Free day | 8-10-15|

Expect nothing.. receive everything
— Joy Martin

Mondays are free day’s for the whole base. A day everyone takes off! Breakfast is the only meal provided for the day. Lunch + Dinner you are on your own. Hearing about the local beach, we decided to give it a try! With low expectations Igor, Joy, Tash, and myself headed down the dirt road. Waited for the bus to pick us up, and waited even more to see what this ‘beach’ was going to be. 

After a loooong bus ride, with many stops we made it. Honestly I though it would be a small muddy swimming hole. Once again God came through and blessed me. Not only a sandy beach but a super cute resort on the beach. With a walk up bar, and restaurant. 

This restaurant/atmosphere totally reminded me of Cabo, Mexico. 

The river even looked and sounded like the ocean. In amaze we step up camp. Ordered food, went swimming, and hung up my hammock. God knew I was missing home and hawaii. Being in the jungle and the sun being so hot! I was dying to relax lay in a lounge chair and soak up some ray’s. Now on base when you go for a swim you have to wear a shirt and shorts over my 'one piece’ swim suit. Not my idea of fun. So today has b e y o n d blessed me. 

Igor testing the hammock for me. Let's just say I was almost hitting the bottom haha! It may not be a beach in hawai’i but I’ll take it! 

Just because it’s a f r e e day doesn’t mean we take a 'day off’ from sharing the gospel. I have learned on my outreach that being a missionary is a life style. We can share the gospel wherever we are. A employee was raking the sand cleaning the place up and overheard Igor speaking english. So curious who he was, and how we knew english. Igor explained how, and who we are. This mans name is Lendreo. Lendreo was interested in us and how we’ve come all this way to share the good news!


Talking about the bible Lendreo has never owned one. A bible was to expensive. Joy happened to bring a portuguese/english bible. So that Lendreo would read God’s word and learn english. Feeling so grateful yet embarrassed Lendreo accepted the gift. He wanted to blessed us with beans, and rice from his house we told him no! This is a gift with no stings attached. Now at this exact moment, my water was all gone and I was s o thirty. Thirsty for some cold water. ICE water. The Holy Spirit worked through Lendreo. He got up took our water bottles and asked in english Ice?! 

Lendreo receiving his new bible. I'm so excited to see how God uses him! I pray he gets the gift of speaking english! Amen.

I was in shock. He took all our water bottles and came back with c o l d water with lots of I C E. God catered to my little need through someone else. We needed up writing in his bible, took photos, and prayed for Lendreo. Life is all about blessing each other. God uses us in order to bless other people. Like what you just read. How did he know? Lendreo didn't but God did. I like to call stories like this 'God winks'.

Today in my eyes was a miracle.