Assisted Suicide - Current Event

Euthanasia coming to the state of aloha.

You heard right, the 50th state of Hawaii in one years time will be offering assistant suicide. The request for assisted suicide has been requested from patients who are terminally ill. Shocking right? This will make the State of Hawaii the 6th state to legalize assistant suicide.

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reports state Department of Health officials say they are working to establish a process that assures “patients and their family members fully understand” alternative options.

The method first, is to request the order of death. Secondly a waiting in between the request of 20 days, then thirdly sigh a request order of death witnessed by two people. “According to Hawaii Medical Association Executive Director Chris Flanders says most doctors seem reluctant to participate.” The law will be in effect starting the first of the new year.

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Life and death, happening right here in the state of Hawai’i. This topic we are learning about in class, is a current event happening now… The state of Hawaii along with 5 other states have assisted suicide including: Colorado, District of Columbia, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington. My heart is sickened to see my two home states to have legalized euthanasia, my heart is troubled to know Oregon and now soon Hawaii is guilt and is now covered in blood - murder. We are allowing for people to commit suicide, after reading more about euthanasia in Oregon I came across this requirement…

To request a prescription for lethal medications, the Death with Dignity Act requires that a patient voluntarily express his wish to die and be:

1. an adult (age 18 or older),

2. an Oregon resident,

3. capable (able to make and communicate health care decisions), and

4. diagnosed with a terminal illness (incurable and irreversible) that will lead to death within six months.

My thought on this is so wrong, I believe death should be a natural organic way. Yes I know suffering is real but I believe there is always another solution, and another option should be added. This issues is much like abortion life is life, and life is valuable. Like the Old testament life is in the blood.


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