When helping hurts - Poverty Inc Documentary

No one wants to be a begger for life...

Overview: A look at the help of aid for developing countries, such as Africa. This film touches on when helping hurts when dealing with poverty, and countries living in poverty. Poverty Inc interviews people who have personally been affected by NGO’s and other movements to end poverty now, but only resulting in the free handouts the loss of jobs. Resulting in the same solution, leaving people to continue to live in poverty instead of prosperity.


Worldview: Our re-action needs to meet an action, but the right cause. This film brings up how we can’t look at people (in poverty) as months to feed, and bodies to clothe but rather as a creative human being made in God’s image (Imago Dei). The answer I am left with is how do we view people either impoverished as victims? or as brothers and sisters all apart of the same family.

Impact: This film makes you think about ownership, stewardship, and wisdom. When helping impoverished countries, or getting involved with NGO’s (Nonprofit organization’s), the problem is to rethink how we can help the poor. Rather than relying on the temporary help of AID and transitioning into long-term growth, such as loans for small business owners and/or help with the property rights for homeowners. This film helps to rethink ideas on how to help people in poverty.

Conclusion: Hearing the word poverty brings a negative and sad emotion, similar to the word slavery or prostitute. My worldview in the past has seen these people as less than fortunate, and in the past, I’ve been guilty to quickly want to re-act on helping the ‘need’ the aid. This topic and movie have opened my eyes to seek justice and compassion in the ways of honoring people and using wisdom, meekness, and discernment to truly help people in poverty. My take-way/application is directed towards us the people of the church and how we have a lot of learn, but the foundation is seeking people how God sees them: unique, capable, creative, and talented and from this we are loving our neighbor.