Wonder - Week 5

“We have a designer in the big + small.”

Ah, the topic of science/technology and faith a very controversial subject. This week in lecture we had the pleasure of Derek Chignell speak, Derek has helped developed the UofN since 1984 and has been a full time since 2002. Derek is a biochemist and has taught at Wheaton College, Illinois for 25 years before becoming a full-time staff with the UofN. Derek oversees the faculty of Science and Technology and has also been directing the Water for Life Institute. Derek started the week by stating how science has had an impact on society, and how science points towards God’s existence.

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He broke down 3 points: Revelation through creation and nature - Incarnation the inner look at the human being (scientists) and Application how we live and how technology can apply within human life. My own experience of science in school wasn’t one I was thrilled about, why? because fear was the underlining theme, instead of being opened minded and coming for a place of understanding of asking why. This week opened my eyes to see the amazing things science has discovered and is continuing to discovery. My theory is everything points back to God, the smaller we see the bigger results, the further we see (space) the bigger we think. This earth is so vast and full of beauty - in the big picture and in the details. Here are a few statements that caught my attention.

  • Observation Magnifies 
    • Telescope = think big.
    • Microscope = think small.
  • Placebo effect: our own self-healing, self-medicine 
  • Natural endorphins = our natural morphine within.
  • Theology: motivates and gives meaning to science 
  • Science: clarifies and sharpens theology. 
  • Our natural T.H.C is “anandamide”
    • Chocolate has anandamide - gives the feeling of pleasure. 
  • Science brings discovery

This lecture on Science has redeemed my outlook on science, replacing my fear with faith. I now can see science with such potential for discovery for unlocking a greater revelation for human flourishing. We watched a video about the vast expansion of our universe and how we have world’s within our world, every time I look up I see a work of art. I am amazed by the wonders of the universe and words don’t come close to how I feel. I see the father in another light when I look up - a never-ending space, a never-ending piece of art. The stars are a powerful form of art, and communicate so much - I always walk away feeling inspired.

*All photographs are mine - unless stated*