Greater than these

During the second week, I found out evangelizing isn’t scary. As a class we were required to go downtown and share the ‘good news’ How nervous was I? SO nervous… gah over nothing! I found out to evangelize means to have a relationship. To take the time, to stop and hear each other’s stories. I ended up meeting a Vietnam Veteran. His name is Bill. He reminded me of a pirate. Looks and all! Bill just wanted to talk to some good looking ladies (old men and their charm). He was hanging out on the boardwalk between kona inn and the canon club. Just passing time, and hanging out with a buddy. Simple minded and was up for listen and someone to talk to. We didn’t have a full blown conversation.. yet. But for the few minutes we talked, you could tell behind those eyes he has stories. In which I would love to hear. So wise, and so much you can learn out of the elderly. 


After talking to Bill I felt encouraged, hopeful, and relieved. If this is what Jesus did. Sign me up. “We are created for a relationship”- Philip Lin.

Plain and simple we are called to love.

Mark 12:31 “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.”