Boarder Control - Geopolitical Event

“They warned that anyone without papers would have to apply for refugee status or turn back, and anyone who crossed illegally would be detained and deported.”

People by the thousands are leaving the borders of Central America in hopes to cross into the United States of America. During there travels many have been stuck at the southern Mexican border and have broken through the border fence of the Guatemalan border which has caused a riot to people between the migrants and the authorities.


Who, and why are they fleeing there country? Most of the migrants are from the country of Honduras, and these people (men, women, and children) are leaving there country due to violence and poverty, in search of hope and safety. The police at the border of Mexico used tear gas to stop the people from entering the border.

President Trump has threatened all illegal migrants from coming into the country of the United States, no visa no entry… What was asked by President trump is if the migrants had valid passports and visa the people would be allowed in immediately and anyone without the papers would have to apply for ‘refugee’ statue or return back to Honduras?

President Trump, who has threatened to close down the US border and cut aid to countries allowing the caravan to pass, said the military would be called upon if needed.

"They might as well turn back, they're not coming into this country." -President Trump

Spiritual and physical poverty happening right now in the global news, I totally understand running from danger and violence but as a US citizen, I agree with President Trump to have border control if you keep allowing free handouts and offers this doesn’t help the common good of the people it only makes things worse. Now as a Christian my heart goes out towards this situation men, women, and children who are orphaned, as a believer my heart wants to react but where do I start?

Would I want to live in the land of freedom, yes I would. Do I firmly believe that the borders should be completely shut no... This I do have to say, I stand behind President Trump's decision towards to border control. Communities need each other, and my belief is for Honduras to rise above conflicts and disaster.

Here’s my conclusion: My point is, people will continue to stay in poverty when land is owned, freedom isn’t given, and no belief in God. People will stay violent and people will continue to be a victim, it is only when freedom is given by being dignified, a right to own land, and a foundation in Jesus Christ. The solution is to love your neighbor and sometimes that means being on the ground to serve, and other times it means to communicate love through a hug, and sometimes love looks like pushing people into believing something they are not, love looks like conviction to truly be pure at heart.


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