Embraced with love

My first week in Brasilia has been incrível (amazing). I didn’t know what to expect from this culture. I’m in  l o v e  with the people. Arriving from the airport Igor’s family greeted us with a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. His mother Celica is wonderful, she may not speak much english. But she feels like another mother to me. His dad Jay is a wise, genuine, and funny. Carol his sister is beautiful inside and out. The very moment we met she offered her room to us, and even offered her bed. Carol has show us around her city, and has taken the time to teach us about the culture. His family has embraced us with such hospitality and FOOD.

Beans, rice, farofa, and MEAT. The few main staples for the Brazilian diet. 

Now in being in brazil for one week. I’ve learned many things. But the love language for the Brazilian’s is food. All sorts of new and different food and traditions. Almost everything is f r e s h. Every meal that is served has some sort of cheese and bread. Queijo minas (Minas cheese), cream cheese, and Requeijão (cheese spread). Now a mix of both worlds. Cheese bread is HUGE. The cheese is baked in the inside of the bread. Even McDonald’s serves and sell this delicious and tasty treat! Meat is another staple. From all sorts beef, chicken, and pork. All seasoned so well with many different favors from rosemary to garlic. Last but not least rice and beans is another tradition sprinkled onto with farofa. The Coffee or café is strong you only need half of a cup to drink. Compared to the coffee at the YWAM base we are completely spoiled.. haha.. When they make the coffee here, they don’t use a ‘coffee maker’. It is all hand made from boiling the water to straining the coffee grounds. 

Fresh STRONG cafe, a sweet treat prepared for us daily. Brazilian coffee is by far the best tasting coffee I've ever tasted. 

This week has been JAM packed with some many activities, gatherings, ministry, and evangelizing. I have SO much more to blog but have such limited time. So cherish every post.. ! I love and miss you all! Keep the prayers coming our way. Next Saturday we will be in Belém aka the A M A Z O N. A long 56 days it will be… but I’m SO excited! 


Bon Voyage

For greater is HE that is in me, than he that is in the World.
— 1 John 4:4

My time in kona has been one big Adventure with Jesus.

|Lecture phase is over… | It has been 10 weeks of intense training of to ‘know God’. I have experienced the love he has for me, and from that… I’m ready to extend the love into the nations. Into the slums and children in Brazil. “We live by Faith, not by sight” 2 Cor. 5:7

All the weeks of preparing is now here. Coming to YWAM I grew a deeper love for kona. The relationship’s I’ve made have changed me. I have a new spiritual family and home.

Thru the rain, and sunshine this was my way around the Island. Talk about living the island life!

As I sit here in the LAX airport It hasn’t dawned on me. GAH I’m so pumped all this training and excitement is starting! I have two more flights and I’ll be in Brasilia Saturday morning. B R A Z I L get ready. We are coming for you. We may not have the whole team with us yet, but we aren’t giving up. The Lord is paving the way for us. Unity: Family and of course o h a n a                          

I am ready to kick start this bumpy and wild Journey with my heavenly Father.

H E R E  W E  G O