Love abounds - Won't you be my Neighbor Movie

Love is the root of everything, a communication right into there hearts

-Fred Rogers

Overview: A look into the life of Mister Rogers and his television series ‘mister rogers' neighborhood’. This film shares the story behind the start of the children’s television success. This Mister Rogers neighborhood taught the children lessons on life and how to deal with hard topics and issues in the world. Fred Rogers not only reached and touched the lives of children but parents as well. The passion and storyline behind the television show had a much deeper impact and value, as Mister Rogers lived by two examples: To love you God, and love your neighbor as yourself the first 2/10 commandments of the Christian faith.

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Impact: Mister Rogers loved the one in front of him, the one happened to be children. Fred had a heart for children and I believe this compassion was due to not having a childhood. Fred was bullied and wasn’t allowed to get upset or show anger. As a child, he had a wild imagination, and his imagination only grew more as his life was spent in and out of the hospital due to sicknesses. Mister Rogers believed in the potential of each person and each child, with many words of affirmation for being special for who they are.

Conclusion/Personal application: Fred Rogers lived out the two greatest commandments, and from this God took him seriously and gave him authority to air his television series for so long. The people believed back into what Mister Rogers was communicating. This film was very impactful for me, this man had true love in his eyes with compassion and wanting to make a difference in this world and he did. I want to love my neighbor well and this means dying to myself, making a sacrifice for the sake of others. In order for Human’s to flourish one must die to themselves. Fred Rogers was humble with so much compassion towards the one - he lived a life like a true saint.

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