Sometimes in the eyes of the world, it appears to me that I’m doing everything wrong almost backward. As if life is like a triangle starting from the bottom waiting, wanting, and wishing to climb to the top in hopes of more. We all start on different layers - all wanting to fit in, all looking to fulfill something.

What if life begins now - instead of chasing to the top of the ladder choosing to live now. Worth, hopes and dreams come from being.. when you chase after the world you get the world - a temporary false sensation called modern existence, simply put living to achieve things. Only existing for a temporary morality for materialistic living.


When you continue this path - you’ll eventually hit a life crisis. All starting with thoughts of the mind, usually starting with the three words “am i enough” three words containing the weight of condemnation and eventually, you won’t be able to withstand the weight any longer. Resulting in a pit of death, rotting from your self-pity of self-hatred. This path is so destructive and one so many are on. We can’t measure up.

You and do deserve the price of death - but do you have a choice? A loving God sent his loving son Jesus to pay off the debt of man's sin. A debt so costly he paid it, not only paid my debt but calls me to be apart of his family - the kingdom. This kingdom is what I live - chasing after holiness defined by his righteousness. This call to chase after the kingdom is never easy and comes with a costly price starting with pride. You see when you chase after the kingdom, life will seem wrong in the perspective of the world; work for free - endless acts of service - and freely giving without expectations. Lay down one’s life - instead of bowing our heads and closing our eyes God calls us to keep our eyes open and bow our whole lives to him.

What do you say? I say you are enough.