Euthanasia - Me before you movie


Overview: A young and bright girl of the name Louisa lands a job as a caregiver to help her family make ends meet. Her job is to assist Will a wealthy young man who was left paralyzed after a motorcycle crash and to bring comfort to him. Lousia ends up finding out her job is to babysit or better so cheer him up from choosing to commit suicide (euthanasia). During her time spent with Will she exhorts her energy to cheer him up and over time Will opens up. Over this time Louisa ends up falling in love and expresses how she can be his whole world, Will decisions is still to end his life, and the movie ends with him committing euthanasia.

Impact: My first initial reaction of the movie was how selfish Will is for wanting to kill himself. After processing for a while and currently I still am, how would I feel if I was in his place? So often I find myself easily casting the blame, judgment, and throwing the first stone. What is needed is to take a step back, and ponder both sides. Another point that stood out to me was how Louisa wanted to be his savor, and again selfishly wanted to fix his problem by trying to be his all in all.

Conclusion: This movie draws you in with sweet romance and ends with tragedy. Ends with hopeless and meaningless. Euthanasia and assist euthanasia are topics that will break a person inside and out. The cause of assist suicide will always be a touchy subject and ends with hopelessness. The world is such a broken place without an absolute truth, the world is void without God. The world will continue to stay meaningless if we don’t choose life - and life starts and ends with Jesus Christ. Life is a precious gift and I want to continue to see the wonder of life, of people, and of Gods creation. Each one of us has a great responsibility in the world we live in, our response is to affirm who love is, who life is.

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