Being back in Kona always w a r m s my heart. This place is full of excitement, passion, and adventures waiting to be revealed, like the Father's heart. I finally have time to relax, and process what has been happening since I've been back home. Thank you Lord for this time here in paradise, and for the Holy Spirit giving me the words to write this. Its your words not mine! 



The past few months have been some of the best months of my life. Being settled back in Medford hasn't been as bad as I thought, It may be the same town, same people, and the same old thing for most, But I came back with a different mind set. Prayer has been my number one game changer, my heart cried out for like minded friends and a community solid in Christ. 

Back in January I had to make a tough decision, either to go back and staff at University of the Nations or stay home and be a missionary in my hometown. Torn between the two, I felt God was blessing me either way.. I prayed, fasted, and prayed harder.. yet nothing. Now of course I see the outcome, but at the time It was the hardest decision I've made. I recently listened to a sermon by Brian Johnson and he was preaching about God 'on mute' when we make major decisions. When we are offered multiple offers we automatically think there's a wrong choice. There isn't a wrong decision, God is quiet because he wants us to make the decision, know he already knows the outcome. A relationship is built on trust, thank you father for trusting me.

I've seen many answers to prayers, from new friends, ministry, freelance jobs, and falling in love! To sums this all up.. HE is good, and HE satisfies my hunger daily for more. 

I can cry, laugh, and smile all at once .. because my everyday life with Jesus is refreshing & spontaneous! All because I'm slowly convinced of his love for me. Once you get a taste of the presence of God nothing else comes close. This is what a relationship with God looks like. This favor and harvest is for the everyday Christian. Let's awaken our walk with Jesus, it all starts with a pure heart, obeying when God speaks, and doing! 

So excited to adventure + chase waterfalls with my handsome! (Salt Creek falls, Oakridge Oregon)

So excited to adventure + chase waterfalls with my handsome! (Salt Creek falls, Oakridge Oregon)

Every Nation a new album from Lindy Conant & the Circuit Riders has been my go to tunes. What I've been talking about is summed up in this album click here and give it a listen! It amazes me that God's message and things on his heart are popping up all over the globe. Revival, love, injustice, and a movement so much greater than we can even imagine. Our God is on the move for every heart, soul, and nation. 

There’s a “yes” in our hearts
And it carries through eternity
Simple obedience, it changes history

We believe that You can do anything
I know that simple obedience, it changes history

Take courage, the harvest is ripe
Lift up your voice, cause Jesus is alive
— Take Courage | Lindy Conant

So to tie everything together. No matter where God takes me either in my hometown or into the nations.. He is my home.