Made new

Exactly one year ago my journey with exploring God's heart began. Saying my goodbyes and stepping onto the United flight to Kona, Hawaii has been the best decision, I've ever made. Honestly a huge thank you to my girl Morgan Wright for saying yes to God, the countability of our friendship, and for making the journey with me.

It’s always like springtime with you, making all things new
— Matt Stinton

Reflecting on the person I was a year ago... is a night and day difference. 

God fully restored my old 'dead' life into a new creation, a new me. I had to up-wrap the insecurities I put on myself. I put up walls between Jesus and I. From hurt's and wrong I didn't even know affected me, and affected my walk. Breaking walls down and letting God heal my hurts gave me f r e e d o m. "I'm no longer a slave to fear, I am a child of God". This song became my anthem during DTS. 

YWAM Kona was my next stop to complete a discipleship training school (DTS). "To know God, and to make Him known". From my experience saying yes to God has been so rewarding. Laying down 6 months of my life to ministry has changed the course and direction of my life.

Knowing about God is one thing...but drawing close to His heart is another. I can write for years about my experience and how God was in work for the past 6 months and now! I filled out a brand new journal front + back of all the promises of God. I'm now on a new journal symbolizing all the new things God has done and is doing here in my hometown. #comeon

To you dreamers don't give up. Pursue the calling on your life. For me stepping out of my comfort of home has been the best decision. When God opens doors its a direct access of the Father, and his will for your life. "His will, His bill". I encourage you to say yes to him. It may change the way you look at life, people, and so much more and maybe just maybe you could be a planet shaker, nation wrecker for Jesus. It all starts by saying yes. 

Why the separation?

|Week 6| Mathew Toller| Messianic Rabbi| Bible Overview

Why is our view of God so important? Can I even answer this question.. For all I know is, I need a role model in life. A purpose for life. Mathew had fun testing us on God. Asking questions like Do we believe God is the same now, or how come we feel guilty when calling upon the Lord (when we’ve sinned). I believe the bible is for us to question. It is healthy to break the bible down. Chew each book verse by verse. From this I get a greater meaning of God's word, His word is the truth in my life. I know this book is the instruction for L I F E. 

M A N has caused a separation from God. Our sin causes us to flee from God. What really happens is as we sin God draws closer to us. 

But the Lord God called to the man, Where are you?
— Genesis 3:9

Mathew taught on how the Lord is our shepherd and we are the sheep. I found out how dumb and stupid sheep we can be. Sheep are: directionless, defenseless and need T O N S of attention. If a sheep ever falls over on its back, the sheep will accept it’s fate. All it takes is for the shepherd to rub the tummy and the sheep will flip over. I’m so thankful for Jesus being the shepherd of my life. Even when I’m lost in the waves of life. 

|Week 7| John Leach| Father heart of God

We create a reality around us, according to the reality in us
— John Leach

This one quote encourages me. Pushes me to be a better person, to put others before my needs and wants. How can I/we bridge the spiritual to the secular reality. By showing people grace, hope, and love found in the father. How? by simply a smile, hug, words of affirmation, buying someone coffee, and so much more. 

|| Am I living ||

F O R Gods approval 


F R O M Gods approval 

To be transformed, I must renew my mind daily. 

  • First speak the will of God (first thing in the morning)
  • Read the word (full of promises) 
  • Meditate on God (listen and be still before Him)

This is something that won’t happen over night. It’s a life style. I have to live, breathe and yes renew for the rest of my L I F E. Is it worth it, is HE worth it. 

"The one that you give authority to, is the one who is calling you towards a destiny". -John Leach

| Balance in Life |

You cannot get ‘fruit’ without being in balance. Mind, spirt, and body. All three need to be in balanced. If you don’t take the time to rest in any of the three. You will have a blow out. 

Work hard><Work smart




Holy Spirit: In the belief of many Christians, one of the three persons in the one God, along with the Father and the Son (Jesus is the Son). Jesus promised the Apostles that he would send the Holy Spirit after his Crucifixion and Resurrection.

Holy Spirit, You are welcome here.

| Week 5 |Amy Ward| Holy Spirit |

This week has been life changing for me. I am blown away by the presence of my Father. Amy is a amazing Women of God. She is so powerful, and its very evident God is doing HUGE works in her life. Amy taught us how the Holy Spirit is our friend, how the H.S. releases powers and gifts.  

  • 3 that See: (A word of Wisdom, Knowledge,or Discerning of Spirits) 

  • 3 that Do: (The gift of Special Faith, Healings, and Miracles)

  • 3 that Speak: (The gift of Prophecy, Tongues, and the Interpretation of Tongues)

He is the third person of the Godhead.

We see Holy Spirit has a role in creation

Genesis 1:2

The earth was formless and void and darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was moving over the surface of the waters. (For more notes on the Holy Spirit click here)

The Lord has literally shattered my mind set on life. I can now relate to the term “He Rocks my World”. I learned to partner with the H.S and learned the Holy Spirit draws people to Jesus. To learn is one thing, but to experience the presences of the H.S. Is out of this world! Here’s my revelation. 

Thursday |5-14-15 |Releasing of spiritual gifts

Backing up to DTS Week one. I received my ‘prayer language’ during ministry night. A time of worship and intense love for our Father and the nations. I asked for more of a passionate love between the Father and I. From asking I received my prayer language. During this time I had visions of my wedding day with Jesus. Rejoicing and S O in love. Speaking in tongues is the perfect prayer. 

Let us rejoice and exult and give him glory, for the marriage of the Lamb has come and his Bride has made herself ready
— Revelation 19:7

As we invited the Holy Spirit to come into the classroom. I had a twisting k n o t in my stomach. Like I had to physically let something out of my system. While praying I had put God in a box for my life. Without knowing. I had let control control me. I had finally released the Holy Spirit for his will. As soon as I did Amy came over and prayed for me. I started shaking and was battling my fleshy desires (physically shaking and the cross flashing in my mind). I finally and whole heartily committed to saying YES to God. I gave Him the reins of my life. A release of p e a c e broke out, and I dropped to the ground. I had felt like I had died and came back to life. 

While laying on the ground I visioned my body on an operating table. As if I had just came back to life. I asked what does this mean? (No word and or emotion can explain) The Lord told me I will do miracles, miracles of raising the dead. C R A Z Y. 

You could say I was/still am freaked out of my mind. He whispered out of disbelief “You have a greater destiny than you think”. Poke me.. is this real life.. am I dreaming. Y O U guys. I’m experiencing the TRUE and living G O D. I have seen JESUS with my own two eyes. Face to face. If you lay down a period of your life to the Father. He will rock your world and  f o r e v e r  change you.

Lush green falls of Rainbow Falls | Hilo, HI

| Stay tuned for a blog on seeing Jesus.. Yes His eyes are F U L L of life. |

Outreach location

If you haven’t heard.. I’m headed to BRAZIL! For my outreach location. Brasilia, balen, and the AMAZON RAINFOREST. AH! I couldn’t be more thrilled. Before I knew I was going to brazil. The Lord did some foreshadowing. First off my first connection was with Bella. The first day arriving I knew Bella and I would be sisters. My BB (beautiful Brazilian) <3


Another sign I had was a vision. I was standing on a giant hill my surrounding was very green and beautiful. Breathing in the fresh air, and lifting my hands out in awe. Thinking nothing of it. The vision He gave me looks just like rio de janeiro. He planted a landscape in my head before I knew Brazil was an outreach location. wow.. mind blown. 


Here’s my team! From left to right: Joy, myself, Hailey and Ryan, Micaela, Igor (my outreach leader), Andrew, Natasha, and in the front Jo! Friends I am blessed by my team. We are ‘Ohana’ the word the Lord has given me for my team is unity. United together to Impact the one purpose, the kingdom. #dreamteam 



Become a PM: Photography Missionary! 

“My camera is my tool for evangelism”
|Photography is a bridge|
Should it make a difference if the person behind a camera is a Christian? 
My camera is a weapon and i’m part of a battle. 
-Justice, Equality, Freedom, Beauty, instead of ashes, restoration, and peace. 

Psalm 144 “God train my hands for war, my fingers for battle”.



| “This little light of mine,
I’m going to let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it SHINE!” | Who knew this song I sang as a child, would now imply to my life. Ask yourself.. What kind of light are you. A flash light, a light bulb, a strobe light, or a better yet a light house. How powerful is your light?
-The Lord wants to use your light, no matter how strong or how dim. My timing here in Kona, couldn’t be better. The Lord has placed me here for a purpose, and a much greater plan. He is good.. ALWAYS.
|Paint with light and light up the darkness -Susie Childers|

Hearing Gods voice

Jesus gave and is giving me visions. Today marks the first week of classes. Wow blown away. Susie Childers spoke, and shared how photography needs light.
What is light: Electromagnetic waves. Which gives us Color, Form and shape, creativity, warmth, and orientation. Jesus wants to be the light of the world for me, and to become a light source for others. And what has always been my favorite verse?! You could say this is most defiantly where the Lord has called me. Do you know what the definition of photography is? Phōtos=light
How can we carry the light of photography for others? How can WE shine? Gifts are given without request. Give glory always. “We should never have to copy from anyone else” -Susie Childers
The bigger the challenge the greater the fruit! When he calls us, HE rewards and also Guards us. When I asked the Lord for what dreams He has from me. He told me to be ‘real’ with everyone and especially children when I go on my outreach. To hug, be loving. To relate with people. To be passionate always. I envisioned standing on a hill and light beaming. A beam of hope for the hopeless. This Energy from the Holy Spirit is strong and electric. 'So powerful’ unlike anything else. Most importantly to never hold back. Lord you are most powerful, nothing is too big for you! Wow I can feel the Lord is changing me, and I’m so excited to experience his love in a radical way.


We made it. Today has come! 4-9-15.. The date I’ve been counting down for months. Was today emotional?.. Of course it’s still emotional! As I’m sitting here typing away.. It’s hard to keep back the tears, tears of joy and sorrow. No one told me it would be this hard. But as I begin to think about how exciting and how the Lord is going to use me. All my sorrow and sadness disappear. My tears show me how truly grateful and loved I am, I wouldn’t be able to do this with my bud Morgan. She truly is a gift from above, a true lover of Christ. I can’t wait to look back at my posts, and see and feel how I was in that moment. A mini time causal I guess you could call it.

1 day!

Today is my last full day in my little town of Medford, Oregon. Will I miss it? Of course, all my family and friends are here. On the sunny side I’ll be where my heart has longed to be. To be apart of being the hands and feet of Jesus, and I’m SO excited to see how He uses me. But..
Today marks a bittersweet day. I know I’m going to miss out on some key life milestones. The birth of my Niece, and one of my best friends wedding. Will I be back? Of Course! In order for me to Grow and to Love unconditionally. I know this is the path God has placed for me. I think goodbyes are sad and I’d much rather say hello. Hello to a new adventure! I love you all. I’ll keep
this blog up to date!