Locked in - 13th Movie




By this title, I’m sure you are interested in what this blog post is about. This my review on the Netflix original documentary: 13TH named after the 13th amendment in our constitution of the United States of America which states: “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.” This amendment is a foundation for the ending of slavery in the United States of America, signed agreed and dated December 6, 1865.


Overview: This documentary is about the DNA of slavery in American culture and how the past still affects the present day in the African Americans, and Latino lives. This shocking film has made me become aware of my country, and the issues we’ve had to overcome, and still overcoming. Resulting in the number of inmates we have in jail, links to the history of racism from slavery in the 1800s hints the name of the movie 13.

Worldview: In light of this movie I know the director wanted to convey a message to stir up issues and sadly about the whole ‘cops are pigs’ and the whole black lives matter and even jarring marks on President Trump's racist comments. Making this film another move of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ Movement. Yes, the video is a powerful tool of communication but if we think about the film, for the why aspect we need to think of questions like what is the message of the film, who is the target audience, and what is the response? A point to be made is this movie 13th is a Netflix original documentary.. meaning the target audience for the brand name ‘A Netflix original film’ is directed for an age group between 18-49 years old and mostly liberals. One-sided opinions I think y e s.

Impact/Conclusion: Every emotion has been evoked while watching this film; anger, frustration, and broken heartedness. The impact this film has is very powerful as it strums a cord in the human heart. Media is a powerful tool to transform a society in order for a movement to keep running. Where do Christian’s play in this part, in the lamenting of our prayers to come together as the body of Christ and to love the one in front of us. To see the wonder and beauty of each person, as we all are made in the image of Christ. A masterpiece that is priceless, priceless is how the Father sees us. Our worth has already been paid by the one who costed everything, Jesus.

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