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Headline news has traveled to the river shores of the banks of the Ganges river. This river is well known as the ‘Holy River’. On Sunday morning a woman’s dignity was taken from her as two men raped, violated and abused this woman, during her time bathing in the river. And the men used a cell phone to film the crime.

Times of India reports “Police said on Wednesday the mobile phone used to film the alleged assault had been seized and would be sent to forensic laboratory for analysis.” After the offensive, the Indian woman tried to make a claim but was turned away from a local police station. The report was then picked up by the police as the video became viral, Tuesday afternoon.

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Thoughts run through my mind.

  • Is this woman heard?

  • When will we be treated as equals?

  • Are we safe?

  • How can justice be served?

Pure corruption is the theme I see over this world news event. I recently read that a woman in India is raped every 13 minutes and other stats of sexual assault are unreported. My heart goes out for justice to be served. Why is it that this crime is noticed only when the online video goes viral. Why is it that the general audience has to make a dispute for the this woman’s case to be seen. When will you and I be treated as equals? Honestly the world we live in isn’t safe, but then again has the world ever been ‘safe’?

The matter of the cause is, how is India defining what Truth is. Does truth have a name, does it have multiple names? The pain and sorrow will continue if morals are taken out of the picture. If Jesus Christ isn’t defined as the truth, then the foundations of the world will keep crumbling. Here’s for you and I to be the salt and light.

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