Selfishness - Geopolitical Event

Exchange of life for $1.4 million Australian dollars. 

Legal history has been made for the country of Australia, as a man told his wife to commit suicide in order for him to inherit $1.4 million Australian dollars from her life insurance. Graham Morant has been sentenced to 10 years after the evidence came to the light. Jennifer Morant was reported with suffering from chronic pain, anxiety, and depression resulting in her having three life insurance policies worth around $1 million US Dollars. According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, “Graham Robert Morant of Queensland persuaded his 56-year-old wife, Jennifer Morant, to kill herself in her car on Nov. 30, 2014. He reportedly drove her to a hardware store to buy the supplies she needed to do so.” (1)

“You took advantage of her vulnerability as a sick and depressed woman,” Judge Peter Davis said during the sentencing. “You counseled your wife to kill herself because you wanted to get your hands on the $1.4 million.”

Later mentioned in the article Graham is mentioned to have shown no remorse for the death, he helped caused over his wife. I can see the scene played out in my head, as Graham manipulated the death of his own wife in order to help him financially. This sickness my heart to see how a person can devalue one's life, for wealth. This event is a big overall picture of how sick the human heart can be, one word selfish. Selfishness leads to such destruction and wreaks havoc in the mind, body, soul, heart, and mind. The question I ask is what is absolute in this person's life? What went so wrong for this thought and action to occur. Where is one's value, where and what is the heart set on? I see the worldview of postmodernism in this case, anything goes blurred lines. When we have this type of outlook on life, the rule of law gets blurred on many subjects due to no absolute truth. The world will continue to be chaos if we discount the truth if we continue to take God out of our nation, culture, and communities. He is the absolute truth.


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