I'm here in Switzerland, enjoying the beautiful scenery all around me. I'm adjusting to my surroundings so much 'newness'. I'm so blessed by the Lord that I'm here, truly It is a dream. How can I explain Switzerland? Green, crisp air, clean, and classy. Here are a few images of the town I'm living in Lausanne, Switzerland. This city is truly charming and something out of a Disney movie. 

Traveling - It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a story
Lausanne Cathedral - Oldtown Lausanne_.jpg
Culture - Old Town Lausanne_.jpg
Oldtown Lausanne_.jpg

As soon as we arrived, all 20 of us in my bible core course, hit the ground running. Learning study methods, history, literature, culture, and theology about the bible. One big key is knowing and addressing that the bible was written to us, not for us. Which is why knowing the context of each book of the bible is valid. This week was slower, and I know next week September 4th (my 25th birthday) is going to be slammed packed with reading, studying and more reading and studying. I almost feel like the apostle Paul encouraging and addressing you that I am well, and thanking you the 'church' for supporting me financially. Noted that the last 3 books I read were 3 letters from Paul while being imprisoned in jail. 

I can't wait to share more with you, and of course more images and revelation of what Jesus is doing. My love and blessings