Reflecting Light

And then God answered: “Write this.
Write what you see.
Write it out in big block letters
so that it can be read on the run.
This vision-message is a witness
pointing to what’s coming.
It aches for the coming—it can hardly wait!
And it doesn’t lie.
If it seems slow in coming, wait.
It’s on its way. It will come right on time.
— Habakkuk 2:2

Do you ever stop and think, that there are worlds within our world. This concept has been a mind-shifter for me. Often I find myself escaping into a world of imagination. Filled with different colors, zero limitations and time. Only currently has this revelation come true. Last month was a struggle for me, crazy right? even living in paradise you can lose inspiration. Even the slightest sin, causes major damage in our lives. Which then causes a distance from God, yourself, and others. What has shifted for me has been a change of heart. 

After spending a weekend camping and enjoying fellowship around me, I was still feeling 'off'. When your heart is in a funk, the rest of your body and soul is affected. While hiking back on the black lava rock I started to make small talk with God. The conversation started like this "Jesus am I a big picture person? or am I small details person." Jesus talking back shows me a magnifying glass. Heather, you see the detail in others you are very observant. Seeing the small details is a good trait but can also be a downfall of judgment. In this case, my heart was sick from realizing uncovered sin, I was dealing with.  

Rather than focusing on the big picture I often notice the little things. This shifted something in my heart, I've been focusing on the little details for the first 4 weeks in the school I'm currently taking. After spending the weekend on the beach, I knew I needed to have soul surgery. I knew I needed a fresh and new perspective on people, and on God's endless grace. 

What put a 'pause' on my creativity was my pride and my lack of acknowledgment of my sin. My prideful self-was blocking my inspiration causing my creativity to suffer. There is nothing worse than being a creative and running dry of ideas, beauty, and joy. Moments like this feel as if you are walking against the current and working harder to achieve less. 

My heart was touched by the holy spirit when he revealed the dark shadows in my heart. The Father's gentleness moved me to repentance and from my repentance, I continued to walk into freedom. Freedom releases the captivity from within while journaling earlier I wrote the words 'BE FREE' with a box around the words, without thinking. While looking back at the words the box around the words was 'blocking' and contradicting what freedom is. 

"Sometimes I feel as if I'm not truly free, truly free as I could be. What is holding me back? my limitations and my flesh. For January 2018 I want to fully be set free, from all things coming in hindrance. This is what I wrote down in my journal. When we ask and yearn in our spirit the Lord listens, hears, and answers. 

Be Free .jpg

A shift had happened in my heart, I started to notice every single person is going through some sort of hell. Life is difficult and full of many trials. The shift of perspective is how I can make a difference in the world. As a creative, I have my camera as my tool to make a difference, to shine and reflect light into areas of darkness. Making a stand to empower people and the potential to shift a culture of transparency and authenticity. I have been questioned about my vision and mission during the week of Joseph Avakian teaching in the area of communicating as a creative in the area of media.

Two words: Reflecting Light

Seeing through a different lens, the Father has shown me that this world is BIG, and so is my imagination. Shifting my perspective I'm able to start dreaming again and having my eyes set on the wonder of God. The wonder of life, and the wonder of my imagination. Little glimpses of joy have made me be like a child again, for example waking up at 6 am and starting the day off by diving into the water, to be refreshed and renewed for the day ahead. Every time my face hits the water, I'm overcome with a giant smile - talk about being child-like. Not only do moments like this renew me, but the act is a declaration between Abba Father and I. Moments like this I feel the peace of God, I feel his shalom over my life. Here's to creating with the creator, discovering the light and reflecting his hope to those around me.