Please no- Geopolitical event

Dear God, what has happened to America...

With the craze and crave of the Democrats taking the house, power is rising to take the whole house and over through Trump. Please no, Hillary Clinton just announced her return for running for presidential nominee for 2020. Dear America, we are all doomed…

“in the Wall Street Journal titled "Hillary Will Run Again," by Mark Penn, Clinton's former longtime pollster (1).”

Mark Penn Hillary’s pollster stated that “2016 wasn't about a Trump victory, but a Clinton loss (1).” A defeat that hurt her pride, but now she is wanting revenge she is wanting a ‘comeback’. We are to be noted that Mark Penn is not Clinton’s spokesman, and neither is Andy Stein. The report of CNN writes how they don’t want Hillary to run for office again, and saying how this tactic of revenge will only make things worst. “If Clinton runs, many Americans will only see her candidacy as a personal vendetta or quest for redemption, not a move with the best interests of Democrats at heart. So please, Hillary, don't do it. (1).”


Praise God some of the liberals see Hillary running for office is a bad idea, very bad. I’m left reading this article shaking my head when will enough be enough. This example reminds me of a heartbroken ex who keeps trying to win you back, to the point where you need a restraining order. Or like the losing sports team that keeps replaying the offensives and blames the referee. On the flip side, I have heard a prophet prophecy how Hillary Clinton will become a believer in Christ Jesus, I sure hope this prophecy comes true. The political party is one giant mess, pointing fingers are one another - victims. My heart in all of this is respecting my president, I have no idea what its like to have some many opinions and people judging and watching your back 24/7. The wild thing is why does the world care so much about America? Why does the world seem to watch our every step?


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