Legacy, inheritance, property, and birthright, are words that come to my mind when I hear the word 'Heritage'. For the past few months, I've received a revelation of what my heritage means to me. It started with linking the past of my ancestors to the future me. 

My Heritage is rich, and one that links to the birth of the technology we have today. Most of you have heard of the 'Morse Code', The Morse Code was the first long-distance form of communication, making it the first way to receive and send telegraphs. Samuel FB Morse is my 8th great Uncle who invented the telegraph which assigns a set of dots and dashes to each letter of the English alphabet to transmit messages. 

When I first received a revelation of my lineage, I was spending time with Jesus, and the father spoke a word over me, 'Communication'. Reflecting on this word, I asked the Holy Spirit on how communication related to me, In a moment I saw a flash of electricity running horizontally and vertically, resembling a cross. I then heard Jesus speak because of your ancestors you have been blessed. I opened my eyes and suddenly I knew what Jesus was referring to, I come from generation after generation of Christians. 

Three years later, I start to see the effect Samuel fb Morse has left. A few months ago I started researching Samuel Morse's life, in great shock I see myself relating to many of the same hobbies and characteristic traits. Samuel was an artist, and his passion for art moved him to travel aboard learning art history in England. He returns back to his hometown of Boston, Massachusette to set up a studio of his own as a new man. In disappointment Morse's artwork attracted attention but not sales. In search, Samuel ends up moving to New York City. New York City became the birth place of the Morse Code, along with being America's first Art professor at NYU. While being a teacher Samuel would paint portraits in his studio in New York, his creativity didn't end with paint. Samuel was also was a photographer and above his studio was a dark room. During the late hours spent in his studio, he invented the first additions of the Telegraph. 


Learning about my heritage has changed many things in my life. My eyes have been opened to who I am as a 'Morse', more important who I belong to. I am creative because I come from the ultimate creator. I am blessed because the blessing has been extending to me. I have heritage from my ancestor who had a firm foundation in Christ. Samuel FB Morse gave God all the honor, and credit to Jesus. The first message he sent across the telegraphy was. "Look what hath God wrought [made]!" 


Side story: I had the privilege to visit a good friend of mine in N.Y.C, a total Jesus moment - this happened to be the same couple weeks I was geeking out about my relative. I was blessed with a roundtrip ticket to New York, like whatttt I’ve never received such a generous gift. During my last day sight seeing and to my surprise the Father honors me. While walking around Central Park, I happened to check my surroundings on my maps, and sure enough I zoomed in and one block away I see “Samuel F. B. Morse Statue.” To my great shock the Father’s timing is perfect, in that moment the Father wanted to honor me, for serving him. Whoa you guys you and I are created for greatness - You and I are created to change this world. Do you believe it?


Cody + Leah

and then he gave her the ocean; because she didn’t want the moon.

I had the delight in photographing the love between Leah and Cody. Leah and I have been friends since high school, and now I see Leah shine when she's around Cody. You two carry a genuine and authentic kind of love, fueled with passion. My heart for you both is to continue champing each other (especially in each other's giftings/talents) and growing in the area of taking risks in the act of faith. I send my blessings and love for this new chapter in your lives. Now let the festivities begin!



Words - thoughts - and ideas come into my head, and often I write the revelation down. This blog post is one the holy spirit has been hinting to me at. The process came when I dove into the water casting my work week aside to be refreshed. As I dive down I hear the Father speak this phrase to me, weightless - this is who you are. As I get this thought in my head I feel the connection. I was created to be weightless due to the cost Christ paid for. Which results in His endless grace He has for us. The burdens I've placed upon myself end up ripping Jesus from His full reward. When I allow God to fully take captive of my life, I allow the Holy Spirit to move in my life. 

South point - ladder.jpg

What causes weight in my life? As I ponder a daily (reality) struggle of mine is fighting insecurity. This territory is a real issue fighting off the thoughts of others and myself. When I dwell in this state of mind I allow fiery darts of the enemy, feeding me lie after lie. Festering on this issue of insecurity builds up a false identity towards myself. Leaving me isolated concerning my emotions and resulting in self-condemnation. I often try to live up to the success of my good deeds without realizing it. Leaving my faith to be religious, dry, and dull. 

Where are the lies coming from and where is this root issue. To my discovery, I've let my worldview dictate my worth, value, and beauty. From the outside looking in I don't have everything together, most of the time I create a 'perfect' reality in my head. Filled with endless questions of 'IF I' 

"If I get the perfect job, I'll be successful."

"If I move to another state, I can move towards my goals."

"If I go out on the missions field, then God can use me."


This state of mind is a turning hamster wheel, meaning there's no end to the possibilities. Getting stuck in this momentum is toxic, and hazardous to one's soul. At the end of the day, you and I were created to be weightless. The Father is wanting us to inhale courage, passion, and dreams. In exchange for exhaling fear, self-hatred, and doubt. To trade our yoke for his which easy and light. I find it best when I cast all my trouble upon the Lord I am weightless. I am weightless because Christ has paid the ultimate price.