Eye to Eye - Something the Lord Made Movie

“Where you see risks - I see opportunity.”

Overview: The true story film “Something the Lord Made” tells of a relationship between Alfred Blalock a white educated doctor, and his surgical technician African American colleague Vivien Thomas. This film shows the breaking of racial rules of society by working together for the sake of lives to be saved. Blalock and Vivien work together to create a solution for the blue babies case which changed the corse of science history.


Impact: Something the Lord made, touches on the racial movement in American during the 1940’s. During this day and age, whites and colored were separated and would hardly be in the same room together yet alone work together. This true story has shaped history, all for the sake of agreeing on life. Dr. Blalock and Vivien his helper wouldn’t be friends outside of work, what brought the men together was the sake of working hard to make a difference, responding to the gap. These men made history because of the risk to advance one's life. Life is a huge theme throughout this movie, even in the racial struggles both men agreed the work they are doing is for a much greater cause. The view I see in this film is powerful and beautiful and I believe is rooting in something spiritual - in order for human flourishing to grow. In this day and age we need to see the overall picture work together for each other not the opposite, people are the solution not the problem.

Conclusion: I’m taken away with a question in my heart - Am I willing to sacrifice certain statues for the sake of serving others - Am I willing to stand up for the voice of others to be heard and not only my own. This movie has challenged me to pursue what I’ve been talented in, and for the sake of my talent to not let offense and pride consume, to value each person and honor one another whether colored, white. educated and not educated. To find the value, hope, and faith of each human being in harmony of working/serving side by side.

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