Book Ends - Week 10

"Behold, I am making all things new." 
“Behold, I am making all new things.”

Amy Sherman started the teaching with a solid statement: What is God’s mission in the world? As the class interacted many answers filled the whiteboard from His purpose is for relationship/intimacy to other answers such as restoring the earth and all of humanity. Amy then adds how most theology and belief of the world starts with Genesis 3; the fall of mankind and ends with Revelation 20; judgment upon the earth. This is the wrong type of theology there's a reason why the Bible starts with Genesis 1 and ends with Revelation 22.

The book ends in life- Our world starts with Genesis 1; creation and ends in Revelation 22; consummation. If we don’t understand the books ends we won’t understand our vocational callings. In our Christian context what is needed to be understood is that the bible breaks into 4 main themes.

  1. Creation

    1. the creation story tells us all is a gift.

    2. in the garden, man was made to work.

  2. The Fall

    1. the breaking of God’s shalom.

    2. the human body is no longer immortal

    3. work is now toil, not a delight.

  3. Redemption

    1. the kingdom of God is NOW!

    2. we are now called to a holistic work.

  4. Consummation - Restoration

    1. to look forward to the resurrection of the dead and the life of the world to come.

    2. behold, I am making all things new.

The 4 main topics of the bible are so important, we are to delight in the gift of the world - creation, yes man has fallen short to the glory of God but yet Jesus made the way to reconcile us to the Father. From this Jesus gave his life for the sake of humanity and rose again - "We look forward to the resurrection of the dead and the life of the world to come.” - Nicene Creed

Amy shed a lot of light into my vocational calling, with one example. The pink spoon theory from Baskin and Robbins. When you arrive at the ice cream store they give you a pink spoon to TRY the different flavors, our vocation in life starts with trying different things - different careers paths to see which is best fitted. Mankind was created for greatness - how will be testing to greatness potential unless we step out in faith? Last week I my head was spinning and I started lamenting towards God out loud - God are you real? the resurrection story seems too good to be true.. question after question. I suddenly hear God; go outside and look underneath the starts as I do I start to let go - and just be in that moment of silence, beauty, and wonder. As I start to look up I beautiful moment of surrender and repentance - in a moment I see the galaxies swallow me up and just like that the dots connect. The divine dance was meant for me in the questioning of my vocation “wherever you go in the world just look up - I will connect the dots in the sky for you wherever you go.