6 hours

Running on zero sleeping - pushing to the point of exhaustion - is where breakthrough happens. 

3 am the alarm goes off, my eyes already laid awake. With bags packed we headed to the boat dock the cutest tug boat awaited our journey. We drifted in the depth of the night with a handheld light to lead us. Hammocks hung as we drifted in and out of sleep - the sun started to rise and I jumped to my feet to watch the morning unfold “into the unknown we go.” My eyes lit up with the scenery set before me as if I was a child again. Truly I am dreaming.


After 6 hours we arrived at the community of Camaianim. Bright colored house lined each side of the river with the houses built on stilts, the only walkway is between the houses made out of worn out wood. In other words very dangerous, for all. When we arrived we were grumpy, tried, and hungry. Isabela headed to hear if we could go to the school and film a few interviews. With sudden notice, we had to pack our things and take the school boat and prepare for the whole day to film. In my flesh, I was grumpy, tired, and hungry but in my spirit I knew this is why we came, to bring justice with the tool of communication. Batteries packed, camera around our necks we walked on the narrow path to film Jadilene going to school. In a flash of a moment the floor broke beneath my feet with camera in hand I reached up to save my camera. Praise the Lord myself, and the camera was fine. As I was lifted out my whole body was shaking with adrenaline.


As the boat arrived we headed towards the school which happened be an hour commute, looking around we noticed the boat had zero life jackets and the boy operating the boat looked to be 17 years of age. When we arrived the principal of the school approved of us interviewing a few of the teachers, we ended up having 3 interviews in the amount of 3-4 hours. As the school bell rang to end the school day we were relieved. Looking back I’m shocked we were able to accomplish this task, I now can see it was the Lord's strength holding Isabela, Thiago, and myself.


The story I shared is just one of the examples we’ve had in the river communities, facing the completion of this project has come with many struggles and challenges. I know me coming to Brazil is waging war in the supernatural - the work of justice will always be a fight and something to not take lightly. During the struggles God has proven himself as the protector over and over again.

I feel your prayers my family and friends, and I’m forever grateful for you waging war with me. Our lives are not our own, we were bought with a price I’m forever grateful for the hope and grace we have in Jesus. My eyes have seen the amounts of suffering people have to face here in the North, it troubles me to the point I can’t look away more.

“Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” - Matthew 25:40 

Testimony Time: On our way back from the river community the boat started to have battery issues, in this small time frame we saw pink dolphins from the distance. I was so grateful and earlier I called out “today we are going to see pink dolphins.” Lord, you are so good to me!