Justice + the Arts - Week 2

We are called to move towards brokenness

This week has been refreshing for the soul, new revelation, conviction, conformation, and to top it off countless rainbows. The promise’s of God a theme to keep remembering. The one word I would use, to sum up, this week is shalom.

Flourishing in all of creation as God, humans and rest of creation live in harmony, resulting in wholeness, justice, and delight. This is the meaning of shalom. When we don’t follow to rest in the Lord’s shalom when we fail to use our own might and power for the world this results in injustice.


For half the week we had Kristen Deede Johnson - Professor of Theology and Christian Formation (Western Theological Seminary), come in and speak on justice through a Biblical worldview. Now when you think of justice what comes to mind? or the word righteousness? Maybe you would answer a superhero like Superman or say something like making a stand for freedom. When I heard of justice, my reaction would be fighting for a cause - women’s rights, etc. The past three days Kirsten broke down the simplicity of justice from creation to the great commission. The Greek word dikaiosyné: is a break down for justice, righteousness, justification, and justify. You can’t have justice without righteousness, and justification - “You can’t have justice without Christ.”

I’m shook from this week here are a few bullet points and quotes that grabbed my attention.

  • Hesed: a Greek word for steadfast love, mercy, loving-kindness, love in action, faithfulness. We see this Greek word hesed used in Miah 6:8.

  • “We are created to steward the world and steward cultures.”

  • “Questioning is a big part of our faith.”

  • Shalom - Sabbath: Co-dependent of God + his provision.

  • Kingdom calling - a Holy city coming down.

Seek the shalom of the city, as part of the great commission as Christians we are called to take care of the city. When hearing the word city automatically I get overwhelmed by the idea, but what if I told you to seek the welfare of the city means to love the one… (Jeremiah 29:7)

Human flourishing starts with stopping for the one, pouring into the one. My take away from this week is asking God where is the gap in society, and how can I respond to this gap. This is justice - being a voice right here, right now and using the tools God has given us to make a difference in the world.

“Your vocation is where your calling is your deepest joy meets the world’s hunger.”

*All photographs are mine - unless stated*