The three I's

Jesus said, “Everyone who drinks this water will get thirsty again and again. Anyone who drinks the water I give will never thirst—not ever. The water I give will be an artesian spring within, gushing fountains of endless life.
— John 4: 13-14

God is calling us (the body of Christ) to go deeper, draw closer, and to chase after His heart. This is something I've personally felt God speak to me during this season of life. About three weeks ago during a looong car ride home from Southern California, I was getting wreck by God. I was listening to some worship and I felt a sensation in my throat, I tried drinking water but nothing.. my thirst wasn't quenched. I simply asked the Lord what He was saying I heard "I'm your living water, nothing else will satisfy you like I do." wow my hungry and thirst for him was manifested in the physical. 

Reppin' my State of Jefferson hat! Thank you Isaac for your patience and for the shot! 

Time after time when I focus on the future or what I think is best for my life, I miss the point. My life isn't to just follow God, but to do life with Him. Often I'm reminded of my time back in the amazon. My prayer to God was to focus on the now, to live in the moment and to love who is in front of me. As of lately God bring's this memory this prayer back into my life.

A couple weekend's ago 14 of us headed up north to Portland, Oregon. What a memorable trip filled with laughter, loud train noises, and sweet fellowship. The theme I got from God was Where the spirit of the Lord is.. There is freedom. That night at Bethel's Night of Worship freedom was released in the room. I felt a activation afterwards and a few divine appointment's happened. During the concert the Lord laid on my heart to pray for man named Jeff wearing a hat. The crazy thing is I met Jeff later that evening. A homeless man approached Isaac, Olivia, and I asking for a few dollars. After giving him some money we chatted and found out his name was Jeff and he was from Medford, Oregon. We prayed for him and spoke love into his life. After the prayer we saw a difference in his countenance from shame to joy. I know for a fact I was interceding for his salvation during the concert.. oh and by the way he had a hat on! It's one thing to watch in films, and read in books but having/seeing a God encounter is something else!  

A good friend of mine shared what he's learn from anthem a supernatural ministry school. He shared about the three I's: intimacy, identity, and inheritance in that order. Here's my revelation of what a child of God looks like.

Intimacy: Spending time with God, Co-creating with Jesus, living and breathing his Word. Partnering with the Holy Spirit, and learning his language.  

Identity: When you know God you know you are a daughter/son of the most high (a saint before God) and the fear of man doesn't have a hold anymore.

Inheritance: From this we know our eternal reward heaven, we awaken and live out the call to be beacons of light, and to become the salt of the earth. All to be a example of Christ.

Overlooking Castle Lake - a wonderful hike up to heart lake in Northern California. A great way to end my birthday weekend! 

The other night God revealed this to me " I want to give you a reward, a reward that is eternal." I can't wait to be in the wedding feast with Jesus, the feast of the perfect lamb the one that was slain for me.