Assisted Suicide - Current Event

Euthanasia coming to the state of aloha.

You heard right, the 50th state of Hawaii in one years time will be offering assistant suicide. The request for assisted suicide has been requested from patients who are terminally ill. Shocking right? This will make the State of Hawaii the 6th state to legalize assistant suicide.

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reports state Department of Health officials say they are working to establish a process that assures “patients and their family members fully understand” alternative options.

The method first, is to request the order of death. Secondly a waiting in between the request of 20 days, then thirdly sigh a request order of death witnessed by two people. “According to Hawaii Medical Association Executive Director Chris Flanders says most doctors seem reluctant to participate.” The law will be in effect starting the first of the new year.

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Life and death, happening right here in the state of Hawai’i. This topic we are learning about in class, is a current event happening now… The state of Hawaii along with 5 other states have assisted suicide including: Colorado, District of Columbia, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington. My heart is sickened to see my two home states to have legalized euthanasia, my heart is troubled to know Oregon and now soon Hawaii is guilt and is now covered in blood - murder. We are allowing for people to commit suicide, after reading more about euthanasia in Oregon I came across this requirement…

To request a prescription for lethal medications, the Death with Dignity Act requires that a patient voluntarily express his wish to die and be:

1. an adult (age 18 or older),

2. an Oregon resident,

3. capable (able to make and communicate health care decisions), and

4. diagnosed with a terminal illness (incurable and irreversible) that will lead to death within six months.

My thought on this is so wrong, I believe death should be a natural organic way. Yes I know suffering is real but I believe there is always another solution, and another option should be added. This issues is much like abortion life is life, and life is valuable. Like the Old testament life is in the blood.


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Hurricane Michael- Current Event

"This has been the worst nightmare I've ever been through in my life…”

Headline news has been reporting on the terrible tragedy of Hurricane Michael, a hurricane that hit the coastal cities of Florida and flooded nearby states. The state of Florida took a beating leaving many people without homes, businesses/jobs. A real loss to the people in Florida. Current news reports “More than 1 million customers were left without electricity, and emergency officials have no access to many towns. The US death toll has risen to at least 17 -- including five in Virginia and eight in Florida -- and it's expected to climb.” (CNN).

My heart goes out to all the people, that have been affected. On Instagram I had a friend asking for prayer for this tragedy, I personally messaged my friend and sure enough, her best friend in Florida lost her house cars and everything. What I can see is during a painful tragedy such as this, there is hope, and this hope rises within communities. When communities come together and become united is when the helpful process will begin. I believe it’s not only the churches role, or different organizations to help but truly it’s everyone's job. My view is that each one of us is called to serve one another and to take care of our cites. After reading this article, many other articles came up about helping this cause, organizations such as the red cross and other’s ways to help volunteer. We the people need each other, We the people need the people, for all different areas for human flourishing in order to rebuild a city.

If you are interested in reading more or wanting a way to help click this link to see how:



When helping hurts - Poverty Inc Documentary

No one wants to be a begger for life...

Overview: A look at the help of aid for developing countries, such as Africa. This film touches on when helping hurts when dealing with poverty, and countries living in poverty. Poverty Inc interviews people who have personally been affected by NGO’s and other movements to end poverty now, but only resulting in the free handouts the loss of jobs. Resulting in the same solution, leaving people to continue to live in poverty instead of prosperity.


Worldview: Our re-action needs to meet an action, but the right cause. This film brings up how we can’t look at people (in poverty) as months to feed, and bodies to clothe but rather as a creative human being made in God’s image (Imago Dei). The answer I am left with is how do we view people either impoverished as victims? or as brothers and sisters all apart of the same family.

Impact: This film makes you think about ownership, stewardship, and wisdom. When helping impoverished countries, or getting involved with NGO’s (Nonprofit organization’s), the problem is to rethink how we can help the poor. Rather than relying on the temporary help of AID and transitioning into long-term growth, such as loans for small business owners and/or help with the property rights for homeowners. This film helps to rethink ideas on how to help people in poverty.

Conclusion: Hearing the word poverty brings a negative and sad emotion, similar to the word slavery or prostitute. My worldview in the past has seen these people as less than fortunate, and in the past, I’ve been guilty to quickly want to re-act on helping the ‘need’ the aid. This topic and movie have opened my eyes to seek justice and compassion in the ways of honoring people and using wisdom, meekness, and discernment to truly help people in poverty. My take-way/application is directed towards us the people of the church and how we have a lot of learn, but the foundation is seeking people how God sees them: unique, capable, creative, and talented and from this we are loving our neighbor.

Justice + the Arts - Week 2

We are called to move towards brokenness

This week has been refreshing for the soul, new revelation, conviction, conformation, and to top it off countless rainbows. The promise’s of God a theme to keep remembering. The one word I would use, to sum up, this week is shalom.

Flourishing in all of creation as God, humans and rest of creation live in harmony, resulting in wholeness, justice, and delight. This is the meaning of shalom. When we don’t follow to rest in the Lord’s shalom when we fail to use our own might and power for the world this results in injustice.


For half the week we had Kristen Deede Johnson - Professor of Theology and Christian Formation (Western Theological Seminary), come in and speak on justice through a Biblical worldview. Now when you think of justice what comes to mind? or the word righteousness? Maybe you would answer a superhero like Superman or say something like making a stand for freedom. When I heard of justice, my reaction would be fighting for a cause - women’s rights, etc. The past three days Kirsten broke down the simplicity of justice from creation to the great commission. The Greek word dikaiosyné: is a break down for justice, righteousness, justification, and justify. You can’t have justice without righteousness, and justification - “You can’t have justice without Christ.”

I’m shook from this week here are a few bullet points and quotes that grabbed my attention.

  • Hesed: a Greek word for steadfast love, mercy, loving-kindness, love in action, faithfulness. We see this Greek word hesed used in Miah 6:8.

  • “We are created to steward the world and steward cultures.”

  • “Questioning is a big part of our faith.”

  • Shalom - Sabbath: Co-dependent of God + his provision.

  • Kingdom calling - a Holy city coming down.

Seek the shalom of the city, as part of the great commission as Christians we are called to take care of the city. When hearing the word city automatically I get overwhelmed by the idea, but what if I told you to seek the welfare of the city means to love the one… (Jeremiah 29:7)

Human flourishing starts with stopping for the one, pouring into the one. My take away from this week is asking God where is the gap in society, and how can I respond to this gap. This is justice - being a voice right here, right now and using the tools God has given us to make a difference in the world.

“Your vocation is where your calling is your deepest joy meets the world’s hunger.”

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Locked in - 13th Movie




By this title, I’m sure you are interested in what this blog post is about. This my review on the Netflix original documentary: 13TH named after the 13th amendment in our constitution of the United States of America which states: “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.” This amendment is a foundation for the ending of slavery in the United States of America, signed agreed and dated December 6, 1865.


Overview: This documentary is about the DNA of slavery in American culture and how the past still affects the present day in the African Americans, and Latino lives. This shocking film has made me become aware of my country, and the issues we’ve had to overcome, and still overcoming. Resulting in the number of inmates we have in jail, links to the history of racism from slavery in the 1800s hints the name of the movie 13.

Worldview: In light of this movie I know the director wanted to convey a message to stir up issues and sadly about the whole ‘cops are pigs’ and the whole black lives matter and even jarring marks on President Trump's racist comments. Making this film another move of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ Movement. Yes, the video is a powerful tool of communication but if we think about the film, for the why aspect we need to think of questions like what is the message of the film, who is the target audience, and what is the response? A point to be made is this movie 13th is a Netflix original documentary.. meaning the target audience for the brand name ‘A Netflix original film’ is directed for an age group between 18-49 years old and mostly liberals. One-sided opinions I think y e s.

Impact/Conclusion: Every emotion has been evoked while watching this film; anger, frustration, and broken heartedness. The impact this film has is very powerful as it strums a cord in the human heart. Media is a powerful tool to transform a society in order for a movement to keep running. Where do Christian’s play in this part, in the lamenting of our prayers to come together as the body of Christ and to love the one in front of us. To see the wonder and beauty of each person, as we all are made in the image of Christ. A masterpiece that is priceless, priceless is how the Father sees us. Our worth has already been paid by the one who costed everything, Jesus.


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She's Back - Geopolitical Event

Posted earlier today the headline news reads: “You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about,” Clinton said.

Hillary Clinton is interviewed about the whole Kavanaugh issues, as of most of America and most of the world are watching to see who is ‘right’. Who is heard, which side will win? Democrats clearly look to Hillary for answers as she was who was about to be in office as president of the United States. Hillary is now in ‘headlines’ again due to bringing up old news to prove points.

Why bring up old news, and pointing of fingers? this is because the Republicans are in the House and the Senate, for our country. Meaning Republicans are the ones making the moral decisions for the United States of America. The Dems are furious as they “cannot be civil’ with the Republican party anymore. Unfair this reminds me of a losing team who keeps fussing saying; we were only one point away! Not to get into politics saying who is right and who is wrong, I instead am disappointed by my own country.


We stood up for what's right instead of being divided by our own people. It was about the people, as the Declaration of Independence states: “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

What happened to my country? Watch this video below to see why ‘America isn’t the greatest country in the world anymore’…Where is the thin line? Where is the foundation?

My lamenting prayer for this country is 2 Chronicles 7:14. “If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” Justice can only be served with belief, trust, faith, and hope as the foundation. Father, I cry on behalf of my country, one nation under God.


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Who is the Victim? - Geopolitical Event

“Newly released video shows Bill Clinton with Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office in 1997…”

This headline brought attention to me and right away, I knew who the press were targeting, Kavanaugh. The victim mentality is on repeat throughout history. Reading this article started to boil my blood and at the same time make me want to laugh. Pointing fingers at each other because no one wants to own up, no one wants to take the responsibility.

Back in 1997, Bill Clinton was impeached for lying for having an affair, with Monica Lewinsky. Making president Clinton, no longer in office. The press today is trying to make a point about Kavanaugh for accusing him of having sexual relations more than three decades ago, as a woman has come forth stating: “I thought he might inadvertently kill me,” the newspaper quoted her as saying. “He was trying to attack me and remove my clothing.”


Kavanaugh is a Judge, a nominee for the Supreme Court for President Trump, and has denied this offense. Judge Kavanaugh is not guilty of this - he is innocent, Kavanaugh has even kept a journal of his life, keeping records of many events. Waking up this morning my after my mom and I was discussing this case, flipping through Facebook my mom reads from Representative Sal Esquivel of the state of Oregon, “Well what a surprise, Kavanaugh’s background check come back with nothing more than was brought out in the hearing. Now the Dems are saying it is not a indepth check. You do know if Kavanaugh walked on water, the Dems would say “look he can’t swim” Move the goal posts again !! LOL.”

Screen Shot 2018-10-06 at 10.14.43 AM.png

Much like we are reading in ‘The Reasons of God’ people of good faith, people who are Christians are persecuted, much like the start of the early church in the book of Acts. Good vs Bad. As Christian’s with good morals the opposite party wants to find wrong in us, and like the rest of the world, there is much ‘wrong’ much sin in each of our lives. Not to sound negative but I believe the trusted sources of News will always be biased. Ending I believe Kavanaugh is innocent but much like President Trump tweeted when is enough, enough?

Growth - Week 1

Wherever there’s light there’s growth...

This revelation occurred to me while praying for Mama Jo. Wherever there’s light there’s growth. In order for growth to start, we must find the light, we must soak our souls and be opened to receive light - receive life in order to grow deeper. Through the next 12 weeks my heart, mind, and soul will be tested... Scroll down to read how my first week shook me.

When you hear the term ‘Worldview’ what comes to mind? life, culture, philosophy. The big questions of life like what is the truth, what is of value, what is my purpose, How do I know, that I know. The world has a very abstract view on this term worldview.


Endless notes and many moments of my brain trying to store so much information…. So here is what stood out to me this week. Monday morning was started off with a Ted talk of how Language shapes our worldview, this video opened my mind up to how narrow-minded I (we) can be. For what we know about the human mind is mostly shaped by English speaking doctors. Watching this video had a great effect on me and was a wonderful way to transition into Worldview 1.0. For the remaining week, we had Emmanuel Entee, via skype a former missionary with YWAM since 1993, His nationality is Ghana & the UK.

Emmanuel opened up the start of creation and let there be light. How light is the beginning of life and we as humans are to walk in light - transparency? Then Emmanuel defines his take of worldview:

  1. Getting to the heart of the way a person sees life.

  2. It’s more than an interpretive lens; it shapes, influences, and directs a person life

  3. Guides, thoughts, attitude, actions, and decisions.

After defining or trying to define worldview, we dig a little deeper. “Turn to your neighbor and discuss what culture means to you, how has culture shaped your worldview?” As a white, Christian, American this already speaks for itself. Have you stereotyped me, because I’ve stereotyped myself… Back to what I was saying my culture views the world in a different prism of light, I view the world as everyone should speak ‘English’ I have viewed the world that everyone should be treated as an equal and I can go on. I have learned quickly to flip from stereotyping people to being understanding of others, breaking habits of culture, and also being understanding to myself.

Through all the messy thoughts and ideas one thing I’m reminded of, The Unchanging Nature of God. How cool is it that the Creator God creates the creator and gives the creator abilities to create. We serve a God who never changes, ever.

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Am I heard? - Current Event

Headline news has traveled to the river shores of the banks of the Ganges river. This river is well known as the ‘Holy River’. On Sunday morning a woman’s dignity was taken from her as two men raped, violated and abused this woman, during her time bathing in the river. And the men used a cell phone to film the crime.

Times of India reports “Police said on Wednesday the mobile phone used to film the alleged assault had been seized and would be sent to forensic laboratory for analysis.” After the offensive, the Indian woman tried to make a claim but was turned away from a local police station. The report was then picked up by the police as the video became viral, Tuesday afternoon.

HNM Photography

Thoughts run through my mind.

  • Is this woman heard?

  • When will we be treated as equals?

  • Are we safe?

  • How can justice be served?

Pure corruption is the theme I see over this world news event. I recently read that a woman in India is raped every 13 minutes and other stats of sexual assault are unreported. My heart goes out for justice to be served. Why is it that this crime is noticed only when the online video goes viral. Why is it that the general audience has to make a dispute for the this woman’s case to be seen. When will you and I be treated as equals? Honestly the world we live in isn’t safe, but then again has the world ever been ‘safe’?

The matter of the cause is, how is India defining what Truth is. Does truth have a name, does it have multiple names? The pain and sorrow will continue if morals are taken out of the picture. If Jesus Christ isn’t defined as the truth, then the foundations of the world will keep crumbling. Here’s for you and I to be the salt and light.

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Paving the Road - KJB Documentary

The most accurate bible so far...
— KJB: The book that changed the world

Overview: This film is based on the Bible, the King James version. This version of this bible is the history of the bible we have today. King James tragic events as a child are what I believe compelled him to have a real relationship with God. As a child James was locked in his own castle family removed from him and had zero friends. Leaving James to cling to his religion, study, and his interaction with his teacher. As a child, James would often see the tragic events of death, and the fall of mankind. I believe something inside James grew, justice. As the Queen on England died the throne was left to King James of Scotland and now England. One man and two powerful nations were under his feet. With the heart of God in his heart, James made many changes in the church. Which resulted in the birth of a new version of the bible. One to be in the hands of the public, no longer just for the priest and pope. Together with 57 scholars over the course of 7 years, the King James Bible was formed.

Worldview: This film brings two main religions together; Christianity + Catholicism. King James manages to bring 57 different scholars - meaning 57 different theologians and viewpoints all to agree and be unified for this project. Not to serve one audience and one theology but a combination. For all mankind to have a copy of the bible. My observation is that James as a child had a different worldview, seeing the pain and disaster of mankind did something deep to James. He saw a need for change as a child and made a change of reality as an adult.

Impact: If It wasn’t for the Lord to appoint King James, who knows if we’d have the Bible today in our household. The KJB paved the way for all the different versions and abbreviations. King James changed and paved the road much like Alexander the Great. James paved the road for the growth and continuation of the Christian religion.

Conclusion/Take Away: This film was very engaging and had a great story. I’m a lover of history and I love stories that shape history. Tonight was one of those films. Honestly, I knew nothing about King James life until this movie. I now can pick up my ESV bible today, and think of the founder father James and thank him. If It wasn’t for his love of God, and his heart for unity I wouldn’t have the bible today. God has a master plan and when kings, princes, and leaders acknowledge him we all get blessed in return. Tonight I feel a stir that one person can truly change this world we live in. One dream can be one's reality.

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