Be a voice for the voiceless

//Hearing God’s Voice// 4.13.14

As soon as I walked into the classroom, I knew I was home. The white board quoted “Paint with LIGHT’ which elaborated into being the LIGHT of the WORLD. (My favorite verse!!!) For the first week of DTS we had Susi Childers the founder of PhotogenX ministry back in 2005. What an amazing Women she is, We couldn’t have had a better speaker for the first week. SO Inspiring, courageous, adventurous, thrilling, and beyond imaginable. It’s every photographers DREAM! Here’s a short overview of the week. (I will upload podcasts from her testimony, You’ll want to hear it!) She talked about how our cameras are an easy ministry tool. Evangelism is all about relationships, how does my DSLR help? Its an easy conversation starter, which leads into sharing the good news! Each day has been testing me, and shaping me into a Women after God’s heart. The more I put in and press on, the more God will bless me. HE is forever faithful and oh so good. 


Isaiah 45: 3 “I will give you hidden treasures, riches stored in secret places”.

Being a ‘voice for the voiceless’ a vision and dream Susi had from God. To be a voice for the men and women around the world who are trapped. 
“When people are suffering and dying the world does not care, we need to stand up and be the light!” -Susi Childers 
(↓ Interview of Susi’s life being filmed for bible tv in Germany↓) #behindthescenes 

Who or what would I like to photograph? I had to pray and seek the Lord for help. I had a vision of a group of children, and me at knee level hugging child after child. The fullness I felt in that moment was Jesus’s love. Powerful.. Another vision I had was me standing on top of a hill. My surroundings were very green and tropical…(*hint* my outreach location pin points my vision!) How faithful My Lord is, I don’t deserve His love and grace… I encourage YOU to DREAM BIG, Nothing is to big for our Lord. Ask and you will receive. 


“I believe that when you find something you love, you should do it your whole life”. -Steve McCurry

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Thank you all! Love and miss you dearly. <3 

“Blur out the world, to focus on HIM”


| “This little light of mine,
I’m going to let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it SHINE!” | Who knew this song I sang as a child, would now imply to my life. Ask yourself.. What kind of light are you. A flash light, a light bulb, a strobe light, or a better yet a light house. How powerful is your light?
-The Lord wants to use your light, no matter how strong or how dim. My timing here in Kona, couldn’t be better. The Lord has placed me here for a purpose, and a much greater plan. He is good.. ALWAYS.
|Paint with light and light up the darkness -Susie Childers|

Hearing Gods voice

Jesus gave and is giving me visions. Today marks the first week of classes. Wow blown away. Susie Childers spoke, and shared how photography needs light.
What is light: Electromagnetic waves. Which gives us Color, Form and shape, creativity, warmth, and orientation. Jesus wants to be the light of the world for me, and to become a light source for others. And what has always been my favorite verse?! You could say this is most defiantly where the Lord has called me. Do you know what the definition of photography is? Phōtos=light
How can we carry the light of photography for others? How can WE shine? Gifts are given without request. Give glory always. “We should never have to copy from anyone else” -Susie Childers
The bigger the challenge the greater the fruit! When he calls us, HE rewards and also Guards us. When I asked the Lord for what dreams He has from me. He told me to be ‘real’ with everyone and especially children when I go on my outreach. To hug, be loving. To relate with people. To be passionate always. I envisioned standing on a hill and light beaming. A beam of hope for the hopeless. This Energy from the Holy Spirit is strong and electric. 'So powerful’ unlike anything else. Most importantly to never hold back. Lord you are most powerful, nothing is too big for you! Wow I can feel the Lord is changing me, and I’m so excited to experience his love in a radical way.