Paving the Road - KJB Documentary

The most accurate bible so far...
— KJB: The book that changed the world

Overview: This film is based on the Bible, the King James version. This version of this bible is the history of the bible we have today. King James tragic events as a child are what I believe compelled him to have a real relationship with God. As a child James was locked in his own castle family removed from him and had zero friends. Leaving James to cling to his religion, study, and his interaction with his teacher. As a child, James would often see the tragic events of death, and the fall of mankind. I believe something inside James grew, justice. As the Queen on England died the throne was left to King James of Scotland and now England. One man and two powerful nations were under his feet. With the heart of God in his heart, James made many changes in the church. Which resulted in the birth of a new version of the bible. One to be in the hands of the public, no longer just for the priest and pope. Together with 57 scholars over the course of 7 years, the King James Bible was formed.

Worldview: This film brings two main religions together; Christianity + Catholicism. King James manages to bring 57 different scholars - meaning 57 different theologians and viewpoints all to agree and be unified for this project. Not to serve one audience and one theology but a combination. For all mankind to have a copy of the bible. My observation is that James as a child had a different worldview, seeing the pain and disaster of mankind did something deep to James. He saw a need for change as a child and made a change of reality as an adult.

Impact: If It wasn’t for the Lord to appoint King James, who knows if we’d have the Bible today in our household. The KJB paved the way for all the different versions and abbreviations. King James changed and paved the road much like Alexander the Great. James paved the road for the growth and continuation of the Christian religion.

Conclusion/Take Away: This film was very engaging and had a great story. I’m a lover of history and I love stories that shape history. Tonight was one of those films. Honestly, I knew nothing about King James life until this movie. I now can pick up my ESV bible today, and think of the founder father James and thank him. If It wasn’t for his love of God, and his heart for unity I wouldn’t have the bible today. God has a master plan and when kings, princes, and leaders acknowledge him we all get blessed in return. Tonight I feel a stir that one person can truly change this world we live in. One dream can be one's reality.

*All photographs are mine - unless stated*