Who is the Victim? - Geopolitical Event

“Newly released video shows Bill Clinton with Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office in 1997…”

This headline brought attention to me and right away, I knew who the press were targeting, Kavanaugh. The victim mentality is on repeat throughout history. Reading this article started to boil my blood and at the same time make me want to laugh. Pointing fingers at each other because no one wants to own up, no one wants to take the responsibility.

Back in 1997, Bill Clinton was impeached for lying for having an affair, with Monica Lewinsky. Making president Clinton, no longer in office. The press today is trying to make a point about Kavanaugh for accusing him of having sexual relations more than three decades ago, as a woman has come forth stating: “I thought he might inadvertently kill me,” the newspaper quoted her as saying. “He was trying to attack me and remove my clothing.”


Kavanaugh is a Judge, a nominee for the Supreme Court for President Trump, and has denied this offense. Judge Kavanaugh is not guilty of this - he is innocent, Kavanaugh has even kept a journal of his life, keeping records of many events. Waking up this morning my after my mom and I was discussing this case, flipping through Facebook my mom reads from Representative Sal Esquivel of the state of Oregon, “Well what a surprise, Kavanaugh’s background check come back with nothing more than was brought out in the hearing. Now the Dems are saying it is not a indepth check. You do know if Kavanaugh walked on water, the Dems would say “look he can’t swim” Move the goal posts again !! LOL.”

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Much like we are reading in ‘The Reasons of God’ people of good faith, people who are Christians are persecuted, much like the start of the early church in the book of Acts. Good vs Bad. As Christian’s with good morals the opposite party wants to find wrong in us, and like the rest of the world, there is much ‘wrong’ much sin in each of our lives. Not to sound negative but I believe the trusted sources of News will always be biased. Ending I believe Kavanaugh is innocent but much like President Trump tweeted when is enough, enough?