Statue of Unity - Current Event

A world record has been broken for the worlds highest monument in India. The ‘Statue of Unity’ is 4x bigger than the Statue of Liberty, the statue of unity is 597 ft tall almost 600 ft, and did I mention the piece is valued at 408 million dollars. The statue is modeled after Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, who was a fighter for the nation of India for the unity of the nation in the 1940’s as he served as India’s first home minister. The statue base is made out of scrap metal from all over the streets of India, and about 4,000 workers worked around the clock to finish the piece.

Patel is known as the ‘Iron Man’ of India for the unity and changes he has made a for the country. The location of the statue is located: in the western state of Gujarat, this location in the past was known for tension between Hindus and Muslims. Making this the iron man of India to be a reminder of the people for unity and peace within each other.

Photo by Ajit Solanki/AP/Illustration by William Neff/The Washington Post)

Photo by Ajit Solanki/AP/Illustration by William Neff/The Washington Post)

he $408 million gold-colored colossus also spills over into ­present-day politics. It is considered a trifecta for Prime Minister Narendra Modi: a nod to his Hindu political base, a landmark site in his home state, and a showcase of the nation’s growing prosperity and status as a rising global power. 

“This memorial to Sardar is going to become a worldwide tourist attraction,” Modi boasted in a promotional video in Hindi about the statue. “See our height, measure this nation’s height. This is what we want.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India, has boasted about the Statue of Unity and has even quoted for India to be the rise of global power. My takes on this? For one India has been a country to struggle with poverty for years, a Statue this size must have costed a fortune the value of this piece is 408 million - my viewpoint is I see this money as a waste, I see this Statue as a boast of ego, statics, and pride. Yes, the income might come back due to tourism - but I believe this was a risky thing for the nation of India. My heart goes out against 3rd world countries - this event reminds me of the summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil I watched a film on how the government spent a total of 13 billion dollars, and most of the money went to clean up the city, relocated families and building walls to hid the slums in Rio. The residents in Rio were outraged especially the ones who were forced to leave there home. I’m sure the local people of India have mixed feelings about the icon and the end result will stay the same peace, and unity will never happen when ‘Truth’ is taken out of the picture.