Life - Week 7

What does it mean to be human?
 What does it mean to live?
 What does it mean to die?

Many questions came up this week, as Dr. Clem spoken on bioethics and the theme danced around life and death. Discussion about conception when life starts and euthanasia when life ends, and all the topics between abortion, pornography, suicide, etc. The topics we addressed are controversial in today's society. Dr. Clem explains bioethics as the wrong and rights of the healthcare field.

Here are some facts:

  • Should we? (ethics)

  • May we? (law)

  • Can we? (biotechnology)

  • “A Embryo has recorded dignity.”

  • God is Pro-Life.

  • Porn: the worldwide plague.

  • Pain is not the ultimate enemy.


A flood of emotions in a moment rushed to my attention, in class as we read an update out-loud of our dear friend, Jesse. Jesse is currently fighting for his life and has been in ICU for about 3 months fighting off malaria. An update was from his mother stating: “The surgeon told me that we probably need to stop performing surgeries and just give him comfort measures because he is not going to make it and he would suffer greatly if his abdomen had to stay open another two days. So, in other words, allow him to die in comfort and without more suffering. We do not need to make the decision tonight, but we may need to make it very soon. Thank you all for your love and prayers. Louise” As class ended I felt the urge to pray and fast lunch, my prayer was to declare the spirit of death to leave over Jesse, and throughout the rest of the day my mind was on Jesse. During our corporate gathering we received an update on Jesse, saying how the surgeon hasn’t given up and will continue an operation which may save his life the next morning.

In a moment your life can completely change, in a flash. The concept of death is something we all have in common. Our days are numbered as soon as life starts. People fear death because people fear the unknown. If I think too much about the subject I can become anxious and even start to give into the fear of the unknown, death. Jesus has made himself very tangible to me this week, and even showed/ gave me a prophetic word: In this vision I saw Jesus painting a picture, I heard instrumental music that brought out the emotion’s of sorrow, I asked Jesus to show me the painting he was working on and as I looked I saw how the painting included many colors and the colors represented painful moments in life. The painting of life is filled with not only the joyful moments (bright colors) but is also filled with the suffering we have to endure (dark colors). This week I’m left feeling so grateful to be alive and to have the opportunity to make a difference in this world one person at a time. My days are numbered and this brings great conviction because I want to make the most of every moment, I want to make Jesus known as best as I can.

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