It starts with communication - dialog - conversation - body language. 
A reflection of one's soul, longing for connection but how? 
Maybe the question isn’t how.. but who.  

I don’t know about you - but for me I find myself thinking and drifting in and out of life’s deep, dark, questions of humanity. It doesn’t help with media blasting which political party is ‘correct’ or has the solution for the truth of humanity. If I incline my ear and tune my attention towards the things of this world, I find myself feeling suffocated.


Sometimes I allow my life to return to a black and white movie - dull, lacking color, and mundane. This life of mine becomes repetitive as the days count to weeks often feeling lethargic, and slowly I feel the pain radiate throughout my body with the diagnose of ‘bitterness’. My heart of flesh is slowly hardening into stone…

How do I escape? When does this movie end - where is the color?

The colors sing with the melody of life and suddenly I see, our eyes lock and I feel the pain leaving and purpose returning with the whisper of relationship. I am called into a relationship with the divine artist - and when I find my life with the giver of life my world becomes full of color. This melody of life has a name in which every knee shall bow, and every tongue declares that He is Lord - Jesus. I wanted to share song lyrics with you - that helped me write this piece.

“This is my awakening
I'm never going back to sleep
How could I after what I've seen
This is my awakening
There's color now in everything
Color now in everything” -Amanda Cook

6 hours

Running on zero sleeping - pushing to the point of exhaustion - is where breakthrough happens. 

3 am the alarm goes off, my eyes already laid awake. With bags packed we headed to the boat dock the cutest tug boat awaited our journey. We drifted in the depth of the night with a handheld light to lead us. Hammocks hung as we drifted in and out of sleep - the sun started to rise and I jumped to my feet to watch the morning unfold “into the unknown we go.” My eyes lit up with the scenery set before me as if I was a child again. Truly I am dreaming.


After 6 hours we arrived at the community of Camaianim. Bright colored house lined each side of the river with the houses built on stilts, the only walkway is between the houses made out of worn out wood. In other words very dangerous, for all. When we arrived we were grumpy, tried, and hungry. Isabela headed to hear if we could go to the school and film a few interviews. With sudden notice, we had to pack our things and take the school boat and prepare for the whole day to film. In my flesh, I was grumpy, tired, and hungry but in my spirit I knew this is why we came, to bring justice with the tool of communication. Batteries packed, camera around our necks we walked on the narrow path to film Jadilene going to school. In a flash of a moment the floor broke beneath my feet with camera in hand I reached up to save my camera. Praise the Lord myself, and the camera was fine. As I was lifted out my whole body was shaking with adrenaline.


As the boat arrived we headed towards the school which happened be an hour commute, looking around we noticed the boat had zero life jackets and the boy operating the boat looked to be 17 years of age. When we arrived the principal of the school approved of us interviewing a few of the teachers, we ended up having 3 interviews in the amount of 3-4 hours. As the school bell rang to end the school day we were relieved. Looking back I’m shocked we were able to accomplish this task, I now can see it was the Lord's strength holding Isabela, Thiago, and myself.


The story I shared is just one of the examples we’ve had in the river communities, facing the completion of this project has come with many struggles and challenges. I know me coming to Brazil is waging war in the supernatural - the work of justice will always be a fight and something to not take lightly. During the struggles God has proven himself as the protector over and over again.

I feel your prayers my family and friends, and I’m forever grateful for you waging war with me. Our lives are not our own, we were bought with a price I’m forever grateful for the hope and grace we have in Jesus. My eyes have seen the amounts of suffering people have to face here in the North, it troubles me to the point I can’t look away more.

“Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” - Matthew 25:40 

Testimony Time: On our way back from the river community the boat started to have battery issues, in this small time frame we saw pink dolphins from the distance. I was so grateful and earlier I called out “today we are going to see pink dolphins.” Lord, you are so good to me!


Dearly beloved, incline your ear to me.
I know you feel alone, I know you feel weak. 
Just take a moment to breathe… 
Inhale a name for me, 
Exhale what you need from me. 
Abba, hold me.
Abba, restore me. 
Abba, fill me. 
Moment by moment I see you. 
Do you trust me?
I call you my chosen, 
You are my dance of divine.
Forever I will choose you. 
Forever you will be my beloved.                     

I hear him call me, the beloved. Am I willing to accept the invitation as a guest or.. the lovely bride. As I look down at my ring I’ve realized all along I’ve been “the beloved’s, beloved.” Do you know that you are the Lord’s beloved? the very word beloved comes from the Greek word “agapetos”. Agapetos is used to describe a very special relationship between each other and often would refer to an only child connecting with his parents. Abba longs for deep connection with his children, this is how Abba Father feels when he looks into the eyes of His son, Jesus. Not only with Jesus but you and I., He wants to connect with us, not only connect but go deep. I’ve been wearing my promise ring that I bought in old town, Jerusalem (for about a year now) - and written in Hebrew is the verse in song of songs “I am my beloveds, and my beloveds is mine.” Every day is a reminder of who I belong too, who I connect with, and who I love.

Two thousand & eighteen

2018: A year for dreams to become a reality. 

Reflecting back on this year, my heart is filled with gratitude. The word for this year is expansion, expansion over my mind, body. This year I was faced with testing my theology and was able together to break down theological boxes and make room for a “clean slate”. This clean slate representing freedom - understand - and humility for the sake of humanity.

Last year I started the New Years by finishing my application for completion of my studies with University of the Nations - and now a year later I have completed my associates of arts in the field of communication. I am so thankful to have finished this journey and even more thankful for the friendships I’ve made along the way, my life is rich from the friends I’ve made - Jesus I am thankful, lets embark on this new year together.

Here’s my 2018 put to memories.
Reflecting Light.jpg
The Jungle_.jpg
Lava crew_.jpg
Adventure vehicles.jpg
Keahou Sunset.jpg
Andreia, Daisy, and I_.jpg
Team B&W.jpg
Hilton - Red Dress_.jpg
On the road to Hana -Fruit Stand_.jpg
Joyful laughter.jpg
Adopt an artist.jpg
Rooftop sunset_.jpg
Sunrise over Kotor.jpg
View of the Acropolis.jpg
Aqua views_.jpg
capri blog size.jpg
Secret beach blog size.jpg
Desert Sky Blog Size.jpg
Cheers to 2019!


Legacy, inheritance, property, and birthright, are words that come to my mind when I hear the word 'Heritage'. For the past few months, I've received a revelation of what my heritage means to me. It started with linking the past of my ancestors to the future me. 

My Heritage is rich, and one that links to the birth of the technology we have today. Most of you have heard of the 'Morse Code', The Morse Code was the first long-distance form of communication, making it the first way to receive and send telegraphs. Samuel FB Morse is my 8th great Uncle who invented the telegraph which assigns a set of dots and dashes to each letter of the English alphabet to transmit messages. 

When I first received a revelation of my lineage, I was spending time with Jesus, and the father spoke a word over me, 'Communication'. Reflecting on this word, I asked the Holy Spirit on how communication related to me, In a moment I saw a flash of electricity running horizontally and vertically, resembling a cross. I then heard Jesus speak because of your ancestors you have been blessed. I opened my eyes and suddenly I knew what Jesus was referring to, I come from generation after generation of Christians. 

Three years later, I start to see the effect Samuel fb Morse has left. A few months ago I started researching Samuel Morse's life, in great shock I see myself relating to many of the same hobbies and characteristic traits. Samuel was an artist, and his passion for art moved him to travel aboard learning art history in England. He returns back to his hometown of Boston, Massachusette to set up a studio of his own as a new man. In disappointment Morse's artwork attracted attention but not sales. In search, Samuel ends up moving to New York City. New York City became the birth place of the Morse Code, along with being America's first Art professor at NYU. While being a teacher Samuel would paint portraits in his studio in New York, his creativity didn't end with paint. Samuel was also was a photographer and above his studio was a dark room. During the late hours spent in his studio, he invented the first additions of the Telegraph. 


Learning about my heritage has changed many things in my life. My eyes have been opened to who I am as a 'Morse', more important who I belong to. I am creative because I come from the ultimate creator. I am blessed because the blessing has been extending to me. I have heritage from my ancestor who had a firm foundation in Christ. Samuel FB Morse gave God all the honor, and credit to Jesus. The first message he sent across the telegraphy was. "Look what hath God wrought [made]!" 


Side story: I had the privilege to visit a good friend of mine in N.Y.C, a total Jesus moment - this happened to be the same couple weeks I was geeking out about my relative. I was blessed with a roundtrip ticket to New York, like whatttt I’ve never received such a generous gift. During my last day sight seeing and to my surprise the Father honors me. While walking around Central Park, I happened to check my surroundings on my maps, and sure enough I zoomed in and one block away I see “Samuel F. B. Morse Statue.” To my great shock the Father’s timing is perfect, in that moment the Father wanted to honor me, for serving him. Whoa you guys you and I are created for greatness - You and I are created to change this world. Do you believe it?


Cody + Leah

and then he gave her the ocean; because she didn’t want the moon.

I had the delight in photographing the love between Leah and Cody. Leah and I have been friends since high school, and now I see Leah shine when she's around Cody. You two carry a genuine and authentic kind of love, fueled with passion. My heart for you both is to continue champing each other (especially in each other's giftings/talents) and growing in the area of taking risks in the act of faith. I send my blessings and love for this new chapter in your lives. Now let the festivities begin!



Words - thoughts - and ideas come into my head, and often I write the revelation down. This blog post is one the holy spirit has been hinting to me at. The process came when I dove into the water casting my work week aside to be refreshed. As I dive down I hear the Father speak this phrase to me, weightless - this is who you are. As I get this thought in my head I feel the connection. I was created to be weightless due to the cost Christ paid for. Which results in His endless grace He has for us. The burdens I've placed upon myself end up ripping Jesus from His full reward. When I allow God to fully take captive of my life, I allow the Holy Spirit to move in my life. 

South point - ladder.jpg

What causes weight in my life? As I ponder a daily (reality) struggle of mine is fighting insecurity. This territory is a real issue fighting off the thoughts of others and myself. When I dwell in this state of mind I allow fiery darts of the enemy, feeding me lie after lie. Festering on this issue of insecurity builds up a false identity towards myself. Leaving me isolated concerning my emotions and resulting in self-condemnation. I often try to live up to the success of my good deeds without realizing it. Leaving my faith to be religious, dry, and dull. 

Where are the lies coming from and where is this root issue. To my discovery, I've let my worldview dictate my worth, value, and beauty. From the outside looking in I don't have everything together, most of the time I create a 'perfect' reality in my head. Filled with endless questions of 'IF I' 

"If I get the perfect job, I'll be successful."

"If I move to another state, I can move towards my goals."

"If I go out on the missions field, then God can use me."


This state of mind is a turning hamster wheel, meaning there's no end to the possibilities. Getting stuck in this momentum is toxic, and hazardous to one's soul. At the end of the day, you and I were created to be weightless. The Father is wanting us to inhale courage, passion, and dreams. In exchange for exhaling fear, self-hatred, and doubt. To trade our yoke for his which easy and light. I find it best when I cast all my trouble upon the Lord I am weightless. I am weightless because Christ has paid the ultimate price.

Reflecting Light

And then God answered: “Write this.
Write what you see.
Write it out in big block letters
so that it can be read on the run.
This vision-message is a witness
pointing to what’s coming.
It aches for the coming—it can hardly wait!
And it doesn’t lie.
If it seems slow in coming, wait.
It’s on its way. It will come right on time.
— Habakkuk 2:2

Do you ever stop and think, that there are worlds within our world. This concept has been a mind-shifter for me. Often I find myself escaping into a world of imagination. Filled with different colors, zero limitations and time. Only currently has this revelation come true. Last month was a struggle for me, crazy right? even living in paradise you can lose inspiration. Even the slightest sin, causes major damage in our lives. Which then causes a distance from God, yourself, and others. What has shifted for me has been a change of heart. 

After spending a weekend camping and enjoying fellowship around me, I was still feeling 'off'. When your heart is in a funk, the rest of your body and soul is affected. While hiking back on the black lava rock I started to make small talk with God. The conversation started like this "Jesus am I a big picture person? or am I small details person." Jesus talking back shows me a magnifying glass. Heather, you see the detail in others you are very observant. Seeing the small details is a good trait but can also be a downfall of judgment. In this case, my heart was sick from realizing uncovered sin, I was dealing with.  

Rather than focusing on the big picture I often notice the little things. This shifted something in my heart, I've been focusing on the little details for the first 4 weeks in the school I'm currently taking. After spending the weekend on the beach, I knew I needed to have soul surgery. I knew I needed a fresh and new perspective on people, and on God's endless grace. 

What put a 'pause' on my creativity was my pride and my lack of acknowledgment of my sin. My prideful self-was blocking my inspiration causing my creativity to suffer. There is nothing worse than being a creative and running dry of ideas, beauty, and joy. Moments like this feel as if you are walking against the current and working harder to achieve less. 

My heart was touched by the holy spirit when he revealed the dark shadows in my heart. The Father's gentleness moved me to repentance and from my repentance, I continued to walk into freedom. Freedom releases the captivity from within while journaling earlier I wrote the words 'BE FREE' with a box around the words, without thinking. While looking back at the words the box around the words was 'blocking' and contradicting what freedom is. 

"Sometimes I feel as if I'm not truly free, truly free as I could be. What is holding me back? my limitations and my flesh. For January 2018 I want to fully be set free, from all things coming in hindrance. This is what I wrote down in my journal. When we ask and yearn in our spirit the Lord listens, hears, and answers. 

Be Free .jpg

A shift had happened in my heart, I started to notice every single person is going through some sort of hell. Life is difficult and full of many trials. The shift of perspective is how I can make a difference in the world. As a creative, I have my camera as my tool to make a difference, to shine and reflect light into areas of darkness. Making a stand to empower people and the potential to shift a culture of transparency and authenticity. I have been questioned about my vision and mission during the week of Joseph Avakian teaching in the area of communicating as a creative in the area of media.

Two words: Reflecting Light

Seeing through a different lens, the Father has shown me that this world is BIG, and so is my imagination. Shifting my perspective I'm able to start dreaming again and having my eyes set on the wonder of God. The wonder of life, and the wonder of my imagination. Little glimpses of joy have made me be like a child again, for example waking up at 6 am and starting the day off by diving into the water, to be refreshed and renewed for the day ahead. Every time my face hits the water, I'm overcome with a giant smile - talk about being child-like. Not only do moments like this renew me, but the act is a declaration between Abba Father and I. Moments like this I feel the peace of God, I feel his shalom over my life. Here's to creating with the creator, discovering the light and reflecting his hope to those around me. 

Tj + Sha

Tj + Sha 


On December 10, of 2017 Tj my cousin, and his sweet bride Sha exchanged wedding vows. Let me tell you, there was not a dry eye to be found, as Tj bent down and gave summer (Sha's daughter) a ring as well. Saying "Not only am I marrying your mom, but you Summer as well." Tearing up behind my camera, I noticed how special the human heart is. I noticed how tender moments can be if we allow God and His spirit to be one with our spirit. Tj you catch yourself a keeper, not only Sha but Summer as well. I know you three will make a wonderful team. Congratulations you guys, I know your marriage will be the greatest adventure yet, filled with laughter and many bumps along the way. 

Always be humble and gentle. Be patient with each other, making allowance for each other’s faults because of your love. Make every effort to keep yourselves united in the Spirit, binding yourselves together with peace. For there is one body and one Spirit, just as you have been called to one glorious hope for the future.
— Ephesians 4
Orton Family Photo's_.jpg



2017 is destined to be a year of new beginnings and breakthrough because we serve a God who is constantly progressing us forward in Him.
— Bill Johnson

Bill Johnson, heard a word from the Lord about twenty-seventeen being a year of breakthrough. I can testify that this year was my greatest breakthrough, which led to some of the best decisions and highlights of this year. For me 2017 has been a year of the unknown, and unexpected. This year has been one of the wildest rides I've been on. From my breakthrough, I was able to make my dreams a reality. 

I want to share some of my personal goals and dreams for 2017

  • Laugh More.
  • Discover more about Jesus. 
  • Travel to other nations, and capture moments.
  • To live to the fullest.
  • Pray for healing, and see it. 
  • Treasure the little things. 
  • Live out of love instead of fear. 

This year I have met some of the most wonderful people, and friends who have impacted my life greatly. Friendship's I will cherish for the rest of my life. The beginning of this year was rough and some of the most painful months of my life. In one flip of a switch, my life had changed for the greater. 

During the school of photography that I attended in Kona, HI (which was the beginning of this year) I was sitting and chatting with my best friend Daisy about traveling and seeing Europe. I was laughing and saying Lord "send me" dreaming away. God saw this passion, this dream in my heart and put my passion into action. Just a few months later this dream became a reality. 

As the end of summer approached, I packed my bags and headed to Switzerland. God opened up an opportunity for me to attend a traveling bible school with youth with a mission. To study the word of God and discover and see the locations and history first hand. Two amazing dreams unfolded at once. For three months I became a traveling gypsy, or more biblically sound a sojourner. 

The things is... I can go on, and on

about the amazing things, God has shown me for this year but Instead, I will let my images create a story for you.

Hanalei Bay Pier
Waimea Canyon
Turk Lirasi.jpg
Egyptian Pound 2-2.jpg
Camel riding -3.jpg
Floating on the Nile_.jpg
Kiss, Kiss.jpg
Fish, Fish_.jpg
Israeli Shekel.jpg
Red Sea.jpg
Western Wall View Point_.jpg
Wailing Wall - Jewish Men_.jpg
Swiss Alps.jpg
Walks in the Forest - Friends.jpg

Without the testings and trials, I wouldn't be the woman that I am today. 2017 has been a year of growth + dreaming BIG. Every single year the Lord outdoes himself. Every year with the Father is greater each coming year. I'm so undone with the faithfulness of Abba Father. God, I thank you for this wild journey you have taken me on. I have been so richly blessed with friendship, laughter, and many memories. I like to say I am the wealthiest person when I'm in the will of the Lord. Again I'm so u n d o n e of HIS faithfulness, I can burst into tears on how good the Father truly is. My heart is full of all the memories, behind these images. 2017 you have been my favorite year! Here's to dreaming even bigger in 2 0 1 8. 

Goodbye 👋🏽 2 0 1 7 

Into the Nations, and Beyond

"From the head to the heart
You take me on a journey
Of letting go
And getting lost in you." 

What do I see: The reflection of myself, smiling the joy which is bubbling up. From my balcony, I see the bay the ocean right at my fingertips. 

What do I hear: The sound of the waves crashing, noisy traffic. The sound of people the sound of life. I hear the background music of Turkish music, from the vintage tv in my 70's hotel room. 

What do I smell: a musty scent, from years of the sea salt staining the walls. Lookout out at the bay, which is right at my fingertips I'm undone from the faithfulness of God. Woah I'm completely blown away by the opportunities he has given me. I'm 25 years old and I'm living the life most pastors don't even get to experience. I'm so undone by the faithfulness of God. Now sit back, and scroll down to experience and relive this journey through my images. 

keep scrolling, just keep scrolling! 

Checked Vatican City and the Sissten Chapel off my list! Vatican City, Italy

Checked Vatican City and the Sissten Chapel off my list! Vatican City, Italy

Night life Roma, Italy

Night life Roma, Italy

Trevi Fountain - "Hey now, Hey now this is what dreams are made of" Roma, Italy

Trevi Fountain - "Hey now, Hey now this is what dreams are made of" Roma, Italy

The past 8 weeks have been one crazy ride. Currently on my sixth bed, in my 5th country. From Switzerland to Italy, Italy to Greece, Greece to Turkey, and Turkey to Egypt. Oh, you guys the Lord has been showing me so many things through his word. Which is so alive and active in my life. 

This experience has been life-changing, I see the word of God so differently now. I can see glimpses of this world, and how History points back to His Story

Made it to the iconic Colosseum! Roma, Italy

Made it to the iconic Colosseum! Roma, Italy

The turning point is, I've always learned the Bible in a spiritual formate, not a historical formate. Yes, the bible is for us and for the word of God to change us. But likes I've mentioned before the bible was written for us, but not written to us. The bible was written for the original readers of the time. Relating and addressing matters such as head coverings, sexual immorality, worship of idols, and the list goes on. What has stuck out to me? 

C O N T E X T - C O N T E X T - C O N T E X T

Yes, Context is very important. To really see the bible as a whole picture that points to one thing, Jesus Christ. A big revelation is that head knowledge is knowing the context and historical background of the Bible. In order to receive the heart knowledge of Jesus Christ. What is needed in order to study the Bible is to have a balance. A balance of heart knowledge, and head knowledge. The word of God is very powerful and uplifting which guides and points us to Jesus Christ. What I've learned is for my heart to never to run dry. Loads of information has been downloaded into me, I have learned so much in the past eight weeks. And now I see the Bible with new eyes, I won't be able to read the bible the same way again. Only to read deeper and deeper into his Word, and understanding. 

The Acropolis of Athens, Greece

The Acropolis of Athens, Greece

Studied the letters of Corinthians in Ancient in Corinth, Greece

Studied the letters of Corinthians in Ancient in Corinth, Greece

Downtown Athens, Greece

Downtown Athens, Greece

Learning - Discovering.

Growing - Delighting

Applying - Becoming

The three words the Lord gave me at the beginning of this school are coming to completion. Discover, Delight, and Becoming. The whole process of this school is learning and learning how to learn. Growing while learning because of the solid truth of scripture and the men God has appointed to carry out his message into the ends of the world (In context this would be into the ends of Spain from Asia Minor and over). While reading and studying I'm seeing and walking where Saint Paul would have walked. Over thousands of years old, the countries I'm in have so much weight of history, which has defined society today.

Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

Grand Bazzar, Istanbul, Turkey

Grand Bazzar, Istanbul, Turkey

Downtown Istanbul 

Downtown Istanbul 

Spice Bazzar, Istanbul, Turkey

Spice Bazzar, Istanbul, Turkey

Stand in front of the Celtic Library, Ancient city of Ephesus, Turkey

Stand in front of the Celtic Library, Ancient city of Ephesus, Turkey

This school would be a waste of time, energy, and money if I don't take what I've learned to heart. For personal application to sync in and completely change my life. Only by the Lord's Holy Spirit can this happen. After studying each book, I ponder and ask the Holy Spirit how I can practically apply this truth, power, and wisdom over my life. Quick to response the Lord comes and shows me how to walk in righteous, courage, and authority.   

A big take away for me is whenever I seek Jesus, whenever I see another side of him. The bigger my responsibly is. My responsibly to carry out the gospel of the good news. To say the Kingdom of God is here. Here on earth, the floodgates of heaven have been opened once Jesus died and was resurrected on the 3rd day. Once the veil was torn, we now have the fullness of Jesus. This is wonderful news to share to the end of the earth. I'm willing to be a vessel for God, for the Holy Spirit to flow through me to speak to whoever. There's a willingness in my heart, that burns to be a torch for my generation. 

I encourage you to take a moment and pause. See what responsibilities has the Lord given you, and in what areas do you walk in authority. Maybe ask God to show you, your strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes our strengths can lead to our weaknesses as well...

Be blessed loved ones, I hope this has posted has encouraged you. If you'd love to hear more about my trip reach out! This post is one out of many. 3 months is a lot to cover in terms of 5 countries and all 66 books of the bible. 



I'm here in Switzerland, enjoying the beautiful scenery all around me. I'm adjusting to my surroundings so much 'newness'. I'm so blessed by the Lord that I'm here, truly It is a dream. How can I explain Switzerland? Green, crisp air, clean, and classy. Here are a few images of the town I'm living in Lausanne, Switzerland. This city is truly charming and something out of a Disney movie. 

Traveling - It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a story
Lausanne Cathedral - Oldtown Lausanne_.jpg
Culture - Old Town Lausanne_.jpg
Oldtown Lausanne_.jpg

As soon as we arrived, all 20 of us in my bible core course, hit the ground running. Learning study methods, history, literature, culture, and theology about the bible. One big key is knowing and addressing that the bible was written to us, not for us. Which is why knowing the context of each book of the bible is valid. This week was slower, and I know next week September 4th (my 25th birthday) is going to be slammed packed with reading, studying and more reading and studying. I almost feel like the apostle Paul encouraging and addressing you that I am well, and thanking you the 'church' for supporting me financially. Noted that the last 3 books I read were 3 letters from Paul while being imprisoned in jail. 

I can't wait to share more with you, and of course more images and revelation of what Jesus is doing. My love and blessings  

Temporary Temple

"Do you not know that you are a temple of God and that the spirit of God dwells in you? If any man destory the temple of God, God will destory him, for the temple of God is holy, and that is what you are." - 1 Corinthians 3:16-17

Everyday life with Jesus means a constant flow of fresh revelation and insight on this journey with Christ. Follow along on my 'footsteps of faith' and read to see how our bodies are a temporary temple here on earth. Unlike my other blog posts, I'm going to tie in physical wellness with spiritual wellness and how the two go hand in hand. 

A bright light idea 'popped' into my head while having quality time with my friend. We were out on the lake in a kayak enjoying the evening and trolling a fishing pole behind us. While paddling across the lake we stirred some issues up. Talking about different insecurities within our physical bodies. While approaching the shore the thought occurred. We have a 'temporary temple' what we say, what we eat affects us. Effects how we function through life.

Paddle Boarding - Lake Shastina_-2.jpg

Lies destroy our temple

Our souls are within us - and yes we can do major damage. Words can either bring life or death to yourself and others. What lies have you been told? Physical appearance is a h u g e issue, with the way social media is you can access anyone or anything. The big issue is, Satan is after our identity. He doesn't want us stepping into our created destiny: Roles as sons + daughter, as mothers, and fathers. To be men and women. 

Off to new adventures.jpg

Ladies the enemy is after our femininity. Questions of "am I not girly enough? , what if I don't like dresses? Question after question about our sexuality. Questions like this can easily turn into lies from the world, lies we were never to question. God has a design for each male and female. A custom design for your life, your lifestyle, and choices. It's time to tell the world to shut up and just be you. Be who God has created y o u to be. Let our testimonies of the past not define who we are today, let the devil know NOT TODAY, because we have over come by the blood of the lamb (Revelation 12:11). It's time to speak life and truth over yourself. Declare God's promises over your life, speak to body parts you've cursed. Ask to be made new. The blood of Jesus cleanses our sin as far as the east is from the west. Call upon the Spirit of Christ to wash you clean. 

Clean Eats

The past month I've decided to go vegetation. Over time I have started cutting meat out of my diet. Simple changes from ground beef tacos to black beans tacos. I started to acquire the taste of veggies and prefer them over meat. God intended us to eat clean, in order to feel good and live healthly. Our temple is a beautiful piece of machinery made to function with clean eating. Straight from the garden not overly processed with corn, starch, wheat, and sugar. I hope this journey of mine encourages you, here's to starting a new season!

Ps. I'm now living in Lausanne, Switzerland taking a bible seminar with Youth with a Mission. I can't wait for all the amazing things God has in store for me. This is such a big dream of mine. Follow along and look through the lens of Jesus as I capture his fingerprints. 


You, me and 10 billion others make up this world. Who are you- what is your story- what do you believe in, and why. Life is full of many questions and answers which lead to more questions. Like existence and purpose. Refill your coffee mug get comfortable and read on how we are 'limitless' 

Every single day is a battle, worth fighting with love. The weapon to fight with is an abundance of joy. Yes, struggles + trials are a real thing. I just finished reading the book of Job. Which deals with much suffering - and the list goes on "then why do bad things happen to good people". There's no such thing as good people, we live in a fallen world. When bads things happen - how do you react? Do we take it out on loved ones? Substances.  Why do we let painful outcomes determine who we are? We were never meant to carry the baggage of self-hatred.

Let me tell you something. I limit myselt.. shocking. I limit my dreams, I limit my ability which means I limit God. When I limit myself I create boundaries, within myself. My safety zone. Jesus has shown me to erase the line and use the gift of discernment. In order to create healthy boundaries. 

The only reason I have air in my lungs is because of Jesus, and how He has saved my soul. He set the captive free within me and now I'm fully alive and living for His kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. As I'm discovering life with Jesus I've realized it's okay to be broken. I'm better off knowing I'm broken and the only person I run to is my Father. He fixes me and makes me whole. He makes all things new in my life. If I choose to, its always a choice wiht Jesus. His charatcer is never by force. 

How have you limited yourself? Today I release the power and ointment of Jesus' blood to break you f r e e. The burden of self-hatred to be gone and to never return in the name of Jesus. I pray you lean forward today, release the backpack of 'burden' off your back and walk in full freedom. This fight this war was never meant for us to fight. I speak healing, love, joy, and a new filling of the spirit of God over your life. 


Running with Jesus is always so exciting, most of the time I cannot put into words. You guys in one month I leave for Switzerland to discover the vast beauty of God's creation. I can't wait to love on the Swiss people and see another side of God's heart. Which by the way is HUGE. This is for the few and faithful that read my blog, thank you for taking the time to read this crazy beautiful story I have with Jesus. 

A few months prior a friend of mine referred a book to me. "Hinds Feet on High Places" by Hannah Hurnard. I just finished the book and let me tell you how this book lines up with this season of my life. Let me give you a summary of the book. The main character, Much-Afraid, takes a journey up a steep and rocky mountainside to develop “hinds’ feet” in order to reach the “high places.” She is encouraged on her way by the Shepherd, who comes to her aid whenever she calls and is accompanied by the companions he chose for her, Sorrow and Suffering. 

Mountains, valleys, and hilltops is how God speaks to me. Through his creation over and over and over again. As I finished the book the next chapter was about the author and how the book came to be. I got more out of this one chapter than the rest of the book. Here's the cool thing Hannah the author she wrote this book while spending time in Switzerland during a big season of change during her life. As a missionary. YEP, and where am I going next month?! The timing of right now .. this very moment.. this very season. SO Jesus. I literally pulled the book away looked up into the sky with a big grin and laughed. I can hear Jesus saying YES - YES - YES I'm here. I'm mapping every little detail out, and you have nooo idea. I would recommend this book for people who feel stuck. Who needs encouragement to press on and to over come the darkness in life. We all are capable of having "hinds feet" to endure hard trials in life.

I'm in need of a group of people to partner with me both prayer warriors and monthly supporters. If you feel led to support me monthly or give a one-time donation click the button below. Thank you for believing in me, encouraging me, and blessing me on this journey!


What is hidden, who is hidden and for what reason. Life is full of mysteries waiting for lifelong answers to be fulfilled. I've been hung up on this mystery. The past 3 months He has been hinting this word to me. I've recently been given 'the book of mysteries' by my grandparents funny right? 

While reading from the book of mysteries by Jonathan Cahn I came across this passage. 

For the mystery of our heart is the mystery of the bride. And the bride can only find her completion in the Bridegroom. And the Bridegroom of our God

The one that can fulfill our soul is the one who created it. Every single day is a mystery a treasure we can either discover with great j o y or we can neglect it. The choice is ours. I've been studying Paul's epistle's to the early church and again I read about mysteries of God and His doing.  

"and to bring to light for everyone what is the plan of the mystery hidden for ages in God, who created all things."

-Ephesians 3:9

that is, the mystery which has been hidden from the past ages and generations, but has now been manifested to His saints." -Colossians 1:26

J e s u s is the hidden treasure - Jesus is the revealed mystery to both the Gentile and Jew. Isn't that great news Jesus is the way, the truth, and the l i f e. Not a truth, but the truth. The living truth made flesh to walk among us, and to die in place of our suffering.

What mystery in your life are you struggling with? Reach out to me I'd love to hear from you, coffee is on me.

Read below for a fun side story / recent revelation. 


Footsteps of Faith really began April of 2016. I was asked to be apart of a college group retreat, up at Hyatt Lake. I spent the weekend with dear friends of mine seeking for truth and wanting to e s c a p e the world to meet with Jesus for two days. I ended up pouring into a hand full of friends of mine. For breakthrough, for dreamers to dream again, and for the dead to come alive spiritual that is (let's not get too weird...). Sure enough God met us, healed our hearts, and freedom was restored. Sunday evening was fading and I was drained from the drink offering being poured out. Our sweet time was ending and I decided to take a walk with Jesus grumbling because I was tired - but Jesus, on the other hand, was so excited to take this walk with me. As I'm walking by the water to my left I see footprints in the snow. "Lord it's as if you are walking with me" "Yes Heather I am, and if you stay on this path I will align everything". I didn't know how prophetic this walk was until only 4 months ago. As I'm walking I see Isaac on my path, I walk past him and see a tree with its roots exposed this tree symbolized how my relationship with Isaac ended. As I kept walking I stood on top of a tree stump and start declaring God's goodness over the lake. This season right now - the month of June of 2017 I've deiced to speak out 100 declarations a day. Jesus brought this to attention the other day and my mind was blown... You guys the creator of the universe is speaking to me and cares about every little or big decision that happens in my life. The same is for you, God died to have a relationship with you, with me! The great I AM the author of salvation, my friend, my father, and my lover. When you don't think your life matters... IT DOES. Cry out to Him, He saves, He heals, and He comforts the hurting heart + soul. Not only comforts but restores and makes all things new (Revelation 21:5). 

P.s April 2016: My one-year anniversary with knowing God on a personal level. All started with my disciple training school in Kona, Hawai'i. 


Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.
— James 1:12

Step by step is all it takes. Come closer you can do it. Don't look back focus on me look here. I'm right here. Lock gaze with me, you can do it I believe in you. 

This is my path to freedom, change. Change is hard, difficult and uncomfortable. I'm learning that life is a mountain, either we are hiking up to the top or looking at the valley below. It's hard to see clear climbing up but once you do, you level out and see the view with a gasp it was worth it. The pain and suffering was worth it. Embrace the season you are in observe, rest, and grow. Take a deep breath and have a victory chant look at how far you've come. Only by God's strength that I/we keep moving forward.

God gave me the idea of calling this journey 'Footsteps of Faith'. With my head up, I move forward without looking behind. I lean forward and let Him take the weight off my back, trade my yoke with His which is easy and light. Now moving forward together step by step.

The past 3 months have challenged and have grown me as women. I've learned and have seen first hand what it looks like to be used by God, and how our plans don't go the way we think. In the end its always greater because we go from glory to glory. 

 God proves himself daily-constantly to me. 

What does faith look like... stepping forward into the unknown without hesitation. As He calls step forward draw near as Peter took his steps on water to walk to Jesus. Footsteps each step takes you farther than you could have imagined. What holds me back? Being comfortable taking the 'easy routine' but where is the fun in that. Where is the sense of adventure God has called us to discover? Not be comfortable that's for sure, it's the risk, the test, which makes the journey. The journey of faith of trusting Abba Father.

This season God has highlighted a great mystery for me to unfold, scroll down to read more.  

I'm here in Southern Oregon for the next 4 months, I keep hearing the word trust.. This season is going to be filled with trusting God. Which is easy to say but putting into actions is another story. Many of you have asked whats next for me, heres my exciting new! I have just been accepted to join YWAM Lausanne, Switzerland for a bible school starting August 29th, 2017. For 3 month's I will be studying all 66 books of the bible studying abroad traveling and following Paul's Footsteps. My trip will include studying on the historical pyramids of Egypt, visiting the early churches in Greece, following Jesus' footsteps in Israel, prayer parading in Turkey, and walking the streets of Italy. For more information and a short video about BCC on location Click here.   

God has to lead me to this course, and I'm in need of raising around $6,000 USD dollars for the covering of my class and mission. I'm here on the mainland working and selling personal items to help cover the cost. If you feel led click here to make a donation. I couldn't be more excited to learn first hand studying God Word. 

When you think your mountain is too big for you just keep walking step by step. Don't look back keep moving forward next thing you know you've summited the mountain.

P.S Medford friends I would love to catch up with you, give me a call and I'd love to share more with you in person. Coffee is on me!   

There's nothing that Your love won't do
There's not a mountain faith can't move
There's power in the blood
The power of the cross
There's nothing that Your love won't do
There's not a mountain faith can't move
There's power in the blood
The power of the cross

Lyrics: "Old For New" - Bethel Music 

Custom Design

Do you often feel stuck?

Wanting to move forward but something or someone is holding you back? Are we waiting for an answer or is God waiting for us? Will my outcome be from others telling me what to do- or will my outcome be what God is telling me, and the promises He has for me. 

It's one thing to sing/say about laying my life down, its a whole other thing doing. Friends I have been challenged in many ways the past 8 weeks. My heart has been broken and is in the process of being restored and being made new...

I'm only strong because of Christ, in my own strength I am weak. If it were up to me I would walk away, and go back home to Oregon. Staying here and finishing school is a painful and growing process. The second week of January I asked God to challenge me during the 12 weeks I am spending in Kona. Why did I ask Him that? I have never been so challenged spiritually, emotionally, and physically. I know at the end of the day I asked for this challenge because my faith will be made stronger. Testings and trials shape and make us (The potter and the clay). Before coming back to Kona; (back to YWAM) I started to map out my life. I jumped to conclusions and started planning the future. But I left God out of the plans, His plans, and His ways are better than mine. 

One step forward & two steps back 

I've asked God how He can work on me. I heard the words strength and authority to lead. To first be a rock for Him before anyone or anything. To equip me in the art of photography. To be unified to help lead, to find my voice again, be trained, grow, watch others grow, encourage a transformed life, and to love deeper. To remember + apply the simple gospel + never give up and become the women God has called me to be.

I'm a fighter, God has called me to fight and to stand firm on what I believe. Not only stand but live out the lifestyle and this lifestyle is Jesus. He is holy, pure, slow to anger, but was also rejected and humiliated. I'm called to carry His message to any and all who are willing to listen.The beautiful thing about Jesus is the love he gives us, freely. No strings attached 'free will' to make our own decisions which shape and define our life.

I was willing to fight for Isaac, but he wasn't willing to fight back. The easy option is letting go, a re-do and learning from the mistakes. That's how most people function but for me, I am a fighter and I won't back down. Jesus tells me the best things in life are worth fighting for.

Here's to stepping forward and not looking back, to new beginnings and new adventures. 

My relationship with Isaac was the first Godly relationship I've been in. I've learned to let my guard down, open my heart, and to be loved in returned. Isaac is now a part of my testimony, and I can smile and look back at the memories we've made.

We live, we learn, and we grow. Jesus has shown me that my heart is glass; transparent, seen, fragile, and most importantly protected. I have asked myself: 

"Why has this happened?"

Reflecting and processing this question goes back to saying:

"God, use me, make and mold me for the sake of others."

It was worth the hurt in order for freedom to be released. Sometimes we have to be broken in order to love deeper; it is part of the process. The beautiful thing is my identity wasn't found in Isaac, my foundation wasn't shaken. I know later in life I can look back and thank God for His custom plan for my life. Like a beautiful melody, all the instruments have a part to play.

God has a custom design for us all. The question is: are we willing to surrender the pen and let Him write our story?

Young & Free

We were therefore buried with him through baptism into death in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life.
— Romans 6:4

When you are in a classroom with 7 other photographers, ideas sparks. For me, my passion and Inspiration was re-ignited. I had an idea floating around for doing a projector styled photo shoot. As I bounced this idea around with my friend/fellow classmate Hayley Webb she was up for being my model. As I shut the lights out in the classroom I put on some Hillsong Young & Free, and we danced around while I captured the moments. Sometimes you just need to let your hair down and have fun. Enjoy the images. 



I hear this word, I feel it in my throat 'Echad' which is Hebrew for one (unified). God has been calling me to the oneness of Himself. This current season is challenging but, the scary thing is that I prayed for this challenge. Being back with Youth with a Mission is different, a good type of different. The friendships, the sunsets, and the passions are re-igniting in my heart. The environment- aka the bubble is comforting, encouraging, and bearing much fruit. I've encountered healings here- and God has used my right knee (a word of knowledge) to pray for Laurelee's knee and the pain left both of us. Crazy moments are happening all around and it is wonderful to watch/do this experience with Isaac. The Lord is both teaching us things, and one of those things is becoming rocks for the Lord before each other. It's all about building on His foundation first. 

What does being one with God look like for me? Giving myself up, surrendering my selfish wants and needs and coming to the Father. To pour out every fiber within me and onto the throne of Jesus Christ. To sneak away to the hiding place for intimacy. Intimacy is the key to being one with God, and intimacy comes from the hiding place which changes everything. 

I will not leave you orphaned. I’m coming back. In just a little while the world will no longer see me, but you’re going to see me because I am alive and you’re about to come alive. At that moment you will know absolutely that I’m in my Father, and you’re in me, and I’m in you.
— John 14: 18-20

Side note I have been doing a social media fast for 6 days now.. and what a difference. I was spending way too much time on my phone, and so far the outcome has been freedom on hearing His voice more clearly. Listen to His voice when He calls you to come closer, to draw near. Nothing else can compare to Jesus and His presence. Continue to pray for fresh revelation and for my photographs to capture the Fathers heart. 

I love and miss you all dearly,


Corey + Camrie

Hot Chocolate, frozen fingers, and one adorable couple.

I am so honored to capture the love between Corey and Camrie. Who knew I'd be the one to introduce them? I'm so excited to watch them spend the rest of their lives together.