Hurricane Michael- Current Event

"This has been the worst nightmare I've ever been through in my life…”

Headline news has been reporting on the terrible tragedy of Hurricane Michael, a hurricane that hit the coastal cities of Florida and flooded nearby states. The state of Florida took a beating leaving many people without homes, businesses/jobs. A real loss to the people in Florida. Current news reports “More than 1 million customers were left without electricity, and emergency officials have no access to many towns. The US death toll has risen to at least 17 -- including five in Virginia and eight in Florida -- and it's expected to climb.” (CNN).

My heart goes out to all the people, that have been affected. On Instagram I had a friend asking for prayer for this tragedy, I personally messaged my friend and sure enough, her best friend in Florida lost her house cars and everything. What I can see is during a painful tragedy such as this, there is hope, and this hope rises within communities. When communities come together and become united is when the helpful process will begin. I believe it’s not only the churches role, or different organizations to help but truly it’s everyone's job. My view is that each one of us is called to serve one another and to take care of our cites. After reading this article, many other articles came up about helping this cause, organizations such as the red cross and other’s ways to help volunteer. We the people need each other, We the people need the people, for all different areas for human flourishing in order to rebuild a city.

If you are interested in reading more or wanting a way to help click this link to see how: