Portland, Oregon: A population of 600,000, this city has one of the lowest rates of religious affiliations; therefore making the Pacific Northwest one of the hardest mission fields to minster to. Portland, home of the Original hipster, is a city to freely express who you are (one big melting pot). Walking around the streets I noticed how many young adults were hurting, homeless, and broken hearted. I could just see the physical, mental and spiritual hurt that they carried around. 

Something is lacking in our society.

We face decisions all the time of "I'm not good enough until ____." Or "Once I receive ____ then I will be happy." We are human! We have fleshly wants and desires. The filler we need is LOVE and only true unconditional love comes from Christ. He's the v o i d we've been filling. Oh Lord you make old things new. You take my sin as far as the east is from the west. Do I deserve it? HECK to the NO. I was bought with a price. My whole life is and should be committed to God..FOREVER. But Jesus you give us an abundance of grace and you are so worthy of praise. So incredibly worthy! Amen to that day we get to see you face to face. 

As living beings we are called and made for greater. I mean we were created in the image of God (*insert* mind blown). Looks, personality, talents, and so much more! Man WAS and IS His greatest masterpiece! He created us all for one purpose: to HAVE in a relationship with God. To share His love and beauty with someone, and that someone is us! The more I seek His presence, the more this world fades away.

Best friend dates always end with a photo session. So urban right? 

When I read the psalm from King David "O taste and see that the Lord is good". Man, the taste of the Lord is something else; because it is unexplainable! When we get to that place with the spirit with Jesus. It's like a AHH-HA moment! Time seems to stand s t i l l and I could stay in that state forever. THIS is why I was created. To fellowship in the presence of God. To seek the kingdom first, to love my father first vertically before I venture out horizontally to others.

Wow. Hands down, best view of the city. Thank you Em for a rad evening and for showing me this spot! 

"God open my eyes to see the hurting, let my heart be fixated on things of only you. Portland is on my heart lately 600,000 to be exact.. a city so d e a d on the inside. Help me to pray for revival, pray for the light of Christ to be ignited! I pray that our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ will stand united to share the LOVE of Jesus."

Our culture needs the missionaries, and you and I can be a missionary wherever we go; for we carry Christ inside of us. 

We always carry around in our body the death of Jesus, so that life of Jesus may also be revealed in our body
— 2 Corinthian 4:10