You, me and 10 billion others make up this world. Who are you- what is your story- what do you believe in, and why. Life is full of many questions and answers which lead to more questions. Like existence and purpose. Refill your coffee mug get comfortable and read on how we are 'limitless' 

Every single day is a battle, worth fighting with love. The weapon to fight with is an abundance of joy. Yes, struggles + trials are a real thing. I just finished reading the book of Job. Which deals with much suffering - and the list goes on "then why do bad things happen to good people". There's no such thing as good people, we live in a fallen world. When bads things happen - how do you react? Do we take it out on loved ones? Substances.  Why do we let painful outcomes determine who we are? We were never meant to carry the baggage of self-hatred.

Let me tell you something. I limit myselt.. shocking. I limit my dreams, I limit my ability which means I limit God. When I limit myself I create boundaries, within myself. My safety zone. Jesus has shown me to erase the line and use the gift of discernment. In order to create healthy boundaries. 

The only reason I have air in my lungs is because of Jesus, and how He has saved my soul. He set the captive free within me and now I'm fully alive and living for His kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. As I'm discovering life with Jesus I've realized it's okay to be broken. I'm better off knowing I'm broken and the only person I run to is my Father. He fixes me and makes me whole. He makes all things new in my life. If I choose to, its always a choice wiht Jesus. His charatcer is never by force. 

How have you limited yourself? Today I release the power and ointment of Jesus' blood to break you f r e e. The burden of self-hatred to be gone and to never return in the name of Jesus. I pray you lean forward today, release the backpack of 'burden' off your back and walk in full freedom. This fight this war was never meant for us to fight. I speak healing, love, joy, and a new filling of the spirit of God over your life. 


Running with Jesus is always so exciting, most of the time I cannot put into words. You guys in one month I leave for Switzerland to discover the vast beauty of God's creation. I can't wait to love on the Swiss people and see another side of God's heart. Which by the way is HUGE. This is for the few and faithful that read my blog, thank you for taking the time to read this crazy beautiful story I have with Jesus. 

A few months prior a friend of mine referred a book to me. "Hinds Feet on High Places" by Hannah Hurnard. I just finished the book and let me tell you how this book lines up with this season of my life. Let me give you a summary of the book. The main character, Much-Afraid, takes a journey up a steep and rocky mountainside to develop “hinds’ feet” in order to reach the “high places.” She is encouraged on her way by the Shepherd, who comes to her aid whenever she calls and is accompanied by the companions he chose for her, Sorrow and Suffering. 

Mountains, valleys, and hilltops is how God speaks to me. Through his creation over and over and over again. As I finished the book the next chapter was about the author and how the book came to be. I got more out of this one chapter than the rest of the book. Here's the cool thing Hannah the author she wrote this book while spending time in Switzerland during a big season of change during her life. As a missionary. YEP, and where am I going next month?! The timing of right now .. this very moment.. this very season. SO Jesus. I literally pulled the book away looked up into the sky with a big grin and laughed. I can hear Jesus saying YES - YES - YES I'm here. I'm mapping every little detail out, and you have nooo idea. I would recommend this book for people who feel stuck. Who needs encouragement to press on and to over come the darkness in life. We all are capable of having "hinds feet" to endure hard trials in life.

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