Grateful - Week 8

This week in the lecture was a short but impactful week. We had our very own staff Recky from Papua new guinea speak on Microbiology. Learning about how bacteria is everywhere and from bacteria, we can produce, grow, and convert bacteria into energy. Using mud, manure, and dirt with coffee grounds we were able to produce energy to power a little light bulb, this experiment reminded me of my science classes in grade school - when science was fun!


Later on, in the week, we covered AI technology - and the way the future is becoming ‘smart’, from using or smartphones to power our smart houses. We’ve moved from fingerprint Identify to face recognization, we are living in a world of location pins turned on and can track your every move via your smartphone. On Tuesday morning we watched a video about how Japan has made a human feature robot, who can respond with human interaction. Super crazy to think we are living in a day and age like today. How far will man go? and how far is too far? My opinion about the whole AI technology is a little over my head because I’m guilty using fingerprint technology and location notification on. My take is to no fear about the further, for tomorrow has enough worries as Jesus promises us.

On Wednesday we headed to Waimea for a class field trip to help herd sheep. The wide open green field reminded me of my childhood in Oregon, every summer for 3 years I would go to my uncle farm and would ride horses, swim in the duck pond, mine fools gold, and be a child with a giant imagination. Before herding the sheep we held the baby lambs, what a tender moment. I can see why Jesus referees to us, and himself like sheep. My heart this week has been so grateful for the life I’m living, and the people the Lord has placed in my life. This week was one of shalom and resting - childlessness and having time to celebrate life. Just like the precious little lamb a beautiful example of tenderness, mercy, and grace.