Absolute - Week 6

"There is no pure worldview." 

Week 6 and my worldview has been expanding. Derek Kirbow our teacher from this week a fellow ywamer, who has a Masters degree in International Relations and Comparative Politics and then his Ph.D. in International Development where he majored in Food and Water Security and minored in Community Development. Two words to narrow down his studies and focus: Social Science. Derek started the week with listing 4 questions of a worldview: ontology, axiology, epistemology, and teleology. Which later helped to understand the big WHY aspect each human being asks.

↓ B R E A K  D O W N ↓


Ontology: Questions asked about the nature of reality, existence, and being.

Axiology: The study of value, ethics, beauty, and essentially our understanding of right and wrong.

Epistemology: Questions of the ‘why’ knowledge and aspects of how we know a certain thing to be true. Compassing belief, whether we can truly ever ‘know’ things to be true and whether truth in and of itself exists.

Teleology: Asking the purpose and meaning. Concerned with actions pertaining to necessary and sufficient conditions.

The 4 basic worldview question help to understand the scientific worldview impact on our world: Naturalism, Pantheism, Postmodernism, Polytheism, and Theism. Anything ending in ism = humanistic views, humans as the center of each point. Here are a few points from this week.

  • There is a difference between understanding and agreeing.
  • “Don’t let your feelings trump truth.”
  • Live a life of the extraordinary - not the ordinary.
  • If we are truly seeking something, we need to ask questions. 
  • Community Development 
    • FEWS: food, energy, water/sanitation, shelter. 
    • SWOT: strength, weaknesses, opportunities, threats. 

As you can see this week was drinking from a fire hose, sorta kidding. I have so much to process and break down. The aha - moment for me this week was learning about an ‘absolute’, the deciding factor of right and wrong. For me, my absolute is a person, Jesus Christ. In this day and age of postmodernism we as the people have formed our absolute into what we feel. My generation z is the generation of ‘If I feel like it,’ rather than the previous generation x which was a movement of ‘I think’. I’m so grateful to be taking this class, it helps me to understand my view of the world differently, and how to better understand one another. This week I practiced hospitality and went out of my way to comfort a friends spiritual and physical needs, not only did she thank me for this time but my heart thanked me as well. Stoping for the one and taking time to listen are two big elements that help me to be, who I am. It’s moments like this I cherish.

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