After 7 months I was reunited with some of my gals from DTS (Disciple training school). You know your friends for life when you can pick up right where you left off. 

Thank you ladies for a fun adventure and a time to rest in the presence of God together! 

Finally back together after almost 7 months apart #PhotogenXDTS15 (far left Jill, Haliey, Ali, and myself on the end)

Spent the evening looking, photographing, and taking in the sunset. 

How can I write down so many amazing memories with using only words... Now photos capture and speak when words cannot. As I'm sitting here and typing I'm having revelation. Is it super necessary to write down everything in words or can I let my photographs 'speak' for themselves. So here we go... 

Let my photographs tell y o u a story. 

Our little fury friends showed up whenever we had food. 

Brewed it up s t r o n g.

Some of best conversations always involve some of the best food.


A trip full of laughter, smore's, and endless conversations are the best kind of trips. 

Do you see the double rainbow? (Vernal Falls) 



PhotogenX world travelers 

Until next time Yosemite!