Ask and you will receive

Each week I’ve asked the Lord to give me a word for that week. 

Week one: Receive. In the prayer room He whispered ‘receive’, over and over again. I asked receive what, receive what. Later in the week we had a prayer session for Philip Lin my DTS school leader. Long story short he came into class with crutches (the past 10 years he’s had multiple surgery on his right knee). We all joined together as a class, and prayed for a healing. Joy a women of God in my class, prayed out she also struggled with having bad knees. I felt the Holy Spirit (physically tugging from the inside) telling me to confess I have bad knees as well.  I felt released once I did..The Lord did a miracle on my Knees, I know he transformed my knees. HE HEALED ME! I know for a fact that HE strengthen my knees. After standing up and praying again for Philip I felt a numbness and shooting jolt go up my left leg. GO GOD! I know He wants me strong, and healthy for all the adventures and journeys He has for me. Lord you are the ultimate healer. To God be all the GLORY! 

1 Peter 2:24: He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; by his wounds you have been healed.

Week two: Communicate. The prayer room is what I look forward to each week. It’s were I can feel Jesus and meet with Him face to face. He gave me the word communicate. He showed me my destiny, my ancestry. A flash of Morse code came to mind (the electricity running in my skull side to side, and front to back) making a Cross. He showed me the legacy that must live on! Did I mention how many goosebumps I had?! This week I’ve been needing to update to you all on how my time here in Kona has been amazing! So like above he told me to sit down and communicate with you guys.. aka my blog! Now that it is the weekend.. I have time to sit down and dedicate my time to you all! 



Be Successful
Have a nice home
Get married and have the ‘perfect’ family,
= The American Dream.

The world tricks us, and tells us theses things. On which they think matter, go to college, marry the wealthy guy, and be the cool hip parents. But in my eyes.. Jesus is my number one. Don’t get me wrong what I mentioned above isn’t bad. We just can’t be obsessed by them. My mother has always told me “To do what I love” and life will be more enjoyable. I have lived by this motto my whole life. I grew up in a household on which my parents encouraged and pushed me on my talents, and passions. To this day I couldn’t be MORE thrilled. The two most important things in my life are happening hand in hand. My love for the Lord and photography. My love for Jesus deepens every single day. As I put the armor of God on. In less then 29 days I leave to fly to Hawaii. A place on which is home to me. Now on the unfamiliar part the experience of a life time. I’ll be rooming with 6-8 other woman all sharing and experiencing life into the nations. I can’t wait! God is going to use me, in a very intense and bright way! To capture and create some beautiful art work of his brothers and sisters.

What I’m trying to say is, Open up to people. Tell your loved ones you love them each and everyday. To open your eyes and step out in faith, and to take up your cross daily. Discover passions, over come fear, and to love deeply.