Growth - Week 1

Wherever there’s light there’s growth...

This revelation occurred to me while praying for Mama Jo. Wherever there’s light there’s growth. In order for growth to start, we must find the light, we must soak our souls and be opened to receive light - receive life in order to grow deeper. Through the next 12 weeks my heart, mind, and soul will be tested... Scroll down to read how my first week shook me.

When you hear the term ‘Worldview’ what comes to mind? life, culture, philosophy. The big questions of life like what is the truth, what is of value, what is my purpose, How do I know, that I know. The world has a very abstract view on this term worldview.


Endless notes and many moments of my brain trying to store so much information…. So here is what stood out to me this week. Monday morning was started off with a Ted talk of how Language shapes our worldview, this video opened my mind up to how narrow-minded I (we) can be. For what we know about the human mind is mostly shaped by English speaking doctors. Watching this video had a great effect on me and was a wonderful way to transition into Worldview 1.0. For the remaining week, we had Emmanuel Entee, via skype a former missionary with YWAM since 1993, His nationality is Ghana & the UK.

Emmanuel opened up the start of creation and let there be light. How light is the beginning of life and we as humans are to walk in light - transparency? Then Emmanuel defines his take of worldview:

  1. Getting to the heart of the way a person sees life.

  2. It’s more than an interpretive lens; it shapes, influences, and directs a person life

  3. Guides, thoughts, attitude, actions, and decisions.

After defining or trying to define worldview, we dig a little deeper. “Turn to your neighbor and discuss what culture means to you, how has culture shaped your worldview?” As a white, Christian, American this already speaks for itself. Have you stereotyped me, because I’ve stereotyped myself… Back to what I was saying my culture views the world in a different prism of light, I view the world as everyone should speak ‘English’ I have viewed the world that everyone should be treated as an equal and I can go on. I have learned quickly to flip from stereotyping people to being understanding of others, breaking habits of culture, and also being understanding to myself.

Through all the messy thoughts and ideas one thing I’m reminded of, The Unchanging Nature of God. How cool is it that the Creator God creates the creator and gives the creator abilities to create. We serve a God who never changes, ever.

*All photographs are mine - unless stated*