Unearthing yourself - Week 4

How can we take care of someone, if we can’t take care of ourself. 

With a ring of a Tibetan bell, Chris Heuretz opened up this week with ‘unearthing yourself’ on how to tap into the inner being and letting our selves be. Questions of what makes us human, who am I, and what makes me beautiful.

Now the term ‘Unearthing yourself’ might weird most of you out, a term that sounds new age but then again what makes us be weirded out with different terms, and different methods… This week Chris Heuertz our guest speaker (co-founder of Gravity, enneagram coach and much more) Chris is a passionate activist finding the common good in each person. A wild guy with a different twist on humanity, oh and he is a type 8 if you know anything about enneagram.

Chris brought another look into Christianity and how we can practice a holistic view of out faith; body, soul, spirit, and mind.

This week focused on the self-reflection and dealing with the inner you the messy work. What I’ve come to terms with is, if I can’t deal with my own mess then how could I possibly help someone else? And the sad reality is most of us want to stay asleep, most of us would rather stay comfortable. The first two days we focused on accepting who we are, and dealing with the inner critic. On Wednesday we spent 6 hours over a workshop on the Enneagram: the enneagram is a 9 different personality types. Chris is known as for his teachings on the Enneagram and has written the book “The Sacred Enneagram” I took the 144 question test and came out to be a type 1 - the Reformer (Rational, Idealistic Type: Principled, Purposeful, Self-Controlled, and Perfectionistic) This test has opened my eyes to see why people act the way they do, and how God attended us to be all unique. What helped me understand my type was listening to a recommended podcast by ‘sleeping at last’ click here to listen. 

Listed below are the highlights from this week. 

  • Humanity = accepting who you are.
  • Dignity forms identify, within a community.
  • Unearth your buried treasure.
  • We need to heal our vision of God.
  • Religion has failed us.
  • Solitude, Silence, and Stillness.
  • The hidden gifts in community.

Before the start of my school (humanities and science), the Father spoke to me. I heard the words as I started to write come for a place of being, not doing. I now understand another definition of this revelation, coming from the place of His grace. I don’t have to earn God’s Grace I just need to fully receive it, not only receive but believe. Fully being chosen, fully being broken, and fully being loved. That’s the power of the amazing grace of God.

Application: My takeaway from this week is finding time to take care of myself, enjoying moments that bring life to me. Not letting my tasks and lists of things to do to consume me, I often worry and care too much about the little things busyness. This week I want to focus on practicing silence, solitude, and stillness in areas where God wants to meet me. To breathe in Abba - I need you, Abba - rest my soul, Abba - let me love myself. Firstly to fall in love with Jesus and keep falling in love, and then I will change the world.

*All photographs are mine - unless stated*