Safe - Week 9

Danger ⟶ Fear ⟶ Control

This week has been transformative, I got an image of boxes being removed in order for the slate to be cleared. The first three days of the week, Skye Jethani a well-known author and the speaker came and broke-down theological views for human flourishing. The week started off with the question; why are so many people abandoning religion?

“The God of the universe doesn’t need us, He wants us.”

“The God of the universe doesn’t need us, He wants us.”

Religion has promised fulfillment and religion has promised the key to life. Skye brings the point up how the world and religion aren’t much different and how the cycle is the same. When it comes to humanity, humans face the same problems and questions. Who am I? What’s my purpose? and why? Our innocents and shalom was lost in the fall and now we fall under the cycle of danger, fear, and control. “Religion is an attempt to control the world - to control one's self, community, and family,” Skye added onto the cycle of three different relationship/views we have within the church: Life under God, Life for God, and Life with God. All revolving around breaking the idea of religion over Christianity and adding shalom back into our relationship with God. Which leads to why are we here?

We are created to be in a relationship with God, to be in commune with Him, and secondly, we are here to work. Which leads into vocation/callings for life. This topic in the week revealed so much truth into my life because I should see myself identifying with my specific calling as more of a priority.

  1. Our highest calling is God.

  2. We have a common calling - scripture.

  3. Then our own specific calling - lead by the Holy Spirit.

I have seen myself jump to my specific calling, and start to lean on my Identity in what I do, not who I am. At the end of the day God doesn’t need us, He wants us. The question then is left what do I want? and if I can’t see Jesus clearly, then what needs to be taken away? and what needs to be added. Life is a broken place where we find suffering and pain, Jesus never promised a perfect world - He promised himself - He promised the Kingdom of Heaven is here. The solution is we have a safe place, our safe place starts with the surrender of control. When we surrender we are free and where freedom is faith is restored. My safe place starts in the surrender and embraces the love of the Father knowing his love for me can never be separated.