Into the wild (July 11th)

I can smell the fresh r a i n we will experience in the amazon. I’m almost shaking I’m SO excited. Tomorrow we head out of Brasilia (the capital of brazil) and take a four hour flight to Belém. We all have no idea what lays ahead of us or what to expect. The U N K N O W N. Outreach starts once we hop on the plane. This city has captured my heart in the best way possible. 

Amazon reach get ready for us. #TeamBrazil 

The amount of blessing we’ve received is c r a z y. I want to thank each and every person I’ve met in Brasilia. I love the way the people love here. Each ‘stranger’ you meet greets you with a hug and kiss on each cheek. No matter where we go.. whoever we meet.. we are welcomed. It’s hard to explain but I feel wherever I go.. I feel at home. This feeling I have is so s e c u r e and safe. Over the past 3 months we have prayed for God’s protection over our team. Now in being in brazil I can feel His protection. I can feel Him, and I have seen God behind the scene. With each meal, hug, prayer, words of encouragement, and hospitality. 

I see her hiding, yet so curious. As us green-go's pull our camera's out the kids go wild. Most loved the attention. Finally after making her mind up. This little girl runs out in front of me. Pose, pose, click, click. After her few glamorous poses, she runs back into her house. Talk about the right moment, at the right time!  

We have planted seeds in many parts of Brasilia. From feed the homeless downtown, teaching photography workshops (in the most dangerous neighborhood in the WORLD), and talking and building relationships with prostitutes. I apologize for the long delay for this post! We hardly have Internet. I have 3 more blog posts to post.. So bare with me! Love you all!