell, Chris Heuretz opened up this week with ‘unearthing yourself’ on how to tap into the inner being and letting our selves be. Questions of what makes us human, who am I, and what makes me beautiful.

Now the term ‘Unearthing yourself’ might weird most of you out, a term that sounds new age but then again what makes us be weirded out with different terms, and different methods… This week Chris Heuertz our guest speaker (co-founder of Gravity, enneagram coach and much more) Chris is a passionate activist finding the common good in each person. A wild guy with a different twist on humanity, oh and he is a type 8 if you know anything about enneagram.

Chris brought another look into Christianity and how we can practice a holistic view of out faith; body, soul, spirit, and mind.

This week focused on the self-reflection and dealing with the inner you the messy work. What I’ve come to terms with is, if I can’t deal with my own mess then how could I possibly help someone else? And the sad reality is most of us want to stay asleep, most of us would rather stay comfortable. The first two days we focused on accepting who we are, and dealing with the inner critic. On Wednesday we spent 6 hours over a workshop on the Enneagram: the enneagram is a 9 different personality types. Chris is known as for his teachings on the Enneagram and has written the book “The Sacred Enneagram” I took the 144 question test and came out to be a type 1 - the Reformer (Rational, Idealistic Type: Principled, Purposeful, Self-Controlled, and Perfectionistic) This test has opened my eyes to see why people act the way they do, and how God attended us to be all unique. What helped me understand my type was listening to a recommended podcast by ‘sleeping at last’ click here to listen. 

Listed below are the highlights from this week. 

  • Humanity = accepting who you are.
  • Dignity forms identify, within a community.
  • Unearth your buried treasure.
  • We need to heal our vision of God.
  • Religion has failed us.
  • Solitude, Silence, and Stillness.
  • The hidden gifts in community.

Before the start of my school (humanities and science), the Father spoke to me. I heard the words as I started to write come for a place of being, not doing. I now understand another definition of this revelation, coming from the place of His grace. I don’t have to earn God’s Grace I just need to fully receive it, not only receive but believe. Fully being chosen, fully being broken, and fully being loved. That’s the power of the amazing grace of God.

Application: My takeaway from this week is finding time to take care of myself, enjoying moments that bring life to me. Not letting my tasks and lists of things to do to consume me, I often worry and care too much about the little things busyness. This week I want to focus on practicing silence, solitude, and stillness in areas where God wants to meet me. To breathe in Abba - I need you, Abba - rest my soul, Abba - let me love myself. Firstly to fall in love with Jesus and keep falling in love, and then I will change the world.

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One mans blood - Geopolitical Event

  Headline news reading: 11 people have been killed, from a shooting inside ‘the tree of life’ synagogue service in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania…

46-year-old caucasian male, Robert Bowers stormed the scene earlier this morning at 9.45am and yelled: “All Jews must die.” As he opened fire and killed 11 people and 2 people in critical condition. President Trump quotes this is a "wicked act of mass murder" the Federal investigators are labeling this crime as a hate crime. The shooter is in police custody and is being charged with 29 federal crimes. People are in tears and the whole town of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is grieving the loss of loved ones.

The Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish non-governmental organisation that fights anti-Semitism, said: "We believe this is the deadliest attack on the Jewish community in the history of the United States."

Before the shooting took place, Robert Bowers was on social media and expressed his hate towards the Jewish community, and posted this statement: “I can’t sit by and watch my people get slaughtered. Screw your optics, I’m going in.”

Wailing Wall - Jewish Men_.jpg

Clearly, this shooting is targeted towards a group of people, the Jewish people. This sickness me as the shooting went into the synagogue during the religious tradition of the Sabbath (a sacred 24 hours to abstinence from work and day of rest) and opened fired pure evil. Over the past year in America, we have faced 293 mass shootings - 365 days a year, and 293 mass shootings in 2018. What is going on in my country? Again discrimination towards religious groups, and ethnic groups one word: persecution. The Jewish people have been persecuted since God spoke the promise of his people, through the offspring of Abraham in the bible.

The reason why Robert Bowers became so hateful towards the jews is that of a racial dispute, over a non-profit Jewish organization decided to help refugees settle in the surrounding neighborhoods. This crime is terrible to think we aren’t safe anymore, America is now known for all the mass shootings in areas we’d think are safe. My question is have we ever been safe? was the world once a nicer place? I hate to say this but the hate crimes won’t stop, as a Christian I believe the fight isn’t between flesh and blood but against the forces of evil (the devil) and the forces of good (Jesus). The world is filled with suffering, and our suffering should lead to justice and lead us to seek for a higher power, seek for a higher need - Jesus Christ the son of God.


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Love abounds - Won't you be my Neighbor Movie

Love is the root of everything, a communication right into there hearts

-Fred Rogers

Overview: A look into the life of Mister Rogers and his television series ‘mister rogers' neighborhood’. This film shares the story behind the start of the children’s television success. This Mister Rogers neighborhood taught the children lessons on life and how to deal with hard topics and issues in the world. Fred Rogers not only reached and touched the lives of children but parents as well. The passion and storyline behind the television show had a much deeper impact and value, as Mister Rogers lived by two examples: To love you God, and love your neighbor as yourself the first 2/10 commandments of the Christian faith.

Polulu_Movie Night_.jpg

Impact: Mister Rogers loved the one in front of him, the one happened to be children. Fred had a heart for children and I believe this compassion was due to not having a childhood. Fred was bullied and wasn’t allowed to get upset or show anger. As a child, he had a wild imagination, and his imagination only grew more as his life was spent in and out of the hospital due to sicknesses. Mister Rogers believed in the potential of each person and each child, with many words of affirmation for being special for who they are.

Conclusion/Personal application: Fred Rogers lived out the two greatest commandments, and from this God took him seriously and gave him authority to air his television series for so long. The people believed back into what Mister Rogers was communicating. This film was very impactful for me, this man had true love in his eyes with compassion and wanting to make a difference in this world and he did. I want to love my neighbor well and this means dying to myself, making a sacrifice for the sake of others. In order for Human’s to flourish one must die to themselves. Fred Rogers was humble with so much compassion towards the one - he lived a life like a true saint.

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xy, xx, x? - Current Event

President Trump and his administration are attempting to change and define the term ‘transgender’ as President Obama administration held the term of ‘transgender’ to be an independent choice not by XX and XY chromosomes (the determining factor of the sex of each human). Trump is wanting to change the definition of gender at the state of birth either female or male.

The Department of Health and Human Services is interjecting due to the legal definition of gender, due to Title IX.

According to a memo obtained by The New York Times, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is leading an effort to establish a legal definition of sex under Title IX, the federal civil rights law that bans discrimination on the basis of sex.

In other words, Title IX states the sex of the person at birth is defined by the genital of the sex, and can not be changed.


Obama’s change for ‘Transgender’ wrecked havoc over the Nation of America. Transgender bathrooms, dormitories, and ect. This change has been a ripple affect over our nation. There is only two genders xy and xx- male and female. You are either born a male or born a female. In google I was curious to see how many gender terms would pop up I typed in ‘how many genders are there 2018’ I found on “The PBHS Closet” under gender & sex was listed: Sex, Gender, Cisgender, Transgender, and Transsexual

How could we go so wrong? How is it in the 21st century we are so far gone from our identity. Living in a generation of ‘if I feel like it’... Such pain and sorrow of the lies of this world. Men and Women not feeling accepted. The human soul needs to feel loved, be loved and accepted by someone... But who is that someone? Our souls long to be longed for, for the one who created us - God.


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Poverty Cure - Week 3

10 percent of the world’s population lives on less than US $1.90 a day
— World Bank

Definition of poverty 

a: the state of one who lacks a usual or socially acceptable amount of money or material possessions

b: renunciation as a member of a religious order of the right as an individual to own property

On Monday my classmates and had to write down what words come to mind when we hear the word ‘poverty’. Our words ranged from poor, uneducated, lacking, naked, starving and so on. Andrew our speaker from the week opened my heart and mind on how to help people in poverty.

Andrew Vanderput spoke on the subject of poverty and works for a organization called Poverty Cure. Andrew defined poverty as broken relationship between God, self, others, and the rest of creation. A gap - A lack.

Are people the problem? is, in fact, the fundamental problem us? for the cause of poverty?

These are some of the questions Andrew taught on, people aren’t the problem people are the solution! If you have been keeping up on my blogs I have mentioned many points on poverty (from the Poverty Inc movie), and how we all can help and how our help can cause a negative long-term effect. After learning and expanding on this subject I will list a few points and quotes that stood out to me.

  • We are to Dignify others.

  • We are made in God’s image.

  • People are the solution, not the problem.

  • “There is no silver bullet for the solution of poverty.”

  • The system is broken.

  • 70% of the developing world is unclaimed.

  • The need for private land.

  • “Without justice, there is no foundation.”

  • A moral culture is needed.

I had no grid for the importance of private land, and the rule of law. This is key, I was reminded this week of the quote from the movie Shrek “What are you doing in my swamp.” I am reminded how important private land is to be civilize and to be a steward the land, this is Biblical (Genesis 1:29).

I had a moment when I stepped into a foreclosure home, for my job (back in Oregon) I looked up the address drove to the destination and arrived, I had to double check the address to see if this was the right house.. I saw a couch on the front lawn, dead grass and heaps of trash. I unlock the door and immediately the smell of stench welcomed me. At this moment the Spirit was so sensitive to me, poverty of the soul. We have no foundation if our soul doesn’t connect with God. Rotting in the inside, death. Physical need for poverty isn’t enough in order for growth spiritual poverty is needed in order for true human flourishing.

People will continue to stay in poverty when Christ isn’t the foundation, God is the source for life and life abundantly.

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Boarder Control - Geopolitical Event

“They warned that anyone without papers would have to apply for refugee status or turn back, and anyone who crossed illegally would be detained and deported.”

People by the thousands are leaving the borders of Central America in hopes to cross into the United States of America. During there travels many have been stuck at the southern Mexican border and have broken through the border fence of the Guatemalan border which has caused a riot to people between the migrants and the authorities.


Who, and why are they fleeing there country? Most of the migrants are from the country of Honduras, and these people (men, women, and children) are leaving there country due to violence and poverty, in search of hope and safety. The police at the border of Mexico used tear gas to stop the people from entering the border.

President Trump has threatened all illegal migrants from coming into the country of the United States, no visa no entry… What was asked by President trump is if the migrants had valid passports and visa the people would be allowed in immediately and anyone without the papers would have to apply for ‘refugee’ statue or return back to Honduras?

President Trump, who has threatened to close down the US border and cut aid to countries allowing the caravan to pass, said the military would be called upon if needed.

"They might as well turn back, they're not coming into this country." -President Trump

Spiritual and physical poverty happening right now in the global news, I totally understand running from danger and violence but as a US citizen, I agree with President Trump to have border control if you keep allowing free handouts and offers this doesn’t help the common good of the people it only makes things worse. Now as a Christian my heart goes out towards this situation men, women, and children who are orphaned, as a believer my heart wants to react but where do I start?

Would I want to live in the land of freedom, yes I would. Do I firmly believe that the borders should be completely shut no... This I do have to say, I stand behind President Trump's decision towards to border control. Communities need each other, and my belief is for Honduras to rise above conflicts and disaster.

Here’s my conclusion: My point is, people will continue to stay in poverty when land is owned, freedom isn’t given, and no belief in God. People will stay violent and people will continue to be a victim, it is only when freedom is given by being dignified, a right to own land, and a foundation in Jesus Christ. The solution is to love your neighbor and sometimes that means being on the ground to serve, and other times it means to communicate love through a hug, and sometimes love looks like pushing people into believing something they are not, love looks like conviction to truly be pure at heart.


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